Altantuya Shaariibuu Murder: In the name of Justice, Najib Razak must be made to answer

June 19, 2018

Altantuya Shaariibuu Murder: In the name of Justice, Najib Razak must be made to answer

Shaaribuu Setev will be meeting AG Tommy Thomas later today, and PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad tomorrow to discuss the possibility of reopening investigations into his daughter’s murder.

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Shaaribuu Setev, the father of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu who was murdered in 2006. 

KUALA LUMPUR: The father of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, who is seeking to reopen investigations into her murder, today asked why his daughter had not been deported to her home country.

“Why didn’t they just handcuff her and send her back? Why kill her? “I want justice for my daughter,” Shaaribuu Setev said in a press conference here.

Shaaribuu will be meeting Attorney-General Tommy Thomas at 3pm to discuss the possibility of reopening the probe into her murder.

His lawyer Ramkarpal Singh, who was also at the press conference, said his client would meet with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad at 5pm tomorrow.

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Altantuya, 28, was killed between October 19 and 20, 2006 by Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar who were part of an elite police commando unit that provided bodyguards for Malaysia’s top leaders.

She was shot twice in the head before being wrapped in military-grade C-4 explosives and blown to pieces. The motive for the crime as well as the source of the order for her death remains unknown.

Azilah and Sirul were convicted of her murder and sentenced to death. However, Sirul fled to Australia before the final court verdict and has been in detention in Sydney for nearly two years.

Altantuya’s murder also attracted attention due to the involvement of Abdul Razak Baginda, who was once an aide to former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Razak was charged alongside Sirul and Azilah, but he was acquitted without his defence being called. He had also confessed to having an affair with Altantuya.

The case has been linked to Malaysia’s purchase of two French submarines, a deal which is still under investigation in France for alleged kickbacks involving a company linked to Razak Baginda.

Last month, Shaariibuu pleaded with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government to reopen investigations to uncover the identity of the person who ordered Altantuya’s murder.

In a letter to Ramkarpal, he said “a powerful person” must have sanctioned the crime.

Following PH’s electoral victory on May 9, Sirul said he was prepared to return to Malaysia and expose those he said were behind the murder. However, in an interview with The Guardian, he rejected Ramkarpal’s suggestion that his death sentence be commuted to life imprisonment.

He also claimed that he was a scapegoat “in an elaborate political crime” and denied he had ever confessed to killing Altantuya.

13 thoughts on “Altantuya Shaariibuu Murder: In the name of Justice, Najib Razak must be made to answer

  1. While there are a great deal of shortcomings at the trial conducted including the possible suppression of evidence to obstruct justice, the motive of the accused and, where did the accused get the C4 explosives and the victim’s missing record of entry and exit from Malaysia, it would help if Dr. Shaaribu cand provide more evidence of his daughters Malaysian friends, including photographs.

  2. There were only two people who had real motives in this murder. One was in court but for some strange and unexplained reason was acquitted . The other was just powerful to be even named. Time for this charade to be over. And it is easy enough to prove. So the AG and the PM should just get on with this investigation and bring one or both of these people back to court.
    After 12 years please no more delays . Sirul could be brought back from Australia within a week for the fresh investigations to begin.

  3. There must also be a public inquiry into how and who supervises these commando units, and what their legality is.

  4. Considering that this is a case that has gained widespread public attention, what political risks could the PH government and the opposition find themselves exposed to? Assuming that the case also presents golden opportunities for both the PH government as well as the opposition to make political gains and inroads, what then is success to either of them, and what are the milestones? Perhaps our wily politicians are now ‘busy as a bee’, calculating and planning? Or instead, there is perhaps more to this case to them than merely making political calculations (of political risks and opportunities, or of political sacrifices and rewards); that just maybe, this time around (now that the PH government is in power), the prime concern is about doing the right thing, where consideration of justice is primacy? Just a thought; musing to pass the time before going to bed.

    • Why do these questions matter insofar as the murder case is concerned?

      They matter simply because the way risks, opportunities, sacrifices and rewards are defined determines how they are measured, which in turn influences the metrics used, and in the final analysis, determines the areas to which attention is going to be placed, the level of investment in resources made in each of those areas, and the behaviour that can be expected – in other words, it ultimately determines how politicians wielding power will behave and make decisions. At least that is how I see it (others may disagree and think that this thought of mine is crappy; it is ok with me if they think so, for so long as they can rebut my argument).

      There are many areas in life where we make endeavor in; some of us become politicians and surely those who become one, want to become successful. And how politicians measure their success is critical in determining their behaviour and the decisions they make. Tun Dr Mahathir gave a speech in which he mentioned that he feels that he is the luckiest man on earth simply to have the opportunity to become the Prime Minister earning RM20,000 a month – that probably is already success to him. But to some others, the definition of success could be very different altogether; perhaps earning RM20,000 a month is insufficient – to them, they would have to have a certain billion ringgit in their bank account in order to know and feel that they are successful. So, there are others where selfless service to nation is success and there are others where having mountains of cash in their possession is success (as there are others who choose to measure success according to how God would do it).

