Tribute to South Africa’s Greatest Jazz Man –Hugh Masekela

January 24, 2018

Tribute to South Africa’s Greatest Jazz Man–Hugh Masekela

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Hugh is South Africa’s greatest jazz man and I am one of his jazz fans. RIP, Hugh Masekela. I remember you for your prodigious talent, music, and humility. –Din Merican


3 thoughts on “Tribute to South Africa’s Greatest Jazz Man –Hugh Masekela

  1. Hugh is a month older than me. He was born in April, 1939 and I a month later in May. The passing of this great jazz musician from South Africa reminds me of my own mortality. –Din Merican

  2. Mortality? Every morning you wake up, just know you are still here. Be grateful for All – the good, so-sos and the bad, the joy, the hurt and the pain. And realize that, all creatures with a heart, will croak once it has contracted 2 billion times..

    If you don’t wake up, what does it matter?

    Too much Jazz (literal or otherwise) causes the heart rate to speed up. So as your friend here’s something to slow it down:

    So, remember to take your complement of prescribed pills – no matter how insignificant in size but stupendously expensive they are..
    Thanks, CLF, my wise, generous and eloquent brother. You make my day by playing Neil Diamond’s song. Neil has been diagnosed with dementia. So let us make us of our time well and
    hope for the best-Din Merican

  3. You’re welcome, my friend.
    My apologies for not being able to meet with you in PP. A new generational addition to the family and all that. Have to do due diligence ya..

    Here’s a tribute to you and all of us, who realize that we can’t even understand the ‘essence’ of a blade of grass, much less figure out the hearts of Man, even our own:

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