GE14 people’s court has found Najib guilty robbing Malaysia

June 17, 2018

GE14 people’s court has found Najib guilty robbing Malaysia

by Lim Kit Siang, Pakatan Harapan Member of Parliament

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He is a huge letdown for the distinguished Razak Hussein Family

MP SPEAKS | Recently, I came across a statement by the multi-sectoral, non-sectarian and pluralist economic development coalition of Filipino NGOs, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), describing Ferdinand Marcos as the worst kleptocratic president in the country’s history.

It said that Marcos institutionalised corruption on such a scale that Filipinos continue to feel its effects today. In his 20 years in power, Philippines’ foreign debt metastasised from about US$1 billion to over US$25 billion.

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The FDC estimated that as much as a third of all that debt, about US$8 billion, went into his pockets or those of his cronies and the country will continue paying for all that debt until 2025.

This is reminiscent of the unwinding of the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia after the 14th general election, the revelation that the country’s national debt has exceeded the trillion ringgit mark, and the surge of national patriotic fervour to rally and donate to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia, collecting over RM75 million since its formation on May 30.

I fully agree with the Amanah MP for Sepang, Hanipa Maidin, who stressed that the maxim that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by court is only applicable in certain contexts, specifically during the judicial process.

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This is because the ‘people’s court’ in GE14 had pronounced Najib guilty of the 1MDB kleptocratic scandal, a major issue in the general election campaign, and thus evicting him as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The charade that Malaysia has not become a global kleptocracy, especially for the past three years, should now end. In fact, I wonder what would have been the response of the Indonesian President Jokowi or Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong if they had been tarred like MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) with a 250-page US Department of Justice kleptocratic litigation listing a host of kleptocratic money-laundering transactions worldwide.

LIM KIT SIANG is the MP of Iskandar Puteri.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


10 thoughts on “GE14 people’s court has found Najib guilty robbing Malaysia

  1. As a sitting M.P. your post quoting “…the ‘people’s court’ had pronounced Najib guilty…” and, seemingly, endorsing that populist view is offensive. Already, you have probably prejudiced the outcome of any future criminal trial of this man. Your said quote only reminds me of the repulsive M.P.A.J.A. “people’s courts” immediately after the end of the Japanese war in Malaya. “Vox populi vox dei” may be an attractive sentiment but is never relevant wherever criminal proceedings (as I and you understand it) are imminent.

  2. “I fully agree with…the maxim that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty…is only applicable in certain contexts…”

    Coming from a person who is perhaps the most seasoned politician in the country, this is an astonishing statement…and an invitation to anarchy…

  3. When I read or hear about the’ innocent until proven guilty’ remark made, I am taken back to an instant in time when I was buying some “buah kurma” (a kind of a fruit originating from the middle east countries sold widely in the markets and stalls across the country).

    The fruit seller had the “buah kurma” he’s selling stashed in several big baskets, and looking at those stashed at the top outer layer, many would be buyers probably came to conclude that the “buah kurma” sold by him are of good quality.

    Unbeknownst to many of them though, and it certainly was the case with me (as I took a look at those “buah kurma” stashed at the top outer layer and conclude positively), the “buah kurma” stashed at the bottom inner layer were actually mostly bad and rotten (i.e. are of suspect or poor quality).

    Those stashed at the upper and outer layer in the basket are the only ones that are of good quality (which are the ones visibly displayed to would be buyers, with the intention to mislead them into thinking or perceiving that the “buah kurma” on display are of good quality).

    When politicians make speeches and remarks that are intended to mislead people into thinking that they have not done anything wrong despite evidences to the contrary, they are acting just like that “buah kurma” seller who tried to mislead his buyers into thinking that he is selling good quality “buah kurma” by clever display of his merchandise (where the good ones are displayed at the top outer layer and the bad ones are hidden underneath).

    The question is, “Are we dumb such that crooked individuals think we are easy meat for them; and even if we are not dumb, are we bothered enough about what the truth is such that we make efforts to search for them and stand firmly by them, and what has become of us if we are not bothered by or care about the truth?”

  4. Lim Kit Siang is right, the people have spoken and they have cast their votes which clearly says Jibby and his BN gang are guilty and have to be punished by being deprived of governing Malaysia. What is there to argue. Are you saying that the peoples court in this case the ballot box is prejudice and offensive? Tell that to the voters and see what their reactions will be.

    • You appear to be submitting that Malaysia does not need to be governed by laws, or one subject to any form of legal or judicial control! That is anarchy! My reference to the M.P.A.J.A. Courts may not have resonated with you because it happened over 70 years ago. I dare say you would not be so flippant if you happened to be the person “convicted by the people’s vote” while still awaiting the outcome of your criminal investigation. A civilized country is governed by fair laws which afford the greatest security to its citizens. No more, no less.

    • I am not suggesting that Malaysia do away with the rule of law but we are discussing Li Kit Siang statement that the peoples Court have passed its judgement. The people court have already reached their verdict and found Najib and BN are guilty of stealing from the country. Thus they have passed judgement in voting for Harapan. Nowhere did Lim Kit Siang and I suggest that Najib and BN not be tried under the law.
      The punishment is also different, under the Peoples Court the guilty are removed from office but under the law if guilty they will face a fine and even imprisonment. Please be very clear that the Peoples Court and the Court of Law are two very different entities. I don’t know what is the relationship with MPAJA here.

  5. I totally agree that everyone, especially politicians, should now let the law takes its course. We all know the score.

    Do trust that the PM, with 22 years of experience under his belt, will know what to do, in his own time and, especially, in his own way.

    Mahathir, at his age, is even more conscious of the urgency of time than anybody else.

  6. (I cannot resist responding to O.M.’s 19th June post.) So, you say, there are two court systems prevailing in Malaya – Really? As to one who has both taught Law and practised it for over 40 years in the Supreme Court of England and Wales yours is a startling revelation indeed! It seems to me you do not know what the M.P.A.J.A. or their people’s court were – look it up! “Ignorantia juris haud excusat”.

    • Dear Queen Counsel Karm, the peoples court is the public opinion and no it does not have any jurisdiction or legal standing. Its just a popular view of the citizens unlike a court of law. As i explained the peoples court acts on a set of belief and influences the minds of joe public. I’d end with that since I am no lawyer just an ordinary Joe who pass judgement with my votes.

  7. I think it is time for LKS to shut up. But then again, the Harapan online lynch mob has never demonstrated a commitment to anything but what the mandarins say and not do.

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