May 1, 2018


Diplomatically Speaking cover 13March2018

I am happy to announce that my book Diplomatically Speaking: Dispatches from the Best Democracy We Never Had is now available at local bookstores as well as directly from the publisher, Gerakbudaya at

Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, former cabinet minister:

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Dennis Ignatius was a civil servant and a top diplomat for many years. He is sharing his experience and wisdom with us through this book, which pulls together some of the powerful commentaries he has written on democracy, human rights, governance, foreign affairs, religious matters and other subjects. This is a timely book and an enjoyable read…. When a former civil servant speaks, it provides an impetus for others to come forward. Courage is infectious.

Dato’ Noor Farida Ariffin, G25:

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Since he started writing in July 2008, Malaysian readers have been eagerly looking forward to reading his weekly articles. Without a doubt, Dennis Ignatius has firmly established himself as the voice of conscience in our increasingly corrupt political milieu.

His astute observations and courageous and outspoken censure of those guilty of the injustices, corruption and abuses of power , the human rights violations and racial and religious intolerance, have won him legions of admirers and are welcome by civil society who are also engaged in combating the abovementioned malaise besetting our country.

Dr. K.J. John, Convenor of National Congress on Integrity And Chairman of Board of OHMSI:

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In matters of International Diplomacy; the biggest challenge is speaking up and out for the country you love and serve. Not only has Dennis Ignatius done this excellently for our nation-state; but, he has spoken up and about other truth matters of national interest; which fully transcend public space priorities! An excellent educational read! ~

S.Thayaparan, Commander (RTD) Royal Malaysian Navy:

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Mr. Ignatius dissects the Malaysian political landscape with a sceptical if emphatic gaze, borne of years of experience in the Malaysian Foreign Service. More than just a collection of essays, this book is a historical document by a professional whose clarity of purpose is evident from the very first chapter.

Available in book stores now or at Gerakbudaya:


One thought on “BOOK RELEASE: DIPLOMATICALLY SPEAKING by Dennis Ignatius

  1. God has given us two ears, two eyes and one instrument to express ourselves. We have to observe more see more and speak less. Congratulations dear colleague and keep well.

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