New Malaysia needs a National Integrity Plan, says Lim Kit Siang

May 31,2018

From KIT to Fellow Malaysians

New Malaysia needs a National Integrity Plan

by Lim Kit Siang@

COMMENT by Din Merican: What Plan do we really need, Mr Lim Kit Siang?  I heard that before from UMNO-BN government which ruled Malaysia for 60+ years. It is like old wine in a new bottle.

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Over the years we have had masterplans galore, and all sorts of commission reports, reports from the Auditor-General  and other consultant studies. On Integrity, we even have a National Integrity Institute (NII) funded by taxpayers’ money and Mr. Paul Low as Integrity Minister  was supposed to oversea the Institute and MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency).

Nothing happened. I am sure like MACC, NII is still around, although I have not heard much about its activities. MACC, on the other hand, is spewing hot lava. It is pointless to have another plan if we do not have the political will and courage to implement them. Will the Pakatan Harapan government be different?

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The Harapan government should revisit the National Integrity Plan which is gathering dust, study it and prepare a detailed action plan for its implementation with specific timelines and targets so that the plan can be scrupulously monitored.

Funds should be allocated to schools where children can be taught ethics and civics so that they can grow up into upright, honest and responsible citizens. Invest in our young via values-centered education.

My advice is that you should avoid being like the regime which you unceremoniously just booted out of office on May 9, 2018. Please stop talking too much and raising expectations, and start doing more if you want to remain in power for the long haul.–Din Merican

Mr Lim Kit Siang says:

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New Malaysia needs a National Integrity Plan which will transform Malaysia from a global kleptocracy into a leading nation of integrity within 10 years.

This National Integrity Plan for a New Malaysia should be debated and adopted by Parliament.

We should see results in the National Integrity Plan for a New Malaysia hopefully in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2018 but steady and solid improvements in TI CPI 2019 without any turning back or the MACC Chief Commissioner and the members of the various anti-corruption monitoring bodies must assume personal responsibility to Parliament and the nation.

Under the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017, Malaysia plunged to the lowest TI CPI ranking in 23 years – No. 62 out of 180 countries.

The history of the 23-year annual TI CPI from 1995-2017 shows that Malaysia had stagnated and even regressed in integrity and principles of accountability and good governance in the past two decades as compared to some countries, like China and Indonesia, which had made significant improvements with steady strides.

In the first year of TI CPI in 1995, which listed only 41 countries, Malaysia was ranked in the middling position of No. 23 with a score above the midpoint – i.e. 5.28 in a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean).

China and Indonesia came in at the bottom end, with China ranked as No. 40 with a score of 2.16 out of 10 while Indonesia came in last ranking No. 41 out of 41 with a score of 1.94.

If Malaysia had made a decimal improvement in the TI CPI score of 0.1 point each year the past 22 years, Malaysia’s present score would have been 7.58, or roughly translated into 75.8 out of a scale increased from 10 to 100, which would have placed Malaysia in the rank of No. 16 out of 180 countries.

Unfortunately, Malaysia’s 2017 TI CPI ranking and score had worsened, ranked No. 62 out of 180 countries with the TI CPI score plunging further down below the midpoint to 47/100 in the revised scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

In contrast, both China and Indonesia have continued to make significant improvements in the TI CPI in the past 23 years, with China improving its score from 2.16/10 in 1995 (under the original scale) to 41/100 (revised scale) with its TI CPI Ranking improving from No. 40/41 in 1995 to 77/180 in 2017 and while Indonesia upped its score from 1.94/10 (old scale) in 1995 to 37/100 (new scale), with TI CPI ranking from 41/41 in 1995 to 96/180.

If China continues to improve its TI CPI score at the annual average rate of 0.84 points (old scale) in the past 23 years, China would overtake Malaysia in both TI CPI ranking and score in eight years time (41 + 6.7 = 47.7) without Malaysia regressing further in TI score (which is a tall order under Najib’s global kleptocracy!).

In the past 23 years, Indonesia’s improvement on the TI CPI score is lower than China, making an average annual improvement of 0.76 (old scale). Without Malaysia further regressing, Indonesia will overtake Malaysia in both TI ranking and score in 14 years time, when it would have registered a score of 37 + 10.6 = 47.6.

