Pakatan Harapan has Problems But Can Still Win GE14,says Saifuddin

January 29, 2018

Pakatan Harapan has Problems But Can Still Win GE14,says Saifuddin

Hence, it is difficult but by the same token, there are indications that Pakatan may fare well, perhaps enough to invoke a “hung” parliament status after the election despite the proposition of multi-cornered fights, he added.

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If he is not optimistic, who else in PKR is–A coalition which is disarray cannot govern.

(The Sun Daily) – A senior PKR leader has admitted that differences have surfaced within the Pakatan Harapan alliance but it will not affect the performance of the opposition in the next general election.

“It has not reached a level where the opposition is in total disarray. We and our supporters know who the enemy is and it is not us,” said PKR Secretary-General Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

“If there are conflicts, the alliance has come to manage it in isolation as this is a healthy process in a democracy,” he espoused. The preparations to face the overwhelming might of Barisan Nasional (BN) remains on course, Saifuddin said in an interview.

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Citing incidents in Penang which involved Penanti assemblywoman Dr Norlela Ariffin and Kebun Bunga assemblyman Cheah Kah Peng with the DAP-led state government, Saifuddin said that the disputes are isolated cases of dispute and he is confident that it can be resolved.

With elections hotly speculated to be held within the next eight weeks, Saifuddin, who is also the strategic adviser to Lim, said that the counter-attacks invoked by BN, allegedly using the might of the government machinery was expected.

It happened in 1999, 2008 and 2013 – so voters are fairly attuned to such tactics to use the enforcement side of the government to rattle the opposition.

“It happened to our leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in 1999. We expect a few fence sitters to be swayed by such tactics but not in numbers that will trouble us.”

Image result for Najib Razak and Barisan NasionalWith the political opposition in disarray, Barisan Nasional is poised to win GE-14.

Pakatan is also unaffected by the range of feel-good media reports surfacing, from the confidence of BN in regaining its two-thirds majority to the fact the economy is picking up.

Although the opposition may not have floundered under attacks by their rivals, Saifuddin admitted that Pakatan remained the undisputed underdog due to the overwhelming advantages that BN holds in the country.

For starters, BN is the second longest political entity to consecutively govern any country after one in Mexico, he said, adding that the country’s core cultural values and demographic status originated from BN’s leadership.

Hence, it is difficult but by the same token, there are indications that Pakatan may fare well, perhaps enough to invoke a “hung” parliament status after the election despite the proposition of multi-cornered fights, he added.

Malaysia has 222 parliamentary seats of which BN has 132, Pakatan 72, P AS has 13 while Sabah’s Warisan has two besides three Independents.To be a force and to hold BN accountable, Saifuddin said that the voters must buy into their moral compass to differentiate between right and wrong rather than lean on their comfort zones of race, religion or status quo.

5 thoughts on “Pakatan Harapan has Problems But Can Still Win GE14,says Saifuddin

  1. Pakatan Harapan should roll out its manifesto and concentrate on the bread and butter issues that are plaguing the majority of Malaysian and with which they can relate.

  2. There is a very good chance for PH to win GE14th.Since Mahathir came on board,the leadership vacuum in the opposition suddenly vanished into thin air.But the PH have to be very careful about the mosquito party called PKR.We all know that mosquitoes can be a pain in the ass.And that is what PKR is.A pain in the ass.

  3. Yes , ”Hung” parliament ,
    as first indicated here (see below) comment in Din’s blog 3 weeks ago on January 9, 2018 at 4:34 pm .

    ”I wish there will be a hung parliament when 14 Ge results are announced.

    It is because candidates of quality that got elected matter most than parties.
    It can become a rallying center point for attracting these elected candidates of quality to leave their parties to form a new party to start on a “clean slate” where Accountability, Competency, Good Governance and Transparency are practiced and become the mainstay exemplary System Policy for them and for whoever that follows runs the country—a clean break away from rogue culture of MACCP which had been the deadly ruins of the country, Malaysia, we all want to save.”

    In addition, it will wake up the political leaders (most of them are already multi-millionaires or billionaires) of the divide that they can become powerless, if they continue to pursue perpetual power and wealth for themselves and cronies, instead of serving the interests, the needs and aspiration of the people and country. As a result leaving the voters with Little or NO creditable choice to choose in the coming 14 GE .

    With Najib and Umnob/Bn;
    and Mahathir and PPBM,

    ” Either way ” , the losers are the ordinary people of Malaysia, East and West.

    ”Old wine,old bottle”
    ”New wine, old bottle”

    it is
    ” Got Logo, No Ubah ! “

  4. #UNDI Rosak.What is #UNDI Rosak?#UNDI Rosak is casting one’s vote for a third party nameless invisible candidate.

    Only fools like the US presidential election voters who cast their votes for third party candidates and #UNDI Rosak ballots have torpedoed horndog Donald to be the POTUS.

    Malaysians want to follow the “very smart American voters”?And have the ruling Umno/BN gomen in power for the next 100 years?Go figure.

  5. PKR and even DAP is sugar coating the challenge they face because they tiger they rode on in previous election Nik Aziz’s PAS has become Hadi’s PAS and threw them off and now sits on the other side. They have no choice but to get on another tiger which is Mahathir’s Bersatu. Their real assurance is that like Hadi’s PAS is the “tongkat” of Najib’s UMNO, Mahathir-Muhiyiddin’s Bersatu stands on Amanah’s generosity.

    But they are still sugar coating them. DAP for example keep talking about percentage of Malay vote swing from GE-13. Its in accurate because they have taken a step back. Whatever vote swing they need from GE-13, they need to add more for Hadi’s PAS retaining at least some vote which currently sits anywhere from 10%-15%. If Hadi’s PAS vote cannot be reduced down to single digit, Pakatan has no chance.

    Truth is the amount of vote swing that Mahathir’s Bersatu gets depends on Hadi’s PAS marginal use to Najib’s UMNO. The swing first is slow, then increase as Hadi’s PAS gets more irrelevant. At a pivot point when Hadi’s PAS is close to irrelevant, than Mahathir will CRUSH Najib’s UMNO.

    But that point, gets really hard as it gets closer because Mahathir has a poor track record in Kelantan and other PAS heartland. BUT Amanah interest is being neglected. Their fight, although their vote is smaller, IS THE TOUGHEST FIGHT. The real switch to all that is possible.

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