Dr Kua Kia Soong hits out at PH ‘flip-flops’ ahead of 100-day milestone

August 15, 2018

Dr Kua Kia Soong hits out at PH ‘flip-flops’ ahead of 100-day milestone

Suaram Adviser Kua Kia Soong also says Putrajaya appears more interested in playing the blame game than getting down to business.

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Dr Kua Kia Soong, prominent activist,former Isa detainee, and prolific analyst, today accused the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government of flip-flopping on a number of issues, just days before the administration led by Dr Mahathir Mohamad marks its first 100 days in power.

Giving the example of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), Kua Kia Soong asked why it would take five years to recognise it when PH had stated in its manifesto that it was ready to accept it. He said other issues included the oil royalty promised to East Malaysia and the abolition of highway tolls.

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In July, Mahathir announced in Parliament that Putrajaya would honour its promise to provide 20% royalty to petroleum-producing states. But he later clarified the statement, saying the 20% payment would be based on profit instead of royalty.

The Suaram Adviser said it was also unacceptable that local elections could only be held after three years. “Delaying reforms in unacceptable. A really important reform we want to see concerns the redistribution of wealth,” he added.

Dr. Kua was speaking at Suaram’s presentation of its report card for PH’s first 100 days in government.He said following the election, Putrajaya seemed more interested in playing the blame game than getting down to business.

“We read news of the missing goods and services tax (GST) money, yet there has been no movement. Have the Police or Attorney-General acted on it? We should be told what happened to the money within a week,” he said.

He also took issue with Tabung Harapan Malaysia, a fund established to help settle the country’s RM1 trillion debt, saying he could not accept “sob stories” related to the initiative.

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“It’s about the management of the economy to plug the leaks, not the piggy banks of little boys,” he said, referring to the story of a youth who donated his savings to the fund.

As for the government’s war on kleptocracy, Kua asked why authorities had yet to zoom in on former Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud, who was accused of corruption in the past.

“And why haven’t Mahathir and his children declared their assets?”

4 thoughts on “Dr Kua Kia Soong hits out at PH ‘flip-flops’ ahead of 100-day milestone

  1. I often disagree with Dr Kua, and just as often agree with him. But i’m not schizo, okay?

    But what he’s saying about PH is absolutely true. It is a clueless, disparate and desperate co-operative of sorts led by Octo, a non-reformable autocrat – saddled with archaic ideas of governance led by a coterie of ‘Eminent’ Persons.

    Add that to a major component of self congratulatory Chinese chauvinist pigs – who are actually one trick ponies – who can only blame to the left, blame to the right and center – with an extremely prejudicial and obsessing tunnel visioning of the 1MDB FUBAR.

    So what can such clownish governance do in terms of policy transformation into practice? Nada, as it stands. Although many will say – give them a break and patience, there is no such thing when it comes to governing a country. Either you are ready or you can never be. That is why idiots like me always insisted on a shadow cabinet within the Oppo.

    Not that i wish UMNOb and their lap-mongrels return to power soon, but Octo’ism, Tokongism (including senator-ships for sister or daughter’s edification/nepotism) and one tract schadenfreude certainly is the wrong way to move the country forward.

    Btw, don’t expect too much from Octo’s trip to PRC, although they’ll try to spin it – exactly like KleptoMo1. Taikor Xi and cohorts will be polite but distant. And yes, Tokong LGE is not a ‘favored’ one. Not Chinese, remember? The Eunuchs in MCA remain court favorites – especially when PH chose the filthy saliva spewing intellectual midget of a DAP chairman/gangsta as their ‘Special Envoy’ to Beijing.

    Tell me, what actually is so different at the macro level – not to mention micro level. of our Malays-dian lives, since May 9?

    • I think he’s a nice guy – went to a fundraising meeting in Kelana Jaya when the DAP was in the dumps – but agree he’s an intellectual midget. Problem probably due to lack of serious reading as much as a simple acquaintance of serious books.

  2. One must be partially blind if he or she cannot or does not wants to see the transformation that is taking place. Housekeeping matters have to attended to before the major issues can be addressed. Many countries only dream about what we have done peacefully. That in itself is a good start. it now up to the citizens of the country to demand what they want peacefully and move forward. Results will only show ten years from now just as what happened 10 years ago showed itself before the P H take over. Transformation is required at all levels for us just to maintain an even keel. The rest will be up to the younger leaders to take us from here to there strengthening our fundamentals in an increasing manner.

  3. Malaysian 4th estate (media), is now free to criticize on a daily basis, unlike previous regime which shackled it. Free press, parliament, NGO’s & other institutions would provide a check & balance & keep PH in check. Good governance for Malaysia’s multi racial & religious citizens is paramount for PH to achieve its agenda. If PH fails to perform, it would lose the next elections or might not even serve a full term. Lets exercise reasonable patience & give PH a chance to perform.

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