PH Lions have become Lambs under Mahathir

July 11, 2018

PH Lions have become Lambs  under Mahathir

By TK Chua

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I have many things to remind the PH government. Many PH supporters will probably accuse me of being impatient. However, I am being uneasy rather than impatient.

Firstly, all the “lions” of PH have gone silent for whatever reason. Issues which usually would have caused strong reactions from them are no longer highlighted. It is as if no one is fighting for multiracial and multicultural Malaysia anymore. The official federal opposition led by Umno and PAS, as it is today, is essentially Malay-Islamic centric only.

It is not like new Chinese primary schools were being approved every day in the past. It took a “general election campaign” to get 10 new schools approved by the previous government. Hence, I find it too “convenient” and too sweeping for the present education minister to suspend the project pending “professional study”. I think he has to give us the timeframe of this study.

The same goes with the recognition of UEC qualification. By all means, go ahead with another “holistic study” but please save us the charade if there is any. Please tell us what other factors are being considered by the education ministry and the timeframe for the completion of the study.

Where is the impact from the zero-rated goods and services tax (GST)? Are we supposed to get at least 6% reduction in prices of goods and services which had the GST previously? If not, why not? We will be reintroducing the sales and services tax (SST) in the near future. I hope the government is prepared to face another round of price increase when SST comes into effect despite the removal of GST having very minimal impact on prices thus far.

Why do we need human rights commission, Suhakam, and some NGOs to remind the federal government on the evils of child marriage? Why is the government so afraid to act boldly and quickly on something which is right for the people? We complained about the lack of federal power at one time. Now, are the power and jurisdiction of the federal government subjected to sanctions and decrees of some religious organisations?

We need more cogent and serious considerations on the appointment of the Dewan Rakyat speaker. We do not need a “don’t challenge me” speaker like in the past, neither do we need a speaker who only knows how to run errands or is beholden to someone. We need a speaker who has the tenacity to uphold the legislature against the onslaught of the executive branch. We shall see.

I am glad the Prime Minister has taken notice of the “clandestine” appointment of friends and supporters of politicians to government positions without proper justification. I think the restriction should not be confined to federal ministers. Has anyone read the proposal by state menteris besar and chief ministers to appoint special advisers and officers to appease strong party supporters? At the rate PH is going, I think we may reach 17,000 political appointees faster than BN.

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If we have a good reason not to deport controversial preacher Zakir Naik, we must have second guessed India’s motive in seeking for his extradition. If that is the case, could India too have second guessed Malaysia’s motive not to agree to her request? You see, cleverness is quite a common commodity.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

5 thoughts on “PH Lions have become Lambs under Mahathir

  1. My neighbour recently castrated his male doberman. Now the doberman is purring like a kitten. Maybe the same has happened to the PH LIONS!!!

    • Be patient. We are only at the beginning of the 3rd month of a 5 years terms. Najib had more than 2 terms but kept reneging on his promises.

  2. Prices tend to be “sticky downwards”. So, abolishing GST does not automatically result in all prices going down.
    We can just hope that “cost-push inflation” (first generated by removal of fuel subsidies and then by introduction of GST by MO1) has been defeated. In his 10 years as 1Finance Minister, some prices have gone up by around 50% ! “Mixed rice” was RM4.50 then at hawker places and now it is RM6.50 to RM7 in Klang Valley.

    I did notice that clothes have become cheaper in the shopping malls.

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