Chris Patten- On Il Fares The Land by Tony Judt


Tony Judt’s thought-provoking polemic flies the flag for social democracy and might make people reassess their own beliefs, says Chris Patten.

One thought on “Chris Patten- On Il Fares The Land by Tony Judt

  1. Chris Patten @ “A point in president Obama’s favour is that he is the sort of politician who will read this book and be galvanised by it – as was this ex-politician – into thinking rather harder about his own beliefs.”

    Chris must have been affected by the pragmatic and socialistic Chinese during his time spent ruling HK.

    However, the world is undoubtedly becoming more populistic with nationalistic cries such as Trump’s “make America first” and Brexit’s “take back control” winning at the ballot boxes against huge odds.

    Although both France and Holland’s right-wing nationalist parties had near misses in their respective general elections, Hungary’s Viktor Oban recently proved that nationalism is alive and well in Europe with a crushing win for his right-wing coalition.

    Growing nationalism in Europe, coupled with Britain’s coming exit does not bode well for Europe’s political stability. The fact that Europe is the birthplace and cause of two World Wars makes it even more frightening.

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