A Plague on both your houses, ex-UMNO man tells Dr M and Anwar

September 22, 2018

A Plague on both your houses, ex-UMNO man tells Dr M and Anwar

A former UMNO MP has urged moderate parliamentarians from the party not to take sides between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim, but to remain as an independent and progressive bloc.

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“Penerapan nilai-nilai Islam” or Malay Decadence?

Speaking to FMT, Tawfik Ismail said Mahathir and Anwar started Malaysia on the path to ultra-conservative Islamisation in the 1980s, with the then-Prime Minister establishing the powerful JAKIM and Anwar pushing his idea of “Penerapan nilai-nilai Islam” in the government.

Given the seemingly directionless and weakened state of their former party UMNO after the May 9 polls, he added, both Mahathir’s PPBM and Anwar’s PKR were now waiting with bated breath.

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“A plague on both your houses I say,” said the former Sungai Benut MP, taking a line from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

“I’m cynical of UMNO, PPBM and PKR because they’re all fragments of UMNO Baru, which was unrecognisable from the original UMNO.

“People say UMNO is dying, (but) that’s not accurate because UMNO already died in 1987 when it was declared illegal along with its noble ideals.”

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They forgot that they started the rot but I  don’t–Din Merican

Tawfik said because UMNO Baru was now “dead”, he believed many of its leaders wouldn’t hesitate to ditch the party and join either PPBM or PKR to secure their personal interests.

“At the end of the day, if this happens, will we really see a different Malaysia?At least where ultraconservative Islamisation is concerned, I have to say no because neither PPBM nor PKR seems to really want to kill what Mahathir and Anwar created.”

He said the “ex-UMNO Baru” bunch in PKR and PPBM seemed reluctant to appear “unIslamic”, whether in addressing the issue of child marriages, deinstitutionalising religion or pushing for change where religious matters were concerned.

“The religious agenda continues to be driven by the very same people who made it more important than it should have been. It’s both lawmakers and civil servants.”

He said moderates like Mustapa Mohamed and Anifah Aman, who left UMNO earlier this week, would find real change impossible if they had to join either Mahathir or Anwar.

“There’s going to be a lot of uncertainty in Malay politics at this rate but rather than take sides, like warring camps in UMNO did in 1987, why don’t the moderates in Umno form a non-aligned, progressive and moderate bloc on their own?

“If you take sides, it will just be a return to the ways of UMNO Baru. The likes of Mustapa, Anifah and Khairy Jamaluddin don’t have to side with others. If they remain moderate, they can draw moderates not just from UMNO Baru, but from those outside of UMNO Baru, including non-Malays.”

He said there were bound to be moderates in PKR and PPBM, just as there were radicals in the two Pakatan Harapan parties and UMNO Baru.

He added that forming a moderate bloc, aligned to neither PPBM nor PKR, would keep the two parties from going down the path of race and religion while helping them stay true to the spirit and ideology of the original UMNO.

11 thoughts on “A Plague on both your houses, ex-UMNO man tells Dr M and Anwar

  1. I would say almost All non-Malay agree with Tawfik Ismail But if not Mahathir or Anwar, then who? TURN on a dime to independence and progressive Ness?? It’s unrealistic. Anwar and his next gen Young Malay leaders is still Malay best chance to independence and progressiveness. You want to see Amanah be a bigger force but fact is its really really hard.

    The core hope lies in Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi. What they lack is religious credential and narrative. Anwar narrative of religion as alternative to UMNO-PAS is at least a story listened, even if there are plenty of critics. No one else has anything much else to offer. Anwar at least have the standing to allow alternate narrative. Who else can do better, by all means, drop Anwar and Mahathir.

    • Yes, the politics of realism. What we should avoid in Malaysia is clerico-fascism (being attempted by the extremist wing of PAS and the hard right wing of UMNO Baru).

    • // a moderate bloc, aligned to neither PPBM nor PKR,
      In reality, this bloc would have the vote of 25 % of voters pool of the second caste. One such bloc can easily walk into Tony Pua’s seat and demand that he gives up his seat without issue. Most voters could be convinced that is a right thing to do also. Hint hint 1KJ… What are you doing?

  2. Both Anwar and Dr. Mahathir ,as Education Ministers, have ruined the Malay mindset by playing around with Islam for their political objectives. Tunku Abdul Rahman, on the other hand, left it to the professionals to execute education policy. He avoided playing with religion as he wanted to educate and open up the Malay mind to a world of ideas.–Din Merican

    • Spot on! On top of that, the reason Mahathir co-opted Anwar was that he wanted the ABIM chief to out-Islam PAS. The rest is pathetic history and set the slippery road to Islam-as-I-said-tion in Malaysia.

  3. May 9th is a turning point in our history. Tun M has given all of us a chance to better ourselves individually and we must grab that opportunity with bot hands. We question and dither at our own peril. Malaysia Boleh is a thing of the past.
    The way forward : Malaysia For All.

  4. It was never in the minds of the early UMNO leaders to maintain a never-ending ketuanan-based NEP. A popular saying during those days was that the nation should never “rob Peter to pay Paul.” And democracy at the grassroots, including local town elections, was the norm. There was a real patriot who wouldn’t even accept a race-based party. His name was Onn bin Jaafar. Even during the early 60s, no one talked as if they were heroes, martyrs, saints out to'”protect” their race, religion and country. The true patriot never needed to say he’s a patriot. Neither would a truly religious person tells or implies that he’s very holy. Nor would someone proud to belong to an ethnic group casts slurs on other groups. We are what we are because of our actions, not because of what we say we are: words are cheap.

  5. I am ad idem with you in your declaration Dr. M. and A. I. “…started the rot…” and I remember the price the learned Judge (Tun Salleh) paid for giving his reasoned decision against U.M.N.O. Promptly, under the stewardship of D. M. a new U.M.N.O. then came into existence. The Malaysian electorate would be wise to withhold its final sanction upon recent developing events until much, much, later.

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