Judge Pakatan Harapan in 5 years, Dr. Rais Hussin

August 17, 2018

Judge Pakatan Harapan in 100 days, maybe too soon, but in 5 years definitely too late, Dr. Rais Hussin

Shocking  Admission

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The Pakatan Harapan Manifesto was launched in March 2018. It is now more than 100 days. How much more time do our new  Yang Berhormat Menteris and Timbalan Menteris need to read and understand their own pledges? What a shame.–Din Merican

Pakatan Harapan ministers and deputy ministers must take the time to read the coalition’s election manifesto, said Bersatu policy and strategy bureau chief Rais Hussin, who was part of the Harapan manifesto committee.


Interview with Dr. Rais Hussin, Pakatan Harapan’s Top  Spinner

by http://www.malaysiakini.com

100 DAYS | Pakatan Harapan ministers and deputy ministers must take the time to read the coalition’s election manifesto, said Bersatu policy and strategy bureau chief Rais Hussin, who was part of the Harapan manifesto committee.

“It is an observation but even ministers and deputy ministers have not read the manifesto.

“So, my first request is that the people, who are supposed to chaperone and deliver the promises, must read the manifesto,” he told Malaysiakini in an interview conducted in conjunction with Harapan’s 100 days in government.

Rais said this should also be expanded to chief secretaries and top civil servants.

“All those implementers, they also need to read this manifesto. It is important for them to read because this is the policy and main points of the Harapan administration – therefore they should be in the know,” he said.

Harapan had made 10 pledges for its first 100 days, but moving on, its longer-term promises will comprise 60 items.

However, Harapan was only able to fully fulfil two of the 10 promises within the first 100 days, namely the abolition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the review of mega projects.

Rais stressed that this was not a case of promises being broken, pointing out that the ministers were hard at work to try to fulfil them, albeit with a delayed timeline.

He reiterated that Harapan’s manifesto was drafted based on public information and without details that have now become available after the coalition became the government, particularly on the debt level.

“But we believe that given some time and recalibration of our plans, all these promises can be fulfilled,” Rais said.

Instead of finding excuses to justify failing to deliver on promises, he added, he believed in looking for solutions.

Post-GE attention on manifesto ‘unprecedented’

He added that the fact that Harapan’s manifesto is being talked about on a daily basis after the 14th general election was an achievement in itself.

“In the last 13 general elections, manifestos were only discussed before a general election but not afterwards.But after the 14th general election, everyone is talking about the manifesto every day. There is a new intensity in participatory democracy… people have become more sensitive,” he said.

Rais was also asked about Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad downplaying the manifesto, such as his statement that it was “not a Bible” or that it was too “thick“.

“If someone comes and say that it is not a ‘kitab suci’ (holy scripture) and all that, I leave it up to that person. Maybe it is to build a narrative to soften the blow or pressure on the ministers.

“In managing the country, you can’t write a thin manifesto. You need a thick manifesto, especially when it covers all walks of society.


“What is important is that what is contained, regardless if the manifesto is thin or thick, is the deliverables. We should not focus on excuses but on how to deliver,” he said.

Rais, who had previously said on May 14 that a manifesto monitoring committee would be formed, said he did raise the subject with the government.

‘Judge us in five years’

However, he said the government decided to have the committee within the cabinet and that the committee is chaired by Mahathir himself.

“If I was the Prime Minister, I would have an external person to audit (the manifest) because there’ll be an independent perspective – you can’t audit your own work.

“But it is his wisdom to have it at the cabinet level – to show its significance,” he said.

He stressed the promises in the manifesto were not arbitrarily drafted, and had gone through a rigorous process.

He said the pledges were derived from public consultation, research firms and party consultation before being approved by the leadership of the respective parties as well as the Harapan presidential council.

“I think with the capable ministers that we have now, under the very capable stewardship of Mahathir and his Deputy Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, I think this is doable.

“If we set our mind and focus towards fulfilling the promises rather than being defensive, I think it’ll be better for us.“At the end of the day, end of the fifth year, assess us then. We should be able to fulfil most of it,” he said.

