GE-14: Tony Fernandes urges voters not to choose based on hearsay, but vote based on facts

May 7, 2018

Tony Fernandes is Right : “AirAsia is a Fact.” Vote based on Facts, he urges

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BN leader Najib Abdul Razak’s policies have been endorsed by AirAsia boss Tony Fernandez, who said that the Najib-administration “puts people first” and has helped his company to grow.

“I have always used to say to the government and the Prime Minister: Put people first then the decision becomes easy.”

“AirAsia has gone from two planes to 230 planes. From 200,000 passengers, this year we carried 89 million passengers. And I believe the prime minister puts people first and allowed AirAsia to grow despite opposition from all over the place.”

“I think the government and the Prime Minister put not Tony Fernandez, not AirAsia first, not other GLC, but put the country first and put what Malaysians would benefit the most (first),” he said in a video uploaded to the NegaraKru YouTube channel.

More Meritocracy

This channel has been uploading videos of personalities lauding Najib-administration policies, without overtly urging viewers to vote for BN.

Fernandez said the Najib-administration’s policies had helped AirAsia grow over the past 10 years. He then urged voters not to choose based on hearsay, but vote based on facts.

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“And AirAsia is a fact. We have grown from two planes to 230 planes. We have grown due to market-based policies through protectionism being brought down,” he said.

He said such policies will allow more companies to thrive, more jobs being created and more meritocracy. “That is the Malaysia I dream for,” he said.


12 thoughts on “GE-14: Tony Fernandes urges voters not to choose based on hearsay, but vote based on facts

  1. Mahathir gave Tony the break in 2001. DRB Hicom was the owner of the Old Air Asia. It is also true that Najib Razak also helped AirAsia. The rest is hard work and the right team with Tony as the leader and the marketing man with Aziz and Kamaruddin as his close associates. –Din Merican

    • Originally Air Asia was given to that Rejab feller who retired from the RIMV. Tony and Kamaruddin was roped in because the Rejab feller dont have the accounting savvy to rope in potential investors. I remember Kamaruddin going around asking for RM 500k investment to buy planes from several people.
      Tony felt obligated to Jibby because Jibby gave him the MAS Rural Air Services which he ran to the ground. The planes were flown till they can no longer fly and no maintenance done. The planes were returned to MAS and MAS had to refurbish the planes and take over the rural air services. AA never repaid MAS for the cost incurred.

      Then there was the case of airport tax collected from passengers which AA allegedly did not remit to DCA. AA policy of no refund include airport tax and these were kept by AA even though passengers did not fly. Nice way of getting free money. Oh well the rest is history.

      Wasn’t there an old saying “it takes a thief to recognize another thief” or something like that.

  2. Din y hit the nail on the head. Apple polishers like Tony & others r living in ivory towers with their wealth & having PR’s in greener pastures. They d’ont care for rakyat M’sia. Macam pagar makan padi. Hope PR wins or give present regime a bloody nose.

  3. To be fair to the PM, his transforming is happening – slowly but surely. His GST is a fair tax. He is making tough and unpopular decisions.

    Bear in mind, there is no quick fix to the huge problems facing the country started by TDM, which has yet to run its course.

    My vote goes to BN.

    • Sotong

      I am not sure if you listen to Hannah yeoh speech on how Tengku Adnan gazetted some lands in the name of building housing for the poor. The private company pocketed $100,000 profit just mere purchasing the land from government. Also, Taman Tun residents that were engineer, architects and other professional provided Tengku Adnan a solution for housing that ONLY requires RM15 Million?

      I guess you will still vote for BN even with this facts. Kudos to you.


    • Teck,

      Like President Xi whose presidency was extended for continuity to achieve their country’s long term goals, our PM needs at least another term to achieve his transformation programs.

      One example: English medium SK schools were doing well in the 70s until TDM changed it to Malay/Muslim SK schools…….some of these schools are turning into mosque.

  4. Tony you are endorsing a kleptocrat . That is your right to do so, but asking the rest of the citizens to do the same reflects what a thief you too must be, defunct of any moral values in endorsing a liar and a cheat . I am only sorry I have been using a the air lines of one who has no sense of right and wrong. We would review our policy of using your airline in the future for our corporate activities.

    A disgrace to humanity you are.

  5. What’s the matter with you haters?

    Democracy must allow freedom of association otherwise we descend into Ochlocracy – or Mobocracy – the tyranny of the mob majority.
    Just because TF has thrown his hat into Be_End’s corner doesn’t mean you blokes have the right to cast aspersions on his character or business practices.
    Same with our aging ‘premier’ badminton star – LCW.

    So “democracy” is only for Pakatoon howlers and no one else? Yeah, right..

  6. If human are rational than Trump would not have been elected and still supported by his based though he make racist comments in the name of making America great again. Thus, I am not surprise if Najib won.

  7. Correct correct correct. The facts are all there. Now please go and vote. In the interest of democracy all of us must accept the decision of the people. Get on with the job before our population more than doubles by the year 2050. I will not be around.

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