GE-14: Rafidah Aziz is elated and why not

May 11, 2018

GE-14: Rafidah Aziz is elated and why not

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To the young, please remember that we, of the older generation, are doing all these for you, and the generations after you. Please look after our beloved and blessed nation as best as you can. Please help to make this new chapter in our history, a truly glorious one, InsyaAllah.–Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Former MITI Minister


COMMENT | Syukur Alhamdulillah. Praise be to the Almighty for having answered our collective prayers and for having prevailed, to enable us to realise what we wanted to achieve. What seemed almost impossible has happened.

A new day has begun for our beloved Malaysia and Malaysians. A new chapter in our history has started to be written.It is exactly 4.15 am on this historic day, May 10, 2018.

I am too excited to sleep.I never imagined that I would live to see this day. The day the rakyat showed their wisdom in choosing a new government for the next five years, and registering so strongly, their disdain and rejection of corruption, poor governance and abuse of authority.

Power is with the rakyat, not the government. The government only serves the rakyat, and the stakeholders of the nation. Not to serve those managing the nation.

The multiracial rakyat of Malaysia has rejected the politics of divisiveness, parochialism, and xenophobia. They have placed a premium on unity and togetherness. They have given the contract to manage Malaysia for the next five years to a new party Pakatan Harapan.

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Helmed by our remarkable Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I am confident that there will begin the process of righting the wrongs, and putting the nation back on the right track in the context of development, social cohesion, focus on the young generation and all that is needed to bring back Malaysia to its glory days, and more, including to rebuild our tarnished image and dignity, and proudly take our rightful place in the world’s fraternity of nations.

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Najib Razak paid a heavy  price for taking us Malaysians for granted. His legacy is in tatters. The new government must talk less and act more. Focus on Deliverables. For that to happen, Pakatan Harapan must have a cohesive, honest, technocratic and competent Cabinet Ministers backed by new team of civil servants in all key ministries.–Din Merican


The world will be watching every step being taken, by the new government, and by us the rakyat. Let us continue to remain united, be proud to be Malaysians and be assets to Malaysia.

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To the young, please remember that we, of the older generation, are doing all these for you, and the generations after you. Please look after our beloved and blessed nation as best as you can. Please help to make this new chapter in our history, a truly glorious one, InsyaAllah.

Sejathera Malaysia, Tanah Air Kita, Rumah Kita Bersama.

Syukur to the Almighty for the success of Pakatan Harapan.

RAFIDAH AZIZ is the former International Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister.

7 thoughts on “GE-14: Rafidah Aziz is elated and why not

  1. Well said. YB Tan Sri Rafidah, you Din & Pakatan Rakyat are real hero’s. Hopefully your blog & Dr. Bakri Musa’s articles would not be censored anymore by authorities in Malaysia. Transparency & freedom of speech & writings should never be censored. Towards this end, Internal Security & Fake News Acts withdrawn, A new dawn has come & a united Malaysia can regain its tiger status again. I

  2. A corrupt leader is a liability to himself, his party and to the nation. That there was no groundswell of angst and anger (manifested) against Najib far much earlier was no surprise. Key institutions were subservient to him and people were afraid to openly voice out criticisms out of fear. Some of the key people in critical organs of the establishment sold themselves as functionaries of Najib to fulfill his agenda. These are the people that Mahathir intend to go after. But the big catch should be Najib himself.

  3. My only hope is that the people of Malaysia, (especially those who voted for HARAPAN), give the new HARAPAN government a good amount of time to solve the problems which brought the BARISAN government down.

    The HARAPAN government do not have magicians in it, (though it may seem like it for pulling out the winning rabbit) It won because it went against a coalition led by a rogue leader and any little national problems there were were magnified and multiplied. It was more a referendum on him, though the Mahathir factor, (portrayed as an artificial antithesis), proved a timely catalyst.

    So do not have too high an expectation, be patient, but ever watchful, because if otherwise, like in a real marriage the people may suffer a bad case of post-wedding blues.

  4. Rafidah is intelligent, articulate and well-versed in trade and economic matters. Perhaps Mahathir should make her a senator and co-opt her into the Cabinet as a trade minister. She should help train her deputy the trade craft required of her portfolio to enable him/her to take over during mid-term with she continuing to serve as a senator.

    Proven good ex-Ministers like her should be tapped in to groom and train minister aspirants.

    • Actually both Muhyi and Mukhriz have some experience in trade, the former as minister and the latter as deputy. Both were fortunate to have Kak Pidah’s ‘Charlies Angels’ (trained, thought and tough like her) to watch their back and prevent them from gaffes. Unfortunately, they have all retired ‘cuz they couldn’t to deal with quinoa, baby milk powder and other strange monopolies..

      Honestly, the Ministers themselves aren’t important – except for policy making. The Officers (especially senior ones at JUSA level) and lower ranking implementors are the one’s in the frontlines and trenches. They must be incorruptible, efficient, intelligent, well trained and able to think out of the box while on their feet.

  5. Congratulations…… any place for the Iron lady of Malaysia…..? the steadfast Tun should stand steadfast here… wishes….

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