Najib’s slow death on Myanmar Times

February 21, 2018

Najib’s slow death

Living under the tawdry and sinking regime of Prime Minister Najib Razak must seem to Malaysians like death by treacle.

They are drowning in a gluey black sea of venality the likes of which has not been seen in this region since the days of President Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

The mounting litany of shameful episodes that have riven that nation all appear to be traceable to the hapless PM, who is also the head of the dominant political party, the United Malays National Organisation.

Things are so bad that last week the UMNO-owned newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, carried an outrageous editorial that tried to exonerate Najib and shift the blame elsewhere. It failed, of course, because it was arguing against facts that indicate to all Malaysians that Najib is steadily sinking into the treacly pit of corruption and maladministration into which he has plunged his country.

If you think this is over the top, just consider a few of the more damning indictments against the PM and his band of gangsters, cheats and philanderers.

First, there are the missing billions of taxpayers’ money. It is hard to truly comprehend the full magnitude of this gigantic, nepotistic malfeasance, and even the illustrious New York Times took three pages to try to do it.

Suffice to say that Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, the offspring of the PM’s second wife Rosmah, is the man apparently responsible for most of the woes brought about by this debacle – otherwise known as 1MDB.

The initials stand for 1Malaysia Development Berhad, a sovereign wealth fund that has lost billions due to corruption and mismanagement, and is still weighed down by massive nonperforming loans.

The fund appears to be almost entirely controlled by Najib, Aziz and a flamboyant Penang Chinese conman called Jho Low – no relation to Jennifer Lopez, though he mixes with Paris Hilton and other Hollywood starlets.

Image result for Najib Razak is a LIar


Why and how? There is no clear answer, except to recall that Najib is under the sway of Rosmah Mansor, a shopaholic wrecking ball, who shrugs off ridicule and ignores how her actions thwart her husband’s premiership.

In truth, the personal damage to Najib is piffling compared to the disastrous effect the huge 1MDB losses are having on the already fragile Malaysian economy.

An opposition MP has called the fund fiasco “the mother of the mother of the mother of all scandals in the history of Malaysia”. He may be right. Certainly, there are already worries that if and when 1MDB collapses, the nation’s financial system may take a hit that will dwarf the effect of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.

And bear in mind that Malaysia’s resource-dependent economy is already in trouble due to the depressed price of its key exports, petroleum oil and palm oil.

Last month, Najib announced US$1.5 billion in spending cuts and said Malaysia’s economic growth would fall from 6 percent to between 4.5pc and 5.5pc this year.The economic woes have been compounded by diminishing political support at home.

In the last general election two years ago, Najib vowed to reverse the drop in votes that his UMNO-led coalition had witnessed under his predecessor, PM Abdullah Badawi.

It did not happen. His government ceded even more seats and lost four state assemblies and the overall popular vote to the opposition People’s Alliance, led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Since that chastening experience, Najib has clung onto the UMNO leadership by appeasing his key support base, the nation’s Malay-Muslim majority, and marginalising the minority Chinese and Indian communities.

This shocking move was his only option, or else he would have faced the same fate as Abdullah, who was elbowed out after his election failure by UMNO party men.

Concurrently, Najib has reversed his promise to dump the colonial-era Sedition Act, and instead applied it with increasing frequency against oppositionists, lawyers, journalists and academics.

Most recently, Anwar has been jailed for five years after a dubious sodomy conviction, while one of the nation’s popular cartoonists has been detained for drawing caricatures that lampoon the farcical Anwar trial.

Not only do these actions signal a premier running scared – as would be expected after the 1MDB catastrophe and his election setback – but they are grotesquely hypocritical.

Tarring Anwar with sodomy conveniently distracts attention from the fact that Najib, a notorious philanderer in his early days like most UMNO leaders, may be complicit in the murder of a Mongolian model.

The demise of this woman, the lover of the PM’s closest adviser and many Malaysians suspect also Najib’s mistress, is under investigation due to a $155 million kickback in an intertwined submarine deal negotiated when Najib was defence minister.

All of this led Utusan to issue its absurd editorial that – wait for it – blamed America for the country’s woes. It even accused Washington, which has criticised Anwar’s jailing, of copying the opposition leader’s behaviour.

According to Utusan, “The US wants to ‘sodomise’ our legal and judicial system, even though the majority of Malaysians agree with the court’s decision.” Well, that is a moot point. Certainly the voting pattern suggests most Malaysians would happily accept Anwar as their next PM.


22 thoughts on “Najib’s slow death on Myanmar Times

  1. UMNO is a MALAY organisation and the Malays accept corruption as part of their culture. How else would you explain all the regulatory and public institutions headed and controlled by Malays and they are protecting Najib to the hilt. Even the Royalty the Sultans who are Malays are shielding him. It must be a Malay cultural thing to see or hear no evil by their leader.

    • Dear Mr. Chelliah, please be aware that slowly but surely the current regime being elitist is disenfranchazing our Malaysian Malays by first making them dependent on their economic clutches (dedak?) and them reduce them to poverty while having a huge migrant workforce to retard the countries’ progress to a high technology society. The elitists are the rent seekers and parasites.