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I do not want to see China and Indonesia slow down in their upward climb up the TI CPI ranking and score, but Malaysia must improve substantially so that we not only eradicate the “kleptocratic” label but become a leading nation of integrity by being among the first top countries of integrity in the annual TI CPI.

To do this, we must not only get to the bottom of the 1MDB scandal, “kleptocracy at its worst”, and other major corruption scandals involving MARA, FELDA, Tabung Haji, even more important, we must introduce structural and institutional reforms as well mind-set changes throughout our society so that we have a zero-tolerance for corruption.

(Media Statement in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday 31st May 2018)

29 thoughts on “New Malaysia needs a National Integrity Plan, says Lim Kit Siang

  1. Singapore had though using the stick and carrot attained a high-level of international acclaim for its achievements on the subject of integrity but now the 3G leaders are found wanting. The only safeguard is to carve it in stone in the penal code until a new generation comes in with moral fibres of steel.

  2. Din,
    Spot on!
    “Old wine new bottle ” – This I had also commented in your blog and Malaymailonline when its relevancy to issues on the conduct of political leaders is reported, presented up to 14 GE.

    The fact is, (in Malaysia ),
    “Integrity is doing right”, the wrong way even the people are watching.

    So, Mr. LKS and top PH leaders, get down to real business and start serving/ working
    the people with all the political will in action and implementation needed in meeting the Rakyat expectation of real change for a better and brigther Malaysia in posterity.

    Actions speaks louder than words.

    First thing first , get every MP and Assemblyman, regardless,
    to declare his assets, to declare above all, ” I am a Malaysian first,”
    This is basically the requirement for the practice of integrity to start with.

  3. // to declare above all ” I am a Malaysian first”
    Just thought we could be a little patient with that. But, please put the original copy of Reid and Cobbald commission in official public website today. Then, each could decide what does Malaysian mean, before deciding one wants to call one a Malaysian. If there were officers paid to read this blog and block this blog with sufficient authority, given officers would be able to find that original copy of Reid and Cobbald commision and place it some where in our official web-space.

    Have the integrity to put forth the document that was mentioned in our sejarah textbook, but never dared to be disclosed to her citizens.

  4. Think actually what we have been through.. UMNO, founded by Tunku and Onn Bin Jaffar, started out as MALAY NATIONALIST party.. It got hijacked by the Malay ultras “curi lampu ajaib” as Tunku put it, – their pinnacle no less than Mahathir first administration. That pinnacle now turned against the hijackers himself, coming around to the wisdom of Tunku and Onn Bin Jaffar.

    What do people really think will happen after this? That the racial-religo hegemonist that Mahathir rode and threw off now would just walk away? They will not come back with a vengeance?

    After LKY rode the communist tiger and threw them out. He never stopped persecuting them, and the word is “persecuting” because he was ruthless. LKY had it easy with the communist, we have it much harder with the racial-religo hegemonist.

    Just like LKY did with very socialist policies for the masses to defeat the ideology of communism and socialism in Singapore, here in Malaysia we need to have very “Islamic” policies to fight the racial-religo hegemonist. I am talking of issue of public morality and values like modesty and private sexual relationship.

    We cannot eliminate Jakim, we need to use it instead, expound the more spiritual values of Islam into practical terms rather than the literal codified Islam. That is more realistic path of “integrity” – make it a Jakim responsibility.

  5. “What Plan do we really need, Mr Lim Kit Siang?”

    Are we truly “Free” to speak?

    Well Din, this is what i mean when these ex-Oppo blokes continue to behave like Oppos even after they have won the GE.. Because of the terrible decades in the wilderness, they talk more than they can do. Their true ‘governing’ capabilities will be laid bare – and i can assure you they’ll morph to have the same arrogant and entitled attitude of the previous flurs, after a short while.

    While they yodel about *Competency – they aren’t really ‘competent’. Hurrying and harrying is not a sign of ability nor competence. Promises made that cannot be fulfilled must not be blamed on the Terrible State of Hidden Affairs – but to admit that they were unprepared to really govern efficaciously..

