2 thoughts on “Albright, Powell and Zakaria

  1. The developing nations including Malaysia are cheated by US media such as CNN above. The subtitle of the CNN show above is downright misleading – What the hell is the notion of “Supreme Court was once the bulwark of Democracy”?

    Supreme Court, per US Constitution, is to interpret the Constitution as it was intended by the Founders. What is intended is not a democracy, but a federal republic. Granted the republic shows many characteristics of democracy, but democracy it is not. Supreme Court is to support the democracy only incidentally to the point of protecting the individual liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness per the framework imposed by the US Constitution.

    Multinational media companies based on US are money making businesses. They will pander to the world opinions as long as they get more clicks and views and therefore money. Same is Hollywood with international reach. There are more people outside the US than those inside the US. Guess where the money is.

    Only the US media companies with only domestic audience will abide by and praise US Constitution and domestic social norms (because they too need to pander to their domestic customers who naturally like their Constitution and social norms in order to make money). Those domestic media companies are mostly radio talk shows and Internet-based media with focus only domestic audience.

    Developing nations such as Malaysia embrace the messages of those multinational media at their own peril because those messages are not result of some sound research or time-tested tradition, but are a result of money making motivation.

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