This interview was jointly conducted by NIGEL AW, NORMAN GOH and ZIKRI KAMARULZAMAN.


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10 thoughts on “Judge Pakatan Harapan in 5 years, Dr. Rais Hussin

  1. Dr. Rais Hussin, has given rational reasons. Time will tell. PH better stay united & not take race & religion into consideration when formulating & implementing policies & programs. If PH is divided, it may not last 5 yrs. Manifesto can be implemented on a priority & phased basis. Programs that benefit the rakyat should implemented first. PH must be prudent & not buy votes thru cash handouts. It appears that it cost govt. 7 billion $. for Bantuan Rakyat program todate. It would be more prudent to implement social programs that benefit the rakyat. Najib gave cash & other goodies yet lost election. BN especially UMNO are already scheming to bring PH down. Always be prudent & take the nations financial position into consideration. The East Coast Railway & Fast train to S’pore projects are unnecesary. West M’sia is a small land mass that can be reached by cars & buses in a few hours. So too the plan for 2nd car project should be reconsidered. Cabinet should not let Dr. M decide for himself. Cabinet should all ways provide check & balance. Dr. M is reasonable & listens to good advice.
    (PS: Din can I have your e-mail address please).
    PM should get the civil service moving fast by sacking or retiring the top boys fast. Get the private sector manager if necessary. My e-mail address is dmerican2@gmail.com Regards, Din

  2. Beating about the bush…and not too cleverly…so it was a hoodwink job…and if I were to be unkind, I would call it a downright lie…
    OK, we should give you all the time you need…even up to five years… the country will be watching…

  3. Actually I am not convinced they did not suspect the debt level before the election. Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli publicly argued the national debt is likely above RM 1trillion. The real surprise are the spending mega projects like ECRL, SSER.

    PPTN loan, toll road promise, UEC, Felda problems were easily expected if they really wanted to ask. PH over promised and anyone that did not expect it is an idiot.

  4. Lucky u all didn’t sign an understanding to make it a compulsory manifesto if u all take over the gov. If u did, there is saying u lose with your pant down.

  5. Bersatu is led by a 92yo, and another facing cancer. If Bersatu Strategist claims it takes time for him to read the manifesto… I don’t know. Second caste has no rights for hope. But, for the Melayu… you will have no succession story. After Tun Dr, no eminents could help the nation. There could be none, just like afterTun Perak, there is simply no one. It is not the people cannot wait 5 years. It is the nation is already on borrowed time to depend on a 92yo.

  6. “100 DAYS | Pakatan Harapan ministers and deputy ministers must take the time to read the coalition’s election manifesto” Rais Hussin. Read only not enough, must first understand what the meanings behind the manifesto and then formulate a plan on how to implement and achieve the desired results. Same like those kids that can recite the Quran by heart but when asked what do they understand by the surah, they give a blank stare.
    PH Ministers must also get an education on LGBT before making stupid statements for transgender to use the handicap toilets. LGBT comprises of 4 different groups each with different identity, issues, physical, psychological and mental illness. You cannot bundle them into one category. Lesbians and Gays are physically normal but adopt a different lifestyle while Transgender and Bi are sometimes physically endowed with both sexual apparatus. So how can PH Ministers dump them into one category.
    Child marriage is a no no , its statutory rape. Even if Shariah law allows it, they should be pursued under civil laws as statutory rape. Is it so difficult for the DPM and Womens Welfare Minister to take quick action to address this and put a stop to it. File an injunction and take the child into protective custody.
    PH is quick to forgive the scofflaws, e.g the AES cases where the culprit have avoided paying the fines over many years and even inspite of discount refuse to pay. Now PH government wipes out these cases. How about those law abiding citizens who pay the AES tickets? Will they get a refund?
    Then theres the Student Loan. If a graduate is earning under RM 4k they dont need to pay. What kind of logic is this? Was this agreed upon when the applicant applied for the loan? What about those that earn RM 4010 per month, how much do they have to pay? PTPN should have a scheme of payment on a case by case basis. Its up to the graduate to show evidence that they really cant afford to pay even RM 10 per month. I wont be surprised that there are graduates who plead they cant afford to pay the student loan but is reality they drive around in new model cars and spend tons of money on night out with friends.
    The state of education have been bandied around for umpteen years and many experts have provided plans on how to revamp the education system. PH have been attacking the education forever and yet when given the chance to correct the problems all they can come out with is changing the color of school shoes from white to black.
    The appointment of Chancellors and top administrator of public universities should be left to the University themselves. They should form a Search Committee comprising of Faculty Senate, Student Body and Administrators to conduct a search for the most qualified person. The Minister of Education should not even be involved in these selections.
    Whew, I need to take a breather here.
    Thanks Orang Malaya for socking it to them, the young and not so young punks. I wonder how CLF will react to your comments. He will probably sock it to them too. Bodoh sombong, inexperienced, and lazy types. If they really were committed, they would have read it before it was launched in March, 2018 or they might have been involved in drafting it.–Din Merican

