Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak belongs in Jail: Mahathir’s Mission

November 1, 2017

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak belongs in Jail–Mahathir’s Mission

by The Malaysian Insight

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PAKATAN HARAPAN today announced its pledge to clean Malaysia from corruption as part of its manifesto for the coming general election.

PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad said during the first 100 days of PH in power, it would:

1. Arrest Malaysia Official1(MO1) and other “sharks”.

2. Set up a royal commission inquiry to investigate the misappropriate of funds in 1MDB and Felda,

3. Set up an independent body to return the asset and people’s money stolen and misappropriate through corruption,

4. To make MACC an independent body that reports direct to Parliament.

5. To eliminate direct negotiations for government contracts.

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Also present at the press conference were other leaders such as PH president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Armada youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, DAP leaders Teresa Kok and Liew Chin Tong among others.

The pledge to fight corruption is not as new as PH has repeated it during its many roadshows across the country.

The latest was at the Love Malaysia, End Kleptocracy rally in Petaling Jaya on October 14. – October 31, 2017.–The Malaysian Insight


18 thoughts on “Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak belongs in Jail: Mahathir’s Mission

    • Original UMNO – moderate Malay nationalist political party

      UMNO Baru (Mahathir version) – right-wing Malay nationalist, developmentalist political party

      UMNO Baru (MO1 version) – Uncle Mohd Najib’s Organisation, a personal vehicle to hold on to political power and “enjoy all the fruits” of political power. Dedak-ism is the main way to maintain political “support”.

  1. Why only send Mo1 To jail, why not all current and former UMNO Ministers and MB including the longest seving PM? Wipe the slate clean and begin with new personalities one without excess baggage.

  2. Has any leader in the world succeeded in wiping our corruption especially when leaders who are trustees of TRUST FUNDS which include Public [Political Leaders/Civil Service]-Corporate [Directors/Sr. Mgt]-Religious [People of the Almighty]-Charities [Respected Society Leaders]-NGOs [Elected though in most cases may be self-appointed] and so on?

    On the other hand whenever leaderships have announced measures to combat corruption the perception appears to be INCREASES IN QUANTUMS and involvement of HIGHER LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALS/CREAM OF SOCIETY.

    It may be observed that while there may be losses to the majority there could be ‘creation’ of new billionaires which is another indication of a high income society.

  3. “…begin with new personalities one without excess baggage”

    Such people / politicians, if they exist, are age 28 and below.

    You want a 28 year old PM with a cabinet of school leavers?

    We just have to make do with what we have for the moment, solve our immediate problems and then, having hopefully learned our lessons, elect a new “slate” in subsequent elections, hopefully.

    You cannot solve a 60+ year old problem in 5 years.

    Singapore, with exceptional leadership, took 2+ generations to be what it is today. We want to do it in 5 years with………………….

    • You mean Malaysia with a population of 30 million will have difficulty in finding a dozen clean politicians above age 40?

  4. Umno is corrupt to the core. No amount of revamping and soul-searching will undo the wrongs the party has wrought upon the rakyat. The only way out is for all those associated with the party to be incarcerated for good.

    The rakyat are tried of these sickos whose only mission in life is to steal, rob and siphon-off the nation’s wealth with impunity. Do they have any remorse? None. Maruah? None. Conscious? None. Respect? None. Fear? None.

    You and I don’t matter to them.

    Btw Ipoh is abuzz with news about our great MB buying himself a laureatte (award) using Perakeans’ money. He’s no better than the baddie “datuk seri” who bashed up three Rela personnel just because he was rebukked for parking his SUV in front of a temple.

    How to respect bimbos like him, and they are all from the same “acuan” (mold) – Umno. Now Pas is trying to up the ante by being their chorus aka water boys. It’s so sickening.

  5. Quote:- “…difficulty in finding a dozen clean politicians above age 40?”

    OK, name us a dozen, (+ 1 PM), above age 40 as a starter to form a “clean” Cabinet, (though you probably need at least 15 – 17 members), and in the following proportion as that is what will be acceptable to the 18 million Malays:-

    Malay PM === 1
    Malays === 5
    Chinese === 2
    Indian === 2
    Sabah === 1
    Sarawak === 1
    Others === 1

    • I am too far removed from the Malaysian political parties to know individuals who meet the criteria so I would refrain from naming any.

  6. Quote:- “You mean Malaysia with a population of 30 million will have difficulty in finding a dozen clean politicians above age 40?”

    As of Wednesday, November 1, 2017, the population of the USA is 325,234,242, and they have a Donald Trump as president.

    • so whats the connection here? As you are probably aware Drumpf didnt win the popular vote but became President because of the Electoral College.

    • It may be difficult in any country including those with population of over a billion to
      find clean politicians above age 40 but now the only ones clean may be those who are infants as even other young may soon become dishonest after starting their school life and observe that BEING HONEST MAY NOT BE THE BEST POLICY.

  7. “Tun yang patut masuk jail dulu kerana lesapkan 32 bilion duit BNM dulu.”

    (Alahai. Yelah when TP Siti Hasmah Ali was emblazoned with opulent goods and shopping overseas like nobody’s business…wink, wink). How much you hate this guy…during his tenure as PM, my well being was pretty decent !

  8. /// Orang malaya November 1, 2017 at 7:01 pm
    You mean Malaysia with a population of 30 million will have difficulty in finding a dozen clean politicians above age 40? ///

    Righto. That’s due to the fact Malaysian politicians (um… no offence if one party is more dirty than others) launder money instead of laundering themselves.

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