    • Thanks for the remainder DR. PKL. But this is a sad story because the Suharto plunder didn’t go back to the people but became a heirloom.

  2. Recycling a 3-year old article?
    Yes. My friend Roger Mitton wrote it for Myanmar Times. I bet you forgot what was written. The issue has not gone away and the fella is still in power. At least Aung San Suu Syi is not a thief. People in Myanmar know the Malaysian PM is utterly corrupt.

    • It is still relevant as the corruption, Kleptocracy, huge unbearable leakages is still prevalent. MO1 Fiddles while Malaysia burns.

    • Please look at the latest photographs showing the devastation of the Rohingya villages and land in Myanmar and the accompanying commentary in the Guardian newspaper. Please then
      consider whether you feel you should still qualify Aung San Suu Kyi with “At least Aung San Suu Syi is not a thief”, given that at “best”she has turned a blind eye to slaughter. Identified as a consummate thief in many countries ” at least Najib Razak is not implicated in ethnic cleansing “

    • The Palestinian problem had been festering since 1948. Does it not qualify as ethnic cleansing at worst or human rights violations at best. The Myanmar Government had proposed a resettlement of the refugees but the belligerant nations have taken it upon themselves to prolong the suffering of the Rohinjas in order to gain from the publicity. The world had played up the plight of Kosova in the Bosnian conflict, but what support have they provided for an independent Kosova?

  3. Just wanted to suggest the illness that plagues the nation is not 1PM, but more sinister structural issue of having two classes of people with one being groomed to be feudal lord. PH didn’t provide a solution. DAP within Harapan is not much better than MCA within BN, with the further downside of being an easy target to be blamed. Welayu would continue. Whoever read this comment and refuse to look deeper into what was written in Reid Commission and Cobbald Commission would have himself/herself to blame for the nation’s ill.

    • I would like to suggest to Katasayang that the Malaysian situation is basically a class conflict being played into a religio-race conflict. In a feudal society there is Lord and Serf relationship. A nation cannot have more that 50% of the population as feudal lords.

    • @Jeffrey Thanks. Yes, Malaysia cannot sustain itself with the elite Melayu thinking that they could milk the dwindling ‘pendatang’ to pay for the votes of other 60% patronising Melayu ‘halus’ who think they are entitled for something without doing their fair share of work. It is not sustainable. Welayu. It is up to you to fight for a Malaysia that was spelled out in Cobbald and Reid Commission. From what I can read from unofficial documents of the two Commission, Malaysia is not supposed to be built as such ‘feudal’ society. I have done my part to share of what I have read. Now, for those who have read this, and doesn’t want to do anything. We can do this. Welayu.
      P.S. Since I am not a Marxist, though I am a Bernie Sander supporter, I don’t think it is about class struggle.

  4. Never in the history of Malaysia’s politics that have had such political leadership known to most countries of corrupted leaders that is still going on for the next general election with full support from the government institutions. Does it look queer that Malaysians still supporting this kind of mentality hopefully to continue such draconian leadership after the election? It simplifies that paid supporters are behind as cash king does the whole process where the whole country will collapse with such continuity of such leadership.

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  6. Most Malay/Muslim politicians are only obsessed with power to LORD over everyone.

    With the country a mess from decades of bad and corrupt political leadership and gross mismanagement, whoever is PM from BN or PH is not going to make any difference.

    • The difference is whether the downhill slide is going to be arrested or it is going to the abyss. Granted the hole is big but if we keep digging the hole instead of start trying to fill it when and where it will begin?

    • “Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”

      We should all just keep on fighting (non-violently) for change. Defeatism and cynicism are counter-productive.

      My prediction is that 1Malaysia regime will lose control of a few more states and more MP and ADUN seats in GE14. The war is whether this will be enough to dethrone them at the federal level, with blatant gerrymandering going on.

    • Dear PKL, Gerrymendering and fixed deposits has its limited as the groundswell can overwhelm but outright ballot box stuffing and early voting are the instruments of political cheating together with fake ICs.

  7. Quote:- “Most Malay/Muslim politicians are only obsessed with power to LORD over everyone”

    In a way we have the British colonial masters to “thank” for this.

    When they, the British, were here, they could “lord over” everyone because they were colonial masters answerable only to the British Crown and to no Malayan which included even the Sultans.

    When the British left, this tradition of having a reigning mentality or a master class complex got carried forward when independence was obtained and transplanted into a new master class, the politicians, (of all races), including even the civil servants who actually expected and still expect the public to “serve” them.

    We can, I suppose, call this “Neo-Feudalism”?

    Not true? Well, have you noticed that as soon as any politician got elected, or came to some instant riches, the first thing he got was a Western suit made and conspicuously worn, (although sans the necktie, perhaps due to difficulty in tying the knot?), just in case he needed to face the TV cameras.

    • We are re-enacting the Algerian experiience as written by Dr. Franz Fanon in the “Wretch of the Earth” and “Black face White Mask”

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