PH leaders inked agreement on PM handover

June 11, 2018

Good News: PH leaders inked agreement on PM handover

by Durie Rainer Fong@www,
Image result for shakespeare quotes on ambition and powerA Message to the Ambitious,Impatient and Paranoid Politician

Political scientist Marzuki Mohamad says the top leaders of the Pakatan Harapan component parties and the pact’s chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad have signed an agreement on the matter.

Marzuki Mohamad says no deadline has been given for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to handover power to Anwar Ibrahim.


KOTA KINABALU: An agreement has been signed by the top leaders in Pakatan Harapan for its chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad to hand over power to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Political scientist Marzuki Mohamad, who is also the special officer to Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, said the agreement was inked between the presidents of the four PH component parties and Mahathir.

However, he said no time frame was given for the handover but Anwar’s role had been clearly stated in the agreement.

“They have agreed that Anwar will become the 8th Prime Minister. So this is a written agreement, it’s not just a pronouncement, signed by the top four party leaders or presidents and Mahathir as Chairman (of PH).

“This is a transition period… the question now is when will that happen? I think this is a matter for both of them to sit down and discuss.

“It’s good if they have a fixed timeline… to avoid rumours, political manoeuvring and uncertainty,” Marzuki said to questions on Anwar’s role in the “new Malaysia” at a recent political forum here.

Marzuki said Mahathir was focused on bringing Malaysia out of the state it was in and Anwar could then make a return to the country’s political landscape.

“I heard Anwar wanted to contest in an election, be an MP, and be a back bencher for some time. And give time for Mahathir to clear the mess. I think Tun’s (Mahathir) concern is only to clear the mess. I don’t think he is very ambitious at this point of time, certainly not at his age,” Marzuki said.

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Dr. Zahid Hamidi  paid a heavy price for timidity

Meanwhile, Marzuki urged UMNO to use the experience of the past election as a lesson for change instead of retreating into a hole.

Citing his own previous experience when he was left without a job after Muhyiddin was sacked from the government for criticising former premier Najib Razak, he said UMNO members should learn from the recent defeat in the polls.

“That process humbled me – I used to be in the government, along the corridors of power and suddenly I was thrown into the political wilderness.And that experience is very precious because it humbles you… in politics you have to be humble. So that process is something for UMNO to appreciate rather than to be demotivated (about),” said Marzuki.

He said UMNO could play the role of a constructive and viable opposition

“Now the people have this in mind – the changing of government, it is not something against nature. People are not afraid to change the government.

“So in a way it will keep the PH government in check. Otherwise, if it becomes too strong, it’s not good as well,” he said, adding it was time UMNO undergo a rejuvenation process.

Marzuki said it would be quite challenging for UMNO in Sabah to regain its reputation. “In the Sabah context, it will be more challenging than their counterparts in the peninsula (because) there’s another factor – local parties. UMNO is considered a national party, so (the question is) how can UMNO survive?”, he asked.

Marzuki said UMNO members in Sabah could end up joining other parties or that the party itself could join other would-be coalitions.

Image result for UMNO defeatedLearning to eat the humble pie


“It is yet to be seen what kind of coalition politics will transpire in the future. Will UMNO be part of that?Before the election, there was talk of UMNO breaching its own constitution. That also worry members on what would be their future. Will the party be made illegal because of that problem?But let’s give room for the due process of the law to take its course. But in the meantime, until decision is made, the party can continue to function as it is,” he said.

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This Opportunist is unemployed. He can go fishing

Marzuki said it would be premature to say that UMNO had no more future in Malaysian politics.

“(They) can choose to remain or join other political parties. Other parties also have the right to accept them or not.“(It’s) not to say UMNO will have no future at all, too early to say that. Because it has grassroots support, members are still there and they want the party to continue.But it’s not easy for a party that has been around for many decades to get rid of the culture that defines the party,” he noted.

10 thoughts on “PH leaders inked agreement on PM handover

  1. So rakyat has no say who becomes PM after Tun? Not everybody (I think the majority) do not want Anwar as PM. Agreement or no agreement does not come into the picture. Rakyat who propelled PH to victory must have a say in this matter.

    Voices of disgreement have been expressed by many Malays, Chinese and Indian Malaysians. So listen to the rakyat, please?

    • The agreement was inked way before the election. In fact, it was the basis for Mahathir to be PH’s PM-designate. What are you cooking, son?

