DJT and The Nobel Peace Prize–The Idiocy of The Republican Party

May 18, 2018

DJT and The Nobel Peace Prize–The Idiocy of The Republican Party

by Michael Minehan

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A group of US Republican governors and senators have written a letter to the Nobel Committee requesting that President Trump be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.This is for what they describe as Trump’s “transformative efforts to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula”.

This call for a Nobel Prize for Trump is despite Trump’s vacillation between threats of ‘fire and fury’, and his personal insults to Kim Jong-un that have been interspersed with some other calls for peace.

But this enthusiasm for Trump to receive the Nobel Prize could be premature because North Korea is now threatening to withdraw from the proposed Singapore meeting if the US insists on ‘denuclearizing’ North Korea.

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The Walras–America’s National Security Adviser–John Bolton

And North Korea is seeing to further rock the boat by describing its ‘repugnance’ for Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton. Bolton has argued in the past for pre-emptive military strikes to stop the North’s nuclear program.

The Nobel Peace Prize is no stranger to controversy. Here’s a list of the 10 most controversial Peace Prize awards:

Ironies abound in the Nobel Prizes. It’s widely speculated that the Peace Prize was set up by Alfred Nobel out of guilt because he felt at least partially responsible for all the deaths caused by dynamite and its derivatives in war.

And nor is the Peace Prize necessarily about rewarding the actual accomplishment of peaceful initiatives. It’s also about trying to initiate them. “You don’t negotiate the peace process with your friends – you initiate them with your enemies,” said the chairwoman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen.

Reiss-Andersen continued, “Part of the strength of the Nobel Peace Prize is that it’s controversial. If it was a global consensus prize, it wouldn’t have the relevance and the authority that it actually has today.”

Well, controversy is what Trump loves. And if Trump were to be actually awarded the Peace Prize, there would then be no need to pretend that he had won it. As he pretended with the fake Time Magazine that had a photo of him on the cover. Time asked Trump to remove this in June, 2017.

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Whatever happened to good old-fashioned integrity and actually earning the awards you claim to have?

Most other people would die of embarrassment if they were caught out displaying a fake Time magazine with their photo on the cover. But not Trump, because it’s probably not the actual award itself that’s important to him. It’s the TV audience ratings and the talk about him that seems to be most important.

Being talked about is what Trump values most. Who cares it it’s true or not? The Washington Post describes Trump’s seesawing diplomatic spectacles as ‘diplotainment’.

Accordingly, here;s my final question. If Trump were to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, could we ever take the Peace Prize seriously again?

8 thoughts on “DJT and The Nobel Peace Prize–The Idiocy of The Republican Party

  1. Humptie Trumptie should be awarded the neighbourhood bully prize for the age category under 10 years. That’s what he deserves from all the things he has done. John Bolton has to qualify for the mentally deranged prize. He’s being pursued by devils 24/7.
    Steven, I agree with you. That Bolton character has been a disaster for George W. Bush. Now he is back as National Security Advisor. How can an insecure retard be in this crucial position. I suppose, he makes Trump look as a clown.–Din Merican

  2. I am now far more optimistic about the future of Malaysia than I am about my country. Thanks also to the author (and to you, Din, for posting the picture) for reminding us that the President who rails against “fake news” plastered a fake Time magazine cover all over his resorts and hotels. The famous American political humorist Will Rogers once said, “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me, as long as they spell my name right.” With Trump, who has no shame, he has no concern what people say about him as long as it gets his ratings up and lets him dominate the news 24/7.

    • Ambassador Malott,

      I don’t envy American diplomats who are serving under the Trump Presidency. How does one put up a straight face and defend an idiot. Only Rudy Giuliani can since only an idiot can defend him. Rex Tillerson could not and I wonder how long Mike Pompeo will last as Secretary of State. I am truly sorry for Ambassador Heidt in Phnom Penh.–Din Merican

  3. I think Malaysians, who are half the globe away from the US, should give very little credibility to US lame stream media such as CNN, MSNBC, Huff Post, NYT, and the likes. There are many alternative media that Americans are exposed to and some are much more reliable than the lame stream media.

    If you found yourselves engulfed with anger for mere appearance and words of President Trump, you are very likely suffer the Trump Derangement Syndrome(TDS). Fortunately, US “scientists” recently found cure to TDS:

    Up to very recent past, there was no cure for TDS. As the decease spreads, there are more attempts to cure it. If you follow US news closely and would like to challenge yourselves with critical thinking skill which is antidote to TDS, here is Stefan Malyneux’s take on the latest Trump’s animal comments:

  4. The link above on Stefan Malyneux is incorrect (due to my problem with youtube). The correct one is titled ” The Untruth About President Trump: ‘Animals’ Scandal Edition” – hopefully this is the correct link:

  5. MSM no longer concerned over profit and loss. Cable TV has taken care of that. Further, the owners are well heeled and can take on the losses.

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