Reboot, not Tinker, says T K Chua to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad & Co

June 22, 2018

Reboot, not Tinker, says T K Chua to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad & Co

Drawing fairly from all PH component parties, Dr Mahathir Mohamad must appoint young MPs as ministers and allow them, instead of retired insiders, to chair the reform panels.

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I think all component parties of Pakatan Harapan (PH) must face reality. They mustn’t curry favour with each other and pretend nothing has happened. It is better for each component party to state exactly its anxiety and unhappiness so that everyone is clear with each other. If we allow unhappiness to fester, the coalition may suffer fissures earlier rather than later.

As a citizen wanting real reforms and good governance for this country, this is my take on PH now.

Whether we like it or not, there is a perception of uneven power distribution among the component parties within PH.

We accept that Dr Mahathir Mohamad played a vital role in the 14th general election, but we cannot ignore the fact that the bulk of the work was actually done by the young turks of DAP and PKR who suffered persecution in the past and civil society. PH’s victory was actually more than 10 years in the making, not just the last two years.

With that in mind, I think PPBM and Amanah have been more than adequately compensated. With Mahathir as Prime Minister and so many state MBs under PPBM, I think it is time to appoint the young and the dynamic from DAP and PKR to their rightful places in the Cabinet and other positions, including the Speaker of the House (Dewan Rakyat).

I believe fairness is the best way to keep all the parties united. Fairness is good to keep the different parties on an even keel and to provide built-in checks and balances. When one party dominates, others may feel resentful.

I see a general reluctance to give room for the young to effect genuine reforms that the country badly needs. I see that important and pertinent ministries and positions are still being controlled by “insiders” rather than reformers. In this regard, may I know why the reinvestigation of Teoh Beng Hock’s death was announced by DAP ministers and not the Home Minister? What is the reason for this?

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We must recognise that Mahathir can only do so much. Beyond that, he must seek consultation and advice from others. Mahathir needs capable and dynamic MPs appointed as ministers and deputy ministers to assist and advise him. I think it is not difficult for any ordinary Malaysian to spot these capable MPs and assemblymen.

In a similar vein, all the reform panels and committees should be led by capable MPs and assemblymen instead of retired insiders and former government officials. If they are so reform-minded, Malaysia would not have gotten into such a big hole in the first place.

Elders with substantive experience can play advisory roles but certainly not calling the shots. We must give the newly elected MPs and assemblymen the opportunity to decide how they want to move this country forward. Why elect new MPs and assemblymen when we are going to use the same old people to reform our country?

There will be pent-up frustration if the energy of these young MPs and assemblymen is not harnessed. I believe they are in a better position to suggest and provide recommendations to the government.

This country needs a reboot, not tinkering.

TK Chua is a FMT reader

The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

9 thoughts on “Reboot, not Tinker, says T K Chua to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad & Co

  1. The formula announced earlier by TDM is for the Cabinet to be distributed in accordance to the proportion of the elected MPs from each party and all appointments to be agreed by the Presidential Council and the same should be observed by the state.
    We are seeing that while PH won Johor and Perak, they are more like UMNO states now. With a resurgent UMNO, PH can lose both these states.
    More critical, the Parliament speaker MUST NEVER COME FROM THE PARTY OF THE PM. Let us learn from the joke speaker Pandikar Mulia.

  2. The young and the inexperienced (untested darah muda) everywhere and in every generation are all like that.
    “We worked the hardest! We deserve the chance! How else can we have experience if we are not given the chance!… bla..bla..bla…”

    Let me give one example. Once I worked in a school (about 2000+ students). One of the main departments is the discipline board (DB). Over the years we had tried many tactics and applied many different technics to discipline the students. Some worked, some didn’t.
    One year, we had a batch of new teachers. So, the HM said, ok lets the new teacher handle the DB, maybe he could come up with new ideas.
    But the thing with young ppl nowadays, seldom they want to be advised by the old and the experienced. They tend to think like Tian Chua… “we are reformers… we know what and how to change the system…”.
    So, the new teacher, without asking us to find out what we had tried in the past, what had worked and what hadn’t, he went on doing his thing and came up with his so called ‘new reformed ideas’ which actually exactly what we the old ones had tried before and knew why those ideas failed… hahahaaa…. so much for reforms!

    If only he had asked us first. If only he had appreciated our experiences, he would not have blundered and wasted precious time and energy on his ‘reformed’ ideas.

    So, Tian Chua… do you think Malaysia Baru, fresh from the 60 yr-grasp of a corrupted regime worth to be given to you guys whom have never held any goverment top positions before let alone the experience and knowledge of how reality works, for you guys to try and err ?

    Can’t you guys wait for a few more years?
    Why the rush?
    Why the impatience?

    Darah muda are always like that…. impatient lot!

    • Let us look across the Causeway where a 3G groomed Genera took over and destroyed what his father built. Same he , father built, son destroyed. End of story.l

    • @penangnite, I am of the age of Tun’s grandchildren. I am inexperienced. I know little. But, the little I do know, it merely came from books, history books, and Google news that I read. When a strong man 92 year old dies without a workable system for the nation to sustain itself.. chaos takes over. Call it pessimism, but isn’t that something that has been done all these years by Tun? Impatient is hardly the word for the generations after Tun. Layu is the word. Welayu is our spirit.

    • No, you are getting it wrong Jeffrey. Father destroyed more and people incarcerated and their families will attest to this. Like father like no son is what Lee Hsien Loong is. May be he has no fire in the belly like his father used to say of his detractors. All roads lead to attaining and retaining power life-long, if possible. If LKY had allowed open contestation, I doubt he would have come this far. To my memory, LKY never won a single election fair and square. He used others to win and can destroy the very people who helped him to win, if they subsequently disagree with him.

  3. When Dara muda have to work under old-timers and often suppressed, the changes desired never take root easily. I remember the days when enterprising and creative upstarts put up basic papers, some words get changed here and there by the old-timer boss and then the entire piece becomes the work of the boss. When scholars came and found out how the work of one is cannibalised by another, they introduced an innovative system whereby every piece of major write-ups is to be acknowledged with names as to who wrote it, who vetted it and who approved it. Intellectual stealing is a bigger crime than simple theft.

  4. Jeff – I didn’t know the son down south destroyed what his father has built. Well, hardly to the same degree as here.

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