Where is 1MDB’s Brader Arul?

October 28, 2018

Where is 1MDB’s Brader Arul?–Braders  MIA

by R.Nadeswaran


Image result for  Rosmah Mansor with Hamsa ali

Brader Arul probably back to Sitiawan to sell Boe-Tie Chendol

COMMENT | Six months ago, he was a much sought-after speaker. Not so for pre- and post-dinner entertainment but to propagate to the masses that everything is hunky-dory in a company called 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

He undertook a series of 30 roadshows throughout the country. However, for all intents and purposes, they were political gatherings in support of the then ruling party. The blue buntings and minders dressed in blue vests with the “dacing” logos gave away the charade.

He didn’t exactly draw big crowds or enthral them with his mantra. But the media copiously repeated his chants through interviews.

Related image

Brader Apandi silenced

On eve of Election Day on May 9, he declared that the roadshow had achieved its objectives, claiming more and more people were beginning “to understand and accept the issues facing the 1MDB”.

Forty-eight hours later, Arul Kanda’s world came tumbling down. So did the fate of thousands of others who thought that their shenanigans and tom-fooleries had been adequately covered so that they could continue ripping the nation.

Despite the entire hullabaloo and the worldwide coverage of the US Department of Justice findings, Arul Kanda had once famously boomed: “I have no idea of the identity of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) in the report and do not want to speculate”— even after BN propaganda chief Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s admission on the identity.

Image result for Rosmah Mansor with Hamsa ali

Brader Ali Hamsa put to pasture

These prophetic words were plentifully and profusely reproduced in the subservient mainstream media in its election propaganda. After all, wasn’t he the Messiah who had arrived from the Middle East to save 1MDB? Wasn’t he willing to face all and sundry in any debate at anytime and anywhere? Wasn’t he touted by some sections of the Royal Military College alumni that only a “budak boy” could put the house in order?

Image result for Rosmah Mansor with Hamsa ali

Flamboyant Brader Irwan Serigar Abdullah  put in cold storage pending trial

Wasn’t he the man whose magic wand could turn bad to good; wrong to right; losses to profits; and anything he touched would turn into gold?

Creative accounting

Those who questioned any activities of 1MDB were treated as “enemies of the state” and he was the much-sought after person by news persons in the BN-related media houses. He attached labels on his detractors. He could do no wrong. And their responses were spiked by editors.

Image result for tony pua

 MP Tony Pua –The Luke Sky Walker of The 1MDB Saga

After Petaling Utara MP Tony Pua  made a series of satirical videos, Arul Kanda bellowed: “He is a hypocrite and would make a great comedian.” He described fellow Malaysiakini columnist P Gunasegaram (pic below)  a “coward”. But when the writer invited Arul Kanda to a public discussion on 1MDB, the latter chickened out. The last we heard on the issue was: “I will await their (his lawyers’) legal advice on how best to clear my name and to let the facts stand on its own.”

Image result for p gunasegaram


hen the facts and figures which Arul Kanda and company were fudging with some sort of creative accounting emerged. On May 23, the new Finance Minister revealed that 1MDB was unable to pay its debts. For that too, he had an answer— he didn’t know financial details of the company.

Wasn’t he the same guy, who went on the roadshows to tell Malaysian voters “the truth” among which was his claim that the 1MDB’s debt of US$7.75 billion is backed by US$11 billion in assets?

Why the sudden interest in Arul Kanda? On Thursday, Najib Abdul Razak and former Treasury chief Irwan Serigar Abdullah pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur to six counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) of RM6.64 million of funds belonging to the government.

The offences were alleged to have been committed at the Finance Ministry Complex in Putrajaya between December 21, 2016 and December 18, 2017. Wasn’t this done for 1MDB which was then under Arul Kanda’s watch? And wasn’t he aware of these arrangements when he went on his roadshows?

Let’s digress. Najib wanted to gag the media when he was first charged with offences related to SRC International last month, claiming he did not want a “trial by media”. He failed.

It is the same Najib now, trying to provide his defence via the media. He spoke to reporters after the proceedings, proclaiming innocence.

This man and his infamous wife have been striped of their titles by The Ruler of Negri Sembilan and are now on bail pending trial for corruption, money laundering and abuse of power.

“My conscience is clear that the decisions were taken in the interest of the nation, in context of when you receive certain money, you will have to pay it back.

Otherwise, we would be at default and it would lead to a collapse of the bond market. That would be very serious.”

In a Facebook post, Najib said four of the six charges were related to a settlement with the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), where the government had to pay US$1.2 billion in arrears last year.

Let us put this into perspective. N is the owner of a hospital. Money, say RM100,000, has been set aside for payment to the food contractor, RM100,000 for pharmaceuticals and RM50,000 for cleaning services. N tells the finance director, S, to “pakat” with him to pay a bank loan unrelated to the hospital. S then instructs A, the chief executive officer to remit RM250,000 to the bank to prevent foreclosure.

Is it acceptable for N to come out and claim that those transactions had to be done to avoid embarrassment to the hospital and other loans will be recalled? It is true that N, S and A received no personal gain. But wouldn’t that be wrong in the eyes of the law?

