One thought on “Trump-Merkel Press Conference

  1. So … where’s the shock?? Any nonsense babble from Trump’s mouth nowadays is no longer shocking.

    The EU is almost in crisis mode with tariffs being threatened. Macron’s and Merkel’s trips were about damage limitation. Macron has a good personal relationship with Trump and Merkel has a bad relationship with him. And Merkel was prepared to work within the good-cop-bad-cop framework.

    Macron who came earlier to engage in a public love-fest with Trump that included hugging, kissing, over-the-top compliments, fancy parties, and grooming rituals, all conducted with such affection that one would not have been surprised to see the pair skipping through the rose garden hand-in-hand. All of this, of course, was Macron’s attempt to convince Trump, through flattery, not to do anything stupid when it comes to Iran, trade, the environment, and whatever else happens to pop into the US president’s head. Did it work? Well, no, not really. Macron himself told reporters that he didn’t think he’d changed Trump’s mind on the Iran deal (“I did my best”); that Trump’s policy reversal on climate change was “very insane”; and that he was unmoved on tariffs.

    Then came Merkel and Europe go to plan B. Merkel doesn’t particularly like Trump, and doesn’t really pretend to, either. With the memory fresh in her mind of her last visit to the White House, in which the man-child in chief refused to shake her hand during a photo op in the Oval Office that had come to be regarded as the pinnacle of their relationship, Merkel was harboring no illusions that she would receive anywhere near as warm a welcome as Macron.

    Merkel knows what a moron Trump is, and she is not hiding her despise of Trump. During their previous meeting, Trump asked Merkel ten times if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany. Every time she replied: “You can’t do a trade deal with Germany, only the EU.” On the 11th refusal, Trump finally got the message. Merkel knows very well that no relatively simple language in the world could yield any result to let any logical argument on trade sink into the simpleton Trump’s head.

    But for the Germans, trade is the lifeblood of the country. The stakes are, of course, extremely high for Germany. As a responsible leader, Merkel had to try to tell Trump that by putting tariffs on aluminium and steel, he is hurting his own industries. But no one is holding their breath that the founder of Trump University will grant Merkel what she’s looking for — a permanent exemption for Europe from the 25 percent steel and 10 percent aluminum tariffs — given his continued belief that trade wars are “good” and “easy to win,” and his stubborn refusal to comprehend that the road he’s going down will ultimately hurt the US.

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