Malay anxiety, exclusion, and national unity

September 21,2018

Malay anxiety, exclusion, and national unity

A fragmented Malay society is making ‘Malay unity’ more urgent for those defeated by GE-14.

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8 thoughts on “Malay anxiety, exclusion, and national unity

  1. The “Himpunan Kebangkitan Ummah” is a manifestation of the failure of UMNO as the lead partner of the Malaysian Government in nation building. If the Ummah still needs to ‘bangkit”, it is to throw out the yoke of feudalistic UMNO/BN and its hordes of rent seeker, cronies and corrupt “leaders”. Your have everything and yet you claim you have nothing.


    I looked at the above site to double check if the Melayu is really living in anxiety, and if they were, are they working on the right solution.
    I came to conclude I couldn’t convince myself that Melayu are living in anxiety in my generation.
    Tun Dr is a doctor. He could judge that for himself.
    There is no dilemma. Instead, the Melayu should be more fearful of our Tuhan, and place trust in Him in leading the nons on how to live an exemplary life in a polarized world. But, then again, .. I cannot see a Tuhan would have a second caste like me telling the Melayu what it means to live an exemplary God fearing life.
    So, Welayu it would be. After Tun Dr, there would be none. I see a God fearing man in Dr Bakri. But, I don’t see one in any of Bersatu, nor PAS leadership. I see them in Amanah. But, neither Dr Bakri nor Amanah leadership could talk sense into these men.

  3. it is irresponsible and grossly misleading intentionally or otherwise. UEC definitely cannot and should not be equated to and confused with hudud as basic as it (UEC) is involved with any power-that-be tjhroughout its “history”. its earliest root could be traced back to Cobbold’s Committee Report. since that to malaysia (former malaya) was very old history that a lot of people (read: politicians) choose to either ignore or else evade dealing headon with, it is just simplistic to hope right what had been wronged all these years.
    best hope is give another one or two future generations to see what is a wiser choice to make for them then. right at hand save our economy with totally immersed dedication from everybody!

  4. A way to look at the Malay reactionairies is to understand that ever since the start of NEP, the Malay politicians have created a body of issues as a box of convenient tool for manipulating the Malay electorate. Collectively its called Malay Agenda, Malay rights, Ketuanan. Politicians rose by pushing the buttons of these issues so much, the myths and half truth has become everyday assumptions.

    Mahathir himself was responsible or oversaw the creations of these issues. He has toppled over that life-time work because of Najib. Those that grew up feeding on the issues know no other ways of doing things.

    Its highly uncomfortable for many Malays, a brave new world forced to confront untruth and myth. How far can these myth and untruth can be unwind? Even if possible, many cannot be done quickly.

    So we need to be patient about forcing Malay politics change. Old habit die hard, there is no need to force it. Better to be positive to provide an alternative vision rather than complain about old bad ones

  5. Keadilan is definitely the frontrunner for alternative Malay politics to UMNO-PAS. BUT the real change is in the likes of Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi. The problem with these group is the lack the religious credential capable of competing with UMNO-PAS. THIS is the question and most important task for Anwar when he is PM to seal his legacy as political leader in Malaysia and leader. Leave the development even the social issues to the talented second generation in the party. Even the question of supposedly challenger and ambitious Azmin Ali is not really an issue if Anwar has a vision for the religious creds of PH. The strength of Azmin Ali is he is an improved version of UMNO politics, his weakness is he is an improved version of UMNO politics. If Anwar is to seal his real legacy in Malaysian history, its not an improvement but the next generation iteration of Malay politics. Like it or not – that challenge is the PAS-UMNO narrative.

    • //Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi
      Yes. @bigjoe. One good thing is neither does Azmin Ali carry any Islamic credential. Neither does Mukhriz.

      I think one worrying aspect is not the lack of mullah but lack of moola within the alternatives. I wish they had learn how to speak Mandarin, Hindi or Arab. I wish Nurul Izzah spoke Mandarin.

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