3 Books on Jerusalem–NY Times

May 16, 2018

3 Books on Jerusalem–NY Times

by Concepcion De Leon

On Monday, the United States Embassy was formally moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which prompted mass protests by tens of thousands of Palestinians along the border with Gaza. At least 60 Palestinians were killed and more than 2,700 were injured. These books contextualize the deep tensions between Israelis and Palestinians and explain the significance of Jerusalem, in particular — the status of which former American administrations had hoped would be resolved in a peace agreement.

Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917-2017
By Ian Black
606 pp. Atlantic Monthly Press. (2018)

Though there are many histories of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this is perhaps the most up-to-date, and our reviewer wrote that Black “has a gift for summary” and “synopsizes events in sharp, fast paragraphs filled with vivid detail.” He covers the major milestones in the decades-long conflict, including the Six-Day War of 1967 and the first and second Intifadas — Palestinian uprisings against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Black presents a balanced account, relating, for instance, that historically, some Israeli leaders have been empathetic to the Palestinian opposition or the ways in which Palestinian leaders have harmed their cause.


City of Mirrors
By Amos Elon
286 pp. Little, Brown & Company. (1989)

This is a biography of the city that, at the time of Elon’s writing, as well as today, was emblematic of the ongoing conflict. But, Elon writes, in the early days of the Jewish state, its founding fathers were disinterested in Jerusalem; Israel’s first president said, “I would not take the Old City [even] as a gift.” Elon presents Jerusalem as one “enmeshed in its own myth” and for which “there have always been simultaneously held conflicting images.” Despite Elon’s use of metaphor in describing the city, however, our reviewer wrote that he “never feigns indifference to the realities of today,” and realistically explores the effect that violence and cultural resentments have had on the daily lives of its residents.



Notes on a Vanishing Landscape
By Raja Shehadeh
240 pp. Scribner. (2008)

In this book, Shehadeh, a Palestinian lawyer and human rights activist, documents his walks in the West Bank. He structures the chapters around six hikes taken between 1978 and 2006, and captures how the conflict in the region has affected both the landscape and his ability to move freely through the land. During one outing with his 10-year-old nephew, the child picks up an unexploded missile; on another, he and his wife come under prolonged gunfire. Shehadeh won Britain’s Orwell Prize for this work.


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3 thoughts on “3 Books on Jerusalem–NY Times

  1. Yes, three mirrors of Jerusalem , but to know the most Supreme of all mirrors, one has to enquire from EDWARD SAID , only then would one understand the three sided facets of Jerusalem, the holy city of all the three major religions , of the THREE greatest & final Prophets : ; ie from Moses (pbuh) , to Jesus son of Mary (pbuh) ,and the final and eternal Message through Prophet Muhammad SAW….in the Koran .

  2. You guys/gals can read tomes of ‘stuff’ about the intricacies of the ‘Jerusalem Problem’ – but it can be actually be reducible to this: Religious bigotry on all sides.

    Modern Israel is a nation founded on Zionism, which received blessings from a ‘misguided’ (personal opinion) form of Christian theology called Dispensationalism which was systemized by a chap called William Darby in the 19th century.

    The Guilt of the WW2 Holocaust by the Westerners and the breakup of the Ottoman Caliphate, carved up the Levant and all of MENA. The Jews remain steadfast. The Arabs remain emotional and incoherent. The Iranians (like their Persian ancestors) remain belligerent. So what’s new?

    Israel remains the West’s modern version of Outremer, okay? And all the yodeling, cursing and suicide terrorism ain’t gonna change the status quo. Not with Israel’s nuclear arsenal aimed at Mecca-Medina and all Arab/Iranian capitals including Moscow.. C’mon let’s sue for Peace!

    Trump is a Dispensationalist Presbyterian (who lies, cheats and commits adultery), as most Evangelical, Pentecostal nondenominational Christians are. I’m not – so i believe in holistic, comprehensive negotiations to ‘settle’ the Israeli-Arab-Persian (er.., Iranian) impasse..

  3. PS – the most difficult of all the Obstacles , indeed is the lack of understanding the process of ( religious ) Evolution from stage to stage, which is CLEARLY laid down in the Final Message of the last Prophet in its Holy Book, is the main cause of the current turmoil , surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem …..due to (sorry) ‘IGNORANCE ‘ !

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