      All of this (crap?) sounds fine, but the defining question is, “How does it relate to the murder case?” Well, I need first and foremost to repeat my contention and theorize that how success is measured, and the metrics applied, ultimately determines where attention and resources will be directed, and ultimately it determines behaviour and decisions made thereof.

      Thus, it could be that upholding the rule of law, serving justice and ensuring that justice is seen to be served has taken prime consideration in the minds of the politicians (over and above consideration about material and physical gains and rewards to be had). If that defines success for these politicians, the public at long last may have the chance to see that justice is served.

      Just a thought; musing before taking an early morning shower today.

    • The murder should to taken together with the Scorpene deal. Then it will be meaningful and complete.

  5. Yawn…. Mr Muhammed, what have you been smoking last night? Just put yourself in Dr Setev’s shoes and then publish your opinion again.

    • Dear Mr Steven Wong, you wrote “…..just put yourself in Dr Setev’s shoes…..”. I deem this comment worthy of a short explanation.

      I empathise with the ordeal of Dr Setev, and in silence, have yearned and cried justice not only for him, but also for the the rest of the deceased’s other family members, and most definitely for the deceased herself, Altantuya Shaaribuu. For the past 12 years Dr Setev had been denied the justice that he deserved. Was the murder trial fair? In a lot of respects, the trial is suspect. Why was the motive for the murder not brought up for questioning? Why would the two policemen commit the murder of a person who neither of them know? Furthermore, as they claimed that they had acted on order, who then gave the order to them? How was it that C4 explosives became accessible to the murderers although very stringent control procedures were in place in the ammunition depot to prevent unauthorised access to them (one is left to suspect that without the sanction of some person with authority, these explosives could not have been made accessible to the murderers)?

      All that I am conveying is the idea that the behaviour and decisions of persons in power corresponds to their values and attitudes, and proceeded to contend or theorize that these in turn are shaped by the way they define answers to important questions. Let me explain. In the past, when BN was in power, the individuals wielding power had acted in cohort to deny justice to the those who had been wronged in this murder case. Mr Setev is definitely a person who had been gravely wronged by this process of ‘titled, skewed and unbalanced’ legal process delivered by our courts during that time of the trial. That sort of behaviour and decisions by those wielding power has come to an end with BN losing power and PH forming the government at the federal level. With this new PH government, we have at last new people in positions of power whose values and attitudes are different than their predecessors. People whose values and attitudes are in no small measure, shaped by how they define answers to such important questions as, “What is success, how is it to be measured, and what are the metrics to be used?” Their behaviour and decisions will naturally be different altogether from that of their predecessor – as evidenced, for example, from the two recent public pronouncements we read in the media; (1) Mr Setev had had an opportunity to meet none other than the new AG himself, not to mention the PM as well, to plead that the case be reopened, and (2) that new leads have been found and as a result of which, there is therefore the possibility of the new AG reopening the case. I suspect that probably many more pronouncements related to this case are poised to come to light in the near and distant future.

      The foregoing, dear Mr Steven Wong, sums up the essence of the thought which I expressed and published.

    • Considering the Altantuya murder in isolation is to deny the whole rotten episode of the Scorpene deals. Once we set up an RCI on the Scorpence investigations, the Altantuya murder will become part of the jigsaw puzzle.

  6. Quote:- “…it would help if Dr. Shaaribu can provide more evidence of his daughters Malaysian friends, including photographs”

    Aiya, the police have all these and more lah. That is why the new IGP is so reluctant to open the case.

    It was obvious even to my pet goldfish that the convicted murderers have absolutely zero motive / reason for killing her. But not one of all the “learned” people involved in the trail, the wise judge, the defence counsel sworn to put his client’s interest above all else, (especially as it might result in his client getting hanged, which has come to pass), thought fit to ask one simple question. We lesser mortals know what that question is, but all these ostensibly intelligent people suddenly became dumb for no apparent reason.

    Even Sirul, I think, mentioned that no one asked him that question. And now the answer to that question is Sirul’s biggest bargaining chip. Can’t blame him really. I mean being hanged by the neck until death is not something to look forward to.

    I say, forget about Sirul. Let him hang or let the kind-hearted Aussies support him forever. Bargain with the other fellow bomber, (who actually held a higher police ranking than Sirul), who is sitting very quietly in our death row. Isn’t easier and cheaper?

    Unless of course the other fellow is also not in the country?

  7. The AG can consider this an open and shut case which will come handy as a leverage to squeeze on pinky lips in the 1MDB case. 🤔

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