“Compassion or Toleration? Two Approaches to Pluralism”

October 198, 2018

“Compassion or Toleration? Two Approaches to Pluralism”

On October 4th, 2018, Karen Armstrong, writer and religious historian, delivered the sixth Annual Pluralism Lecture titled “Compassion or Toleration? Two Approaches to Pluralism”.

Please to listen to Karen’s lecture and reflect. Egoism is our problem. God is always Great.  –Din Merican


3 thoughts on ““Compassion or Toleration? Two Approaches to Pluralism”

  1. I have read her books. An instructive author who has has the rare skill of opening up the reader’s mind. Her books are valuable assets to any library.
    Karen’s books are a delight to read, Karm Arger. -Din Merican

  2. The road to pluralism is fairness. In business people associate with you because they perceive that you are fair in your dealings. Families stay together because there is a perception of fairness in all matters. The nation is an extension of the individual and the citizens must feel that there is a sense of fairness in the system that enables each and everyone to work through the system and become what they want to be.
    The United States has attracted people from all over the world because there is a perception that the individual can work through the system to become whoever he wants to become. All may not be a bed of roses but give a bit here and take a bit there he or she who has left his or her home country can make it and many of them have more than made it.
    Leaders of plural societies have to mindful and create that perception of fairness in the event they want to retain those people who are already there or those who have immigrated recently. In this regard, the new leaders of our wonderful and peaceful nation should make an attempt to find as to why those one million people emigrated since the early 70s. That we are a plural society is a fact and very little can be done to change that. But what we do now that we know that we are a plural society is all in our hand.

  3. A decade ago, in the world of post Sept 11, it was ignorance or a lack of understanding that makes pluralism impossible. It took me a long while to come to the same understanding like Karen Armstrong’s. It isn’t the case anymore. But, yet her message or rather my message of katasayang is still so difficult, although it is so easy to understand. In a way, this message of pluralism itself too is a religion. Religion is about providing a space for individuals to swim in an ocean of unfairness. Instead of studying hard for my STPM. I found grace to escape from a world of hatred towards DSAI and Dr M. I am a Christian, because I am elected to understand that kind of grace. I don’t understand why others are not. With this understanding, I know many would find it offensive. Speaking of which Mozilla died. If it is not because of a few recent movie and cartoons, it would remain to be dead as it has been for thousands of years. Chinese has killed Mozi.

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