5 thoughts on “Trump’s Video for North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un–Moment of Opportunity at Singapore Summit

  1. “…..we will stop the war-games, …. ……plus I think it is very provocative. .. ”
    This is the most honest and realistic statment/admission that any president of USA had said.
    Trump got it right on the spot. With that understanding, I see both will achive their respective objectives. Peace and stability will not be far from here.

  2. The real security for N Korea is China, not its nuclear missiles which the US could take out anytime.

    So before giving up, or rather agrees to give up, its nuclear arsenal, Kim must have got assurances from Xi that China will back him up.

    This will make Kim look good and for China to make sure Kim or N Korea is forever dependent on China, just as S Korea and Japan has been depending on the US nuclear umbrella since the end of the Korean war.

    In the game of Chess, this is called “castling”

  3. I don’t trust Trump either .
    But he cannot be faulted for telling truth and admitted the war game is provocative and he is stopping them.
    This has created the environment of building mutual trusts and rational understanding, neccessarily for negotiating successful agreement to the benefits of both parties and affected regions.

    That in itself , will erase substantive part of insecurity Kim is enduring . When further talks, negotiation and commitment actions are taken , more trust is built with the assurance from the US that Kim’s will not be overthrown like what was done to Gaddafi, denuclearisation will be a done deal.

    It is the perspective I am taking, not just the words Donald Trump.

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