Restoring the nation’s confidence

May 22, 2018

Restoring the nation’s confidence

If it’s one thing that the entire period of 2004-2018 taught me, it’s how it feels to have low expectations in one’s nation.

I grew up in the era of Mahathir 1.0 (except we did not know it was 1.0 then!) and there was an air of confidence. Of course, being kids in school, we were not able to see the problems but that’s besides the point.

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The point is, we had a great deal of confidence in his administration and this translated into national pride. This, I can tell you, was an exuberant feeling.

Then came the lost years. Abdullah Badawi, Pak Lah, came into office enjoying a high level of confidence. The 2004 general election was proof of that.

However, his unenergetic leadership soon floundered and he was made into a laughing stock. He was also unable to handle the Islamofascists who ruined any chance of an interfaith council.

Pak Lah was told to leave after Barisan’s relatively disastrous performance in the 2008 general election where Barisan lost five states, later reduced to four. The period of Najib Razak had begun.

In 2009, when Najib came in, I recall a high level of confidence, especially from the Malay professionals who believed that Najib’s eruditeness was proof that he was very clued in. I was quite hopeful myself although by this time, I was unreservedly anti-Barisan.

Image result for Najib and Rosmah asleep

Then came the scandals. 1MDB was the whale of them, at least until the FGV scandals came to light. I recalled the feelings of buoyancy from the 90s when I read about 1MDB.

How the tables had turned and how we were now the laughing stock of the world whereas once we were admired as the darling of developing nations. When the 1MDB so-called investigations came to nothing, no one was surprised.

Like all Malaysians, I was hopeful when Tun Dr Mahathir led Pakatan Harapan to victory. I am quite sure that without Tun, BN would still be in power today and we would be in the doldrums.

What did worry me slightly was the execution of justice by the Mahathir 2.0 administration. The slow-moving machinery of the government  may slow down this process.

This would mean that people being investigated would be able to haul stakes and seek asylum elsewhere. There are no shortages of countries providing this type of asylum. No less a dictator than Idi Amin himself was able to live out the rest of his life in luxury.

However, Tun dealt with the matter swiftly. Being Tun, he had already planned things several moves ahead. He placed a travel ban on Najib and effectively had him under surveillance at all times. At the time of writing, Najib’s own house had been raided and several items seized.

The Auditor General’s report on 1MDB has also been declassified and downloaded so many times, the server is said to have crashed!

And this is what I mean. Confidence has been restored. The rakyat is now actively rooting for the nation.

At the end of the Najib administration, their confidence in the administration had been so down that when UMNO’s own status was called into question (due to breaking its own by-laws), we rightly expected no action to be taken and true enough – the case has been thrown out.

I applaud Tun on his swift actions. While the rakyat are rejoicing at the abolishment of the GST, to show us that past misdeeds will not go unpunished was a major win.

Now we feel no longer alienated by active stakeholders in the future of the nation.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

3 thoughts on “Restoring the nation’s confidence

  1. Confidence has been restored?

    Depends who you ask. But don’t ask the Losers, okay? Especially KleptoMo1 and the De-Jeweled monstrosity. Imagine, PDRM’s CCID took almost a day to count the stash in various denominations – even with 20 cash counting machines running continuously.. And, i don’t have confidence in the price of Hermes Birkin Handbag line, as or izzit e-bay/alibaba will soon have an epic auction..

    I really don’t want to sound like a wet blanket or even damp socks, but why are the foreign capital funds exiting in droves? Or the local manufacturers and businessmen behaving as if they are having intractable toothaches? Harap, that’s temporary.

    Meanwhile. i heard there was a spike in insomnia, panic attacks and other anxiety related disorders among the Pakatoon operatives.. Luckily i’ve ample supplies of anxiolytics and antidepressants – which work well on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) too.

    In Octo, i trust. Maybe..

  2. A patient should not expect a complete recovery within 24 hours after a major surgical operation. Spending a week in hospital is usually needed.

    • The problem with Populism to the Masses is, yes, an illness that may or may not be operable. Of course PH will keep their promises – but at what long term cost?

      You can recover from surgery and die months or years later due to complications. A good surgeon anticipates problems pre- and post operatively. And continues postop surveillance indefinitely – but not when One is a nonagenarian.

      The Council of Eminent Persons have already started floating the idea that ‘Ratings’ are not important.. i.e Moody’s, Fitch et al are rubbish. No worries about the exchange rate either. Really?

      A trillion RM in external debt is actually not much of a problem if there is prudence, discernment, consolidation, proper auditing and responsive fiscal policies. I have full confidence that Octo, C.E.P and their lackeys – LGE and Azmin – will do the right thing or die in the attempt.

      While the 1MDB FUBAR is painfully criminal, it will need to be addressed by the Fin-Min – just as the FOREX SNAFU was by Bank Negara in the past. By all means, yodel to the skies and crucify KleptoMo1, De-Jweled Lump, Fei Chai and all their kunci-kunchu. They are dead anyway..

      But grow up. Or rather smell the coffee..

      We don’t need newbie Ministers – who think so highly of themselves, that they Reject efforts of their staff to say hello and welcome. That Loke flur in MoT is gonna be in pain (most likely in the nether bung) soon, cuz in MoT, nothing will move due to his strict, no nonsense, Nonsense. The staff there including the KSU are CARMA characters, bar none. So Anthony, don’t be so Tai Lok?!

      And that newbie EduMin, who talks about Finland? He’s decided to follow the Edu Plan of yesteryears for the time being. Cakap, tak boleh buat.. So much for new blood and transfusions…

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