American Fascism: Reading the signs of the times

July 21, 2018

American Fascism: Reading the signs of the times

“…freedoms must be defended, which is possible only when the threats are seen clearly. The moment people stop believing that the demagogues can be prevented from doing their worst is the moment we can be sure that it is already too late.–Ian Buruma
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3 thoughts on “American Fascism: Reading the signs of the times

  1. I’m always incredible depressed when I read this and similar. Not because every word is not true — but because of its sheer empty, polysyllabic pointlessness! It’s preaching to the converted. It’s the equivalent of standing on the beach, and observing the water is rising. Yes… but much more importantly, WHY is the water rising? The media — who are obviously not going to criticize themselves — spent virtually the entire primary season laughing at Trump hair, figure and syntax en route to the bank. Even after he’d been confirmed, the idea of “fact checking” took some time to take hold. (Which was the very least they could have done). But the real work should be done on WHY. If he’s a symptom — what is the cause? As far as I can tell, one of the few people trying to answer this is Yanis Varoufakis — for example, The Global Minotaur. If you haven’t already, please read it. Then the way forward might seem a little clearer…?

    • @rhgkl, you did raise a very useful key concept Yanis Varoufakis raised about the need to address “Global Surplus Recycling” issue. This should be the one and only one legitimate focus of discussion between Tun Dr and Premier Xi, and not about corruption. Bringing MACC into that meeting is like suicide. But, bringing Economist into the discussion how to best “recycle global surplus” for the betterment of the region helps ensure growth for the next generation. After all, that is the reason for Belt and Road Initiative, recycling economic surplus that benefits all. Prof Varoufakis has a lot to bring into the conversation. Sigh.. I wish my Potus could be talking about such matter to see America’s deficit has nothing to do with tariffs, or tacit manipulation to create a trade imbalances.

    I am going to use the above link to refer to 3 solutions Yanis Varoufakis has mentioned. One entity that has employed Yanis Varoufakis’ solution in a post 2008 world is China, especially if you see each regional state of China as a nation within EU. Yet, China’s onshore debt problem didn’t go away. I doubt the solution would work in EU also.
    It is sickening to think a digital token would or should worth anything, if it is not a mere fancy of the many rich elite to want to walk away from all Central Banks of the world. Yet, is that even a solution?

    //In a polarized society, politicians who stir up the mob by exploiting fear and resentment are probably more likely to be successful than less exciting figures who try to appeal to our more rational faculties.

    On the contrary, seeking representation from a few politicians to voice the above statement is not depressing.

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