    *Accountability, is to take the bull by the horns and manhandle it to the ground. But, they blame everyone, including the fruit of their loins – except themselves. Introspection is not a feature in Tokongism.

    *Transparency to them, is blabbering ‘Facts’ that can be manipulated, without any idea of the consequences. Diplomacy is not in their vocabulary. Indelicacy is touted as honesty..

    So we have a very hypocritical CAT right off the mark, don’t we? They can’t achieve even half of what they set up to do in the 100 days of blindly copying Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. That’s why i’m a dog..

    Of course, we don’t want to return to the bad old days of UMNOb’s and KleptoMo1’s wastrel, incompetent and corrupt ways – but the hypocritical Populism of the present Regime already causes indigestion in more ways than one. Like the bankrupt old crony who’s gonna develop a RM 30 bil project out of reclaimed land in Langkawi.. With the possibility of global warming and rising sea-levels, this might not be a good long-term investment, okay?

    CLF, CAT means Kucing. It is a gimmick. Fix the mindsets of our new leadership. Maybe you can help them to fix themselves. Stop talking. Follow Nike–Just Do it. Not Just Speak It. That is why while I am excited that Najib and his UMNO kleptocrats were thrown out, I am concerned that these former Oppos have yet to change their mindsets. Culture will consume strategy, says Management Guru Peter F. Drucker.–Din Merican

    • Well there is the “Audacity of Hope” too, my friend.
      But their strategy for now is Austerity and no Hope lah..

      Tell morons like me about banishing GST and replacing it a throwback to medieval, inefficient, opaque taxation like SST? They could’ve instead cut the GST to 3 or 4%, review all the contracts, cut leakages and corruption, reclaim as much of the 1MDB FUBAR stash, re-establish fiduciary discipline etc and etc. Opposing because of Populism causes all sorts of Pokkai-ness..

      I’ll leave the legislative, judiciary and governance reforms alone for the time being, cuz otherwise we will break the light barrier.

      Not all of the infrastructure projects by the previous Kleptomaniacs were bad. The ‘ideas’ and ‘rationale’ behind them were solid, but the implementation, cronyism and corruption was horrendous.

      For example the now cancelled (?) HSR under SPAD (i.e PMO): There were interested parties who would’ve waylaid the route. It would have been much cheaper if they had followed the pre-existing KTM route as it would have defrayed the land acquisition and a lot of infrastructure costs. But it had to pass through some small lil towns which were the bastions of UMNOb warlords at that time. Some of them are now chiefs of PH, ya? It may still go through later, if Octo can secure a softer loan while in Japan next month. I think the ROI isn’t as bad as some ‘experts’ make it out to be. As it is, our Singapore-KL air route is already the most congested in the world.

      The MRT3 is important so that the mass-transit becomes more efficient because of integration of all those totally incompatible and diverse Transits.. But as usual, it was ‘Cronified’.

      I think the ECRL cannot be so easily scrapped though as about 10-20% of the tracking already done and is continuing. The best they can do is delay, but that will drive the cost up even more. The re-nego will have to be the loan terms from PRC’s EXIM bank and portions of the route..

      Anything else? I shouldn’t be the one to complain, ‘cuz all of this really doesn’t affect me – so let’s just watch the miraculous effects of Harapan fiscal policies unfold.

    • Please keep your Cool Aids to yourself. LKS’s team wrought wonders in Penang despite all the obstacles thrown in their direction. Do they need armchair academics nested in their comfort zone?

  6. Yes, very sad,….even as the Rakyat are watching !

    The crucial questions that had largely caused the country’s scandalous losses in hundreds of billions and human resources are non or lack of ompliances , observations and good practices on :

    * Separation of powers,
    * Race and Religion which never should be as used political and descrimitory tools.
    * Quality of Education based meritocracy,

    that had led the country to this present dire state of affairs with the deeply entrenched Umnob’s Culture of Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronyism, Patronage and Puppetry (MACCP ).

    PH should show us in action plan to address and reform these urgent issues and questions without delay or wasting time on issues that are of face values involving popularism.