We will leave it to the legal eagles to sort this out but on the issue of 1MDB, IPIC and related issues, the silence from Arul Kanda is deafening. He had previously talked about “solid assets” and “units” which could be converted to cash. Where are they?

For someone who came with his guns blazing, giving Najib cover, Arul Kanda appears to have taken to the bunker as the bombs drop all around him.

For a man who thumped his chest and said “take me on”, he has become as silent as a church mouse. Malaysians are not exactly watching a double-tragedy play like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, but it is worth asking: “Where art thou, Arul Kanda?”

R NADESWARAN is keeping track on the key players who put their hands in the cookie jar in the name of development. Comments: citizen.nades22@gmail.com

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

16 thoughts on “Where is 1MDB’s Brader Arul?

  1. All these people came from modest background, worked hard in school and their career. By all measure they are intelligent and very capable. They could have walked away including migrated to other countries with good careers and money. BUT they chose to sell their souls out because it was a lot of money to be had for themselves.

    What does it say about our “Asian or Malaysian value” and culture these people did not see it as their own dignity to walk away at the very least but full participant in what was immoral. There is no debate what they did is morally reprehensible and shameful. They need not do it, they did it.

    The real question is do these people reflect – deep down in most or all of us, Malaysian, given the chance, most or all of us would betray our country if the reward or reason were strong enough? Do these people, deep down says DEEP DOWN that is our society in fact? Is it possible the only reason why we are not them and we are angry of them is because most of us did not have the chance..

    • bigjoe99, it all boils down to GREED. The lure of untold billions just dropping from the sky into your pocket.
      Opportunity or chance are aplenty. It’s what you do and how you deal with it that matters. Hopefully conscience will rule. Also those who are never satisfied will fall into this money trap.
      Last I saw of Arul was in Ipoh Road peddling his family for RM2.

  2. The desire to have more and more money and all the wealth it brings probably blinded these people. Maybe having the need for more power as well. The whole nation wait in bated breath the outcome of this debacle.

  3. This is what happened when we are in the corridor of Power. There’s a saying “Powers corrupt BUT absolute power corrupts absolutely” The “feel good” feeling when you are in power is hard to come by , but when they are within reach, the unscrupulous few doesnt look back but take all they can without having due regards whether it is “halal” or “Haram”. This reflects the hypocrisy of a Muslim leader and its followers. They preach one thing but they do another thing. Shame on you. The wrath of Allah has not come our way. May be the goodness exceeded the money worshipers….They amplified their strong faith of going to Mecca & even went inside the “Kaabah” on local TV. This is NOT Islam….this is SHOW OFF. Islam is submission to Allah’s alone. PM Najib – Islam. Rosmah – Islam. Siregar – Islam. Shahrul Halmi – Islam. Arul Kanda – Islam. Nik Kamil – Islam. Ali Hamsa – Islam. Only Jho Low , Eric Tan and a few others Christians. You guys shame Islam.

  4. All these scumbags are not guilty of money laundering or criminal breach of trust. They are guilty of treason as they brought the whole country to its knees. Hope the correct law prevails.

  5. ‘ Islam is submission to Allah’s alone ‘.

    The is the true meaning of Islam.

    The previous pack ( BN ), to cover up their corruption and gross mismanagement and incompetent, is pitting ordinary Malaysians against each other with decades of narrow, divisive and damaging politics of race, religion, language etc..with enormous permanent and long term damage to the country.

    The ordinary people needs to know the true extent of the abuse and rotting of the system by self serving, corrupt and greedy politicians and the short and long term damage to the country, including the true figure of the national debt ( more than 1 trillion ) which will be born by future generations.

    How is the current pack ( PH ) go about recovering the ordinary people or tax payers’ money stolen and wasted by the previous pack ( BN ), including from self serving, corrupt and ‘ entitled ‘ politicians and their supporters, to repay national debt and for future development?

    It is criminal to expect the ordinary people or taxpayers to work triple hard to pay off the debt and expand the economy to increase revenue for the government, while the self serving, corrupt and ‘ entitled ‘ politicians and their supporters get away to enjoy their loots.

  6. This double headed snake must be hiding in a snake hole somewhere. A big boaster & a serial liar. Completely untrustworthy & unreliable person.

  7. The PH government should do a forensic accounting of 1MDB or rather reconstruct all 1MDB transactions over the years. Why do a sovereign fund needs guarantee and one by another fund from Middle East. What are the terms of the guarantee. What was 1MDB going to do or invest with the funds borrowed. What is the status of these investments now? Are they profitable or losing money.
    Then list out the payments made and to whom especially IPIC. Was it The real IPIC or a disguised entity .
    If the investment are losing money, cut your losses, sell them or walk away. Charge the people involved with making the decision to invest and make them pay.
    Put an end to 1MDB, lick your wounds and put in place proper legislation that future sovereign funds can only be established through act of Parliament and have proper ocersight.

  8. more new characters will be introduced into this epic drama, arul’s next…
    btw, “…breach of trust (CBT) of RM6.64 BILLION of funds…” not million

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