    • Ya, OM and Din – i’m fed up.

      Might as well go on a sabbatical for the next five years – or until Anwar manages to capture the throne – if he ever does. Meanwhile, i never expected anything concrete from PH, since politicians always tok kok. But there are blokes every where that think that Octo can provide Manna from heaven. Only in their dreams..

      When these ‘strategic’ heroes write political manifestos and promise heaven on earth – they see themselves as deities. But when Reality confronts – they become Quantum physicists and try to spout the Alternate Universe Theory of Nothing is Possible.

    • CLF
      Mahathir did bring mana from the sky by defeating BN against all odds and despite your repeated pronoucements that PH had no hope to topple BN.Its true that politicians talk kok most of the time and still manage to get people to love them.However I would argue that Mahathir with his advancing age has no hidden agenda except to try to heal what ails this country.Give him time and he probably can pull it through.

  7. DDM, every PH Minister and Dy. Min must have a dream just like MLK. What would I do if I become a Minister and how would I change the way we govern. 60 years learning to criticize and blame the BN government have made PH people dumb. They can only criticize and blame but cannot come out with ideas on how to improve.

    Why cancel National Service? Why not improve it and provide an avenue to have better racial composition in the armed forces. In the 60’s Malaysia had emergency and underwent konfrontasi. The Armed Forces had a short comm program for school leavers to join the military. Many stayed on after the 3 years and rose to be top generals. Youth needs discipline and National Service will instill the sense of pride for the nation.

    Year in and year out PH people have listened to the rakyat complaining about the quality of health services and how government hospital are neglecting the patient care and running out of common medications. It does not need 100 days to change the situation. The medicines are controlled by half a dozen pharma companies connected to well connected personalities. The Min of Health should just ask these companies to renegotiate failing which the MoH will go directly to the Big Pharma and get best discount. Why have middlemen make buta money?

    TUDM Sukhoi and MiG jets grounded for lack of spares? These aircrafts are made to fly for 30/40 years if properly maintained. Call for fresh maintenance contract and get rid of that specially established maintenance company that is sucking Mindef dry. TUDM have tons of trained mechanics and technicians to maintain these aircraft without having to resort to 3rd party maintenance who uses the same people as workers.

    PH Ministers needs to accept and understand ‘due process of law’ before shooting off their mouths. You can’t sell Equanimity till the case is settled by the courts. Same goes for Jho Low jets in Seletar. Whose law are you going to use Malaysian Law or US Law? Do you have jurisdiction?

    Bookkeeper Tokong also needs to brush up on vocabulory. Was the GST funds stolen or misappopriated or simply posted to different account. Jibby having a good laugh here.

  8. ‘ PM should get the civil service moving fast by sacking or retiring the top boys fast. Get the private sector manager if necessary ‘. – Din

    This is the key to PH’s success and ensure BN in the political wilderness for a long time.

    You need to quickly and properly empower the good, capable and honest civil servants…….more than 80% are satisfied with the new government.

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