    So, Where is beef ?
    PH will be just an One-Term government ?

  7. Edit of comment above made at 7.18 pm

    Paragraph 3, line 1,

    ” *Separation of powers. ”

    Should read,

    “* Separation of powers and the broken judiciary “.

    Errors regretted.

  8. Give PH a bit more time. I agree they’re not necessarily competent, but good intentions and the dogged persistence they’re known for will, more often than not, make this a better governmen. It won’t be anything near Utopia, but compared with the previous regime, will – at least I hope – be further away from distopia.

    • What can be worse than treason which I assume are acts intended to bring down the country?

  9. Jefferey, please-lah, as if Penang was such a hell hole before it was saved by LGE and his coterie. When you build on the success of others and turn a small island into a congested, over prized parking lot all the while barking at civil society types to mind their place, its not doing wonders.

    There are enough rules and regulations in this country which encourages functionality in the government. The problem has always been that there has been no political will to enforce those rules.

    LKS always dispenses the kool aid, to keep the base inebriated. Sometimes it backfires like when he suggested Najib should join hands with them to save Malaysia.

    No idea why you mentioned academic types but I suppose the DAP’s idea of participation is vigorously nodding one’s head when the Mandarins issue commands.

    • Please at least give the new administration their 5 years term to prove their dedication and sincerity. At the end of the term, either give credit or condemn. LGE obviously didn’t do that badly as the people of Penang had given the DAP a bigger mandate despite being run down by distractors from B-end.

  10. What makes you think all his detractors are from BN ?

    See, that’s a sign of being drunk on the kool aid. Politicians should be constantly checked because if we do not, they always end up doing thing the politically expedient thing instead of actually saving this country.

    • A Manifesto defines the programme you plan to follow if you are successful. In a term of 5 years, how do you judge the performance in 3 weeks? BN forgot that as the government before PRU14, they are to issue their Report Card on what they had done, but instead they issue a Manifesto promising to do things they are going to do this time around but which they forgot to do before PRU14. Understand or not?

  11. Manifestos are just a bunch of promises that politicians make to galvanize the base and attract fresh support. Even PH had to concede that what they promised in a 100 days could not be carried out.

    Conveniently they blame the actions of the former regime but anyone who has actually read their manifesto would understand like Rafidah Aziz that it could not be carried out.

    You do not judge a performance based on campaign promises . You judge the performance of a government on how well they handle the vagaries of governing without compromising on the principles that are embedded in their manifesto,

    Do you understand ? Probably not.

  12. Edit to add.

    All this bullshit because I wrote one line about a stupid suggestion by LKS ?

    Christ, I wasn’t even passing judgement on PH.

    Is this the new Malaysian Order ?

    • All this is, my friend is because we have lil termites that lead to ochlocracy, the evil twin of democracy. Any contrarian views are considered anathema to Tokongism.

  13. Edit to correct.

    Conveniently they blame the actions of the former regime but anyone who has actually read their manifesto would understand like Rafidah Aziz that it could not be carried out in 100 days.

    • What is so important about 100 days when we have 1,726 days of freedom from the oppressive corrupt regimes of DSNR.

  14. “Just look at yourself in the mirror.” – Jeffery Lim

    Whoa, you DAP nutters really know how to spread the kool aid.

    Here is a snippet from a young DAP apparatchik writing in the Malaysiakini letters section about how Dear Leaders indoctrinated her into accepting Octo – “I figured that there must have been a reason for this move, and instead of criticising, chose to first listen to my leaders. In doing so, I effectively had a mirror held up in front of me for a good, hard look. I realised that the questions I asked, had too, reflected of me. ”

    I would think that this shit works on young people , right ? But to here a grown man spout this crap, is laughable.

  15. “What is so important about 100 days when we have 1,726 days of freedom from the oppressive corrupt regimes of DSNR.” – Jeffrey Lim

    No idea brother, you were the one who brought up the Harapan manifesto as if it was the Holy Book.

  16. “Dear Con, Smiling into the mirror gives you con fidence as it smiles back at you. -Jeffery Lim

    Here’s a description of the telescreen from Orwell’s 1984 –

    “The tele- screen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard.”

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