As UMNO-Baru says, ‘Depa Aku Pantang'(DAP) dan Kami Takut Diri Sendiri

April 21, 2018

As UMNO-Baru says, ‘Depa Aku Pantang'(DAP) dan Kami Takut Diri Sendiri

by Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT | Do you fear flying? You shouldn’t. You have a greater chance of being flattened by a lori balak (timber lorry), or be run over by a bus Some people claim that the most dangerous part of flying is the journey to the airport; negotiating bumpy roads and dicey corners. Others claim that one should not fear flying, but crashing.

On some airlines, some people are afraid of sitting beside a passenger who removes his clothes to watch porn. Or be comforted inappropriately, by a steward. Or having to eat a miserable looking nasi lemak, with limp cucumber garnish.

These are rational fears, aren’t they? Do you recall when you were a child and your mother tried to get you back inside the house, at senja (dusk), to have dinner, a wash and then, to bed. Remember her clarion call? “Cepat masuk, takut hantu datang” (quickly come inside, before the ghosts appear).

These fears worked. Now, some of you also use the same ruse to make your children come into the house at dusk, because the trick is effective.

My relatives in the kampung, who lived in houses on stilts, used to have big earthenware urns filled with water, at the bottom of the stairs. Anyone who returned home late at night, used a cebok (water scoop) to wash one’s feet. Children who refused to follow orders were told that it was necessary, so that the hantu would not follow them into the house.

Naturally, parents used to say this so that children would not bring muddy feet into the house, but the “takut hantu” ploy worked. Human primitive instincts prevail, and for the past 61 years the same tactic has been used in politics.

Tried and tested methods are used

The bogeyman is not the unseen hantu but the very active and visible Democratic Action Party (DAP). UMNO-Baru strategists are not very creative. They use tried and tested methods, like the “Takut hantu” trick to scare Malay voters into thinking that the DAP will annihilate the Malay race and destroy Islam.

UMNO-Baru leaders use the tactics used by the best cults. They have an authoritarian leader who demands absolute commitment from his followers. They go through many rituals, just like religious worshippers. They don’t call it brainwashing. It is called party policies (dasar parti).

Cult followers are isolated from mainstream society. This tactic is also used by UMNO-Baru and PAS leaders. Malays are, in reality, isolated from other communities through religious indoctrination and education. Even our schools practise segregation. Malay students attend agama classes, but non-Malays have moral civic classes. The cult of UMNO-Baru does not want integration.

The Malay child’s indoctrination is reinforced at home and in society by JAKIM (Islamic Development Department Malaysia) and the various state religious authorities. The behaviour and dress of Malays girls are strictly controlled. Yoga or dancing the poca-poca are prohibited. Enlightening books are banned. Muftis will issue fatwas to mop up Malays who refuse to toe the line.

Then they wonder why many Malays, especially the women, find new-found mental, vocal and physical liberation when they go overseas to study. Perhaps, not in the Middle East, but certainly in the West.

The UMNO-Baru leaders, who claim that DAP is the enemy, are indirectly saying that they, and UMNO-Baru, have failed. After 61 years, UMNO-Baru’s language is still couched in talks of tribalism and tribal politics, despite Malaysians having moved beyond this.

Malays hold key positions in government, the GLCs and also very senior positions in educational establishments, the Armed Forces, the Police and diplomatic missions. Most scholarship holders are Malays. What has the Malay to be scared of? Maybe, their own shadows.

The population is composed of 69 percent Malays/bumiputeras, and 23 percent Chinese. The DAP and the Christians constitute only a small percentage of the populace.

One makcik from Kelantan said, “The conservative Malay states have serious problems with their youth who indulge in drugs, middle aged men who are involved in incestuous relationships or marry young brides, and then leave many single mothers with their children in the lurch.

“The East Coast states have the largest number of viewers of online pornography. More married middle-aged women are infected with HIV-AIDS, not because they are promiscuous, but because they have unprotected sex with their husbands, who are infected.”

The leaders who have abused the rakyat’s trust, and stolen taxpayer’s money, are Malay: The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal. The Arab prince’s RM2.6 billion “donation”. The Mindef (Ministry of Defence) land allegation. The sale of Felda land. The Mara scandal. The Felda, KWSP, KWAP, Petronas, Proton, MAS and Tabung Haji fund scandals.

Using the DAP to scare the Malays is a “takut hantu” tactic. The real ‘hantu‘ can be found among the Malay leadership.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a defender of the truth, the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army and president of the Perak Liberation Organisation (PLO). Blog, Twitter.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


3 thoughts on “As UMNO-Baru says, ‘Depa Aku Pantang'(DAP) dan Kami Takut Diri Sendiri

  1. Actually MM, DAP – like MCA before it, is their own worst enemy.
    Their arrogance/hubris has reached epic fails. Their socialist and egalitarian mantra is now befouled by hyper-capitalistic corruption, nepotism and elitism, aka, follow the leader – unquestioningly – even into a Tunnel that will never see the light of day. If they can accept Octo as Lieber Anfuhrer (Ger: Dear Leader), they can accept anything anteriorly or posteriorly..

    They are actually no threat to anyone else, only to the close-minded, chauvinistic Chinapek living a salaried and monoethnic existence – while their capitalistic bosses paradoxically suck up and grease the powers-that-be. The sad thing is that these typical ‘Chinese’ do so at their peril – by insisting that they are more ‘ethical and moral’ than the next guy.

    But all political parties need a bogeyman no matter how ridiculously impotent. Therefore DAP with it’s overloud yodeling and sometimes rude, ineffectual, premature ejaculations (like naming ministers before GE-14) – are a natural target, for the Master Corrupter.
    CLF and Orang Malaya,

    I used to think well of LGE, but since he became Penang’s CM I have changed my mind. Power and flattery made him an UMNO wannabee…ikut budaya UMNO…sudah jadi YAB Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, ma. Machiavelli is right. Hobbes too. Lord Acton is prescient.–Din Merican

  2. Not only LGE Din – although he takes the cake.
    He’s the Big Guy walking not only on water but on air. Except in his bungalow – which i’m sure, he’ll be acquitted due to some legal technicality. After all he did try to ‘share’ the Tunnel with some UMNOb bigwigs..?

    Except for a few, DAP-ticks are generally stubborn, filled with hubris, foul mouthed when cornered, behave like gangsters (or are) and promoted by genetic fiat – The Lims, the Singhs’, Pattos’, Kerks’ and what not. They instantly become legalistic when criticized. Teoh Boon Hock seems to be a distant memory cuz they’ve got a foul mouth comedian like ‘Superman’ Hew and professional disease called Nga?

    I used to think that the generation of MCA-hicks before and during Chua S.L. time were asses and dregs of society. I was wrong. These DAP-ticks beat them at their own game.
    CLF, an amusing and entertaining commentary. I couldn’t stop being amused at how these guys have become full of themselves. One of the guys was Jeff Ooi who has been removed from the list for GE-14. –Din Merican

  3. Good one , Mariam Mokhtar , depa takut diri sendiri , takut bayang2 sendiri – nay, suffering from acute feelings of Inferiority complex Syndrome……is it it DAP or BN ? –

    On reflection , looks like DAP is silent, like deep waters running deep , because they keep their cool ……they keep on plodding….. – yes, plodding silently….. –

    As the saying goes, Empty vessel makes the most noise …..the brave dies only but once….?

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