  2. I think no other country has such an agreement, at least not in black & white, or is it grey & beige?

    It speaks volumes of our political maturity as a people and of our political leaders.

    Why the agreement?


    1. the people don’t trust HARAPAN 100% yet;

    2. the leaders in HARAPAN don’t trust each other 100% yet.

    I feel ashame rather than happy.

  3. Pakatan proposes Rakyat disposes. The public was not consulted, hence the agreement can be set aside by the public. Anwar in any case is showing to be Muslim Fanatic tied to the Royals aprons. He has become toxic.

  4. Would Mazuki still think,
    ….” Tun Mahathir is concerned to clear the mess…” largely he created, inherited by D Najib who expanded on it, and “…not ambitious ” to create another BIGGER MESS when It was reported today , he (Tun) intends to start a NEW National car to replace Proton ???

    The people need to be alerted and get real !

    * Malaysia auto-industry market has not got the economy of scale to sustain itself.
    * The foreign markets are exceedingly competitive .
    * Capital cost is too intensive, and return of profits, if any, without government’s subsidy, will take a long time.

  5. The ink can be cleaned using liquid paper. It is time for Tun to come out with a voice of REFERENDUM to choose our next PM after his retirement or before he feels he could not carry out his premiership. We have decent and intelligent Ministers in the cabinet to propose to take a referendum. It would be disastrous to follow the 4 party coalition.’s choice which is believed to have inked on who should be the next PM.

    Anwar’s actions recently, after his release from prison does not augur well for
    premiership though coalition parties have decided. He should toe the line and be liked by people who elected this government for major reforms.

    Tun shall not hand over that easily the premiership without knowing people’s aspirations because citizens have given overwhelming support by electing this new government born at dawn on the 10th of May. Anwar is outdated in his thinking because he was different in yesteryear and today he speaks different by kissing the hands to of people to please certain group of people to be in good books. I never expected him to go this low. This is unbecoming of Anwar of today. Tun, if there was any impasse at the time you wanted to retire, please see if Referendum to choose a new PM could be the best way to solve.

  6. Umnob can only emerge stronger when its leaders can discard and uproot its deeply entrenched culture of MACCP(Money politics,Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronyism, Patronage and Puppetry ). This is the main culprit that is destroying its existence.

    The culture of MACCP has largely initiated and taken root from the era of Mahathir 1.0 , and blatantly expanded during Najib reign. Every scandal, added together causing hundreds of billion losses to Rakyat that had occurred, can be traced back to one or more of its elements.

    These rogue elements in the culture were able to perpetuate due to their leaders insatiable greed, misconduct and self-serving interests, instead of serving the welfare of the people and interest of the nation.

    Race and religion are the easy tools they had been (mis, ab) using to divide the people in order to sustain their position and power. Accountability, Competency, Good Governace and Transparency are seldom appreciated or practiced and are conveniently put on the back-burner of the national policy.

    So, Changing leaders without changing the rogue culture is hopless. It will never work or survive in this 21 century information and technology age .

  7. Quote:- “The public was not consulted”


    Are memories this short?

    Even before Najib announced the date for GE14, Pakatan Harapan has already announced, (with big fanfare and even a few 92 year old tears), that Tun would be the pm-designate to be followed by Anwar after 2 years of Tun’s premiership should HARAPAN won?

    So when you voted for HARAPAN, you are voting with that in mind, surely?

    So is it necessary to ask, or “consult” the public who has already voted for that very “arrangement”?

    Also HARAPAN’s election campaign was based, largely, on Najib’s 1MBD scandal. So now is it necessary to “consult” the public as to whether Najib should be arrested and charged for whatever offence deemed appropriate?

  8. More importantly, it is the promise and agreement between the people and the PH government. The people views and aspirations should no longer be taken for granted anymore.

    If it is found that PH and its leaders cannot or incapable to perform or deliver to what is expected or agreed between it and the people, PH will be a 1-term government.

    Please be reminded, bot the PH leaders and the Rakyat, that most of the present aging leaders, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, LKS, including Anwar are there as Transitional leaders ; guiding, conducting themselves responsibly an exemplery path of values and experience with accountability, competence, transparency in good governance to smoothly pass their batons to younger generation of aspiring responsible successors- leaders of integrity to take over the running of country.

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