The Great Annare (MIC) Hoax

October 31, 2017

The Great Annare (MIC) Hoax

When you are a race-based party ostensibly there to protect the interests of your community, but your community is not the people who voted you into office, there is really no incentive for you to look after the interests of your community beyond making superficial noises about Tamil schools and funding budding entrepreneurs.” –S. Thayaparan.



Image result for The Poor Malaysian Indian in Kuala Lumpur

Does MIC care about the plight of the Indian Poor?

COMMENT | I have no idea if the Indian vote will make a difference in 60 electoral constituencies but I do know that voting for the Barisan National establishment in this election will seal the fate of the Indian marginalised poor and further class divisions within the diverse Indian community.

As someone who believes the less you need big government, the stronger you are, the disenfranchised of the Indian community which is the voting base of MIC, is the perfect example of what is wrong with the way the Umno establishment has done business all these years.

There is a robust dialectic in the Indian community which goes unnoticed in the Sino-Malay discourse that dominates the alternative press. Establishment Indian political operatives and their supporters have this strange defence as to why the disenfranchised in the Indian community remain marginalised.

Their excuse is that “rich Indians” unlike their Chinese counterparts are not doing enough for the community. While this may be true, this still does not explain why the Indian community should carry on voting for the establishment when MIC is supposed to be looking after the “interests” of the community.


Elites always take care of themselves first, only crumbs for the downtrodden. Expect Samy Velu and his successors in MIC to be any different from UMNO and MCA?

Furthermore, this idea that “rich Indians” are not doing enough is ludicrous because MIC is riddled with plutocrats who are the beneficiaries of a corrupt system that nurtures a feudalistic mindset. In other words, if the rich Indians in MIC cared about their community as the Chinese plutocrats in MCA do, there would be a very different dialectic going on now in the Indian community.

Meanwhile UMNO folk tell me, that whenever funds are dispersed to the Indian community, leakages prevent them from going to where it is needed most. This, of course, is rather disingenuous because everyone knows that there are “leakages”; and funds  are disbursed to ensure that votes would be bought and not that genuine progress is initiated for the disenfranchised of the Indian community.

I, of course, am the last person to talk about the Indian community. I see no reason why the interests of the Indian community should be defined by the Tamil school issue or the building of new temples. Indeed, I view all these language schools anathema to any kind of cohesive nation building but because our public schools is a hotbed of Islamic preoccupations and “ketuanan politics”, the only way young people are assured of any education not politicised by religion and racial superiority are in these kinds of schools.

Beyond that, MIC has a dismal record of holding the line when it comes to religious extremism. Have you noticed that the most disenfranchised of the Indian community – women – have been on the receiving end of Islamic extremism be it forced conversions or their children stolen from them and MIC has done nothing for them.

Indeed the only “Indian” community that has accumulated political and financial power is the Indian Muslim community–the mamaks–who should actually be part of the greater Indian community but instead is an associate member of UMNO. So that is where all the “rich Indians” went.

I mean, take this issue of stateless Indians. I have heard MIC people blame the Indian parents for not registering their newborns. Yes, blame mostly uneducated people for not understanding government bureaucracy. Is it not the job of MIC to ensure that their voting base remains healthy and vibrant? Instead, when opposition politicians bring up this issue – my sincere gratitude to those who specifically put the time and effort into handling these cases – there is this big rush to demonstrate that MIC is earning its keep.

We cannot even talk about the crime statistics, deaths in custody and the shoot first policy as advocated by the Deputy Prime Minister because victims of suspected gangsters are mostly “Malays”, because all this means confronting the issues of religious and racial supremacy and MIC has never been able to criticise the UMNO state because they know, we know and definitely the UMNO state knows, that MIC is part of the problem.

Moreover, let us be truthful especially when it comes to the nexus of crime and political power. While some folks in UMNO may praise their Tiga Line hoodlums as the last line of defence for Malay privileges and religious superiority, MIC has nurtured an overt thug culture which has seen journalists attacked and political meetings turn into freak shows.



The Tamil Malar incident is a prime example of the relationship between the MIC and UMNO. As I said then, “This merely means that people would go, “well, there is that MIC gangster culture, what do you expect” narrative and the Malay ruling elite would just think it is the price of making a display of Indian representation in the ruling coalition. I am down with that too, but it just goes to show how full of horse manure the Ministry of Youth and Sports really is.”

I can understand why MIC has been extremely ineffective in many issues. The Indian community does not have a large voting base because it is not a sizable demographic. Just like Indian politicians who cannot solely rely on their own community to vote them to power, MIC has to rely on UMNO to literally keep them in power. That always comes at the cost of communal sovereignty and independence.

When you are a race-based party ostensibly there to protect the interests of your community, but your community is not the people who voted you into office, there is really no incentive for you to look after the interests of your community beyond making superficial noises about Tamil schools and funding budding entrepreneurs.

No matter how you self-identify in the Indian community, I hope people understand that as the smallest minority, we would be the first to suffer under the assault of Islamic extremism and racial supremacy. Rejecting the establishment and their proxies is the only way to slow the tide of racial and religious extremism.

S. THAYAPARAN is Commander (Rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

20 thoughts on “The Great Annare (MIC) Hoax

  1. Orang Malaya, Tok Cik, CLF, what advice can you guys give the Indian elites? My advice to them is : stop licking UMNO and fight for your own people. Maybe, they should learn from the Indians of Singapore. –Din Merican

  2. The President of Singapore identifies herself as a Singaporean, the Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore identifies as a Singaporean, the students overseas identifiy themselves as Singaporeans, the businessman oversea identify as Singaporeans . Can we have a Malaysian Malaysia and stand as one nation free to practise its diversity without infringing on the freedom of others?

  3. “..what advice can you guys give the Indian elites?”

    1. Be a better driver. Don’t be a road hog, tailgate, don’t DUI or park as if the road is your grandfathers, give signal when turning, look behind when reversing and keep to your lane. Don’t copy the Chinapek Towkays who love their ugly Toyota Alphards or Vellfire – just continue with your Bentley, Jaguars, Mercs and BMWs. Harder to maintain, but style ada..
    2. Be gentle, polite and humble to the Ah Pek wearing a singlet and shorts or the Pak Cik wearing a sarong and a t-shirt. You really don’t know who they are. Sometimes they can put you in jail just for fun, regardless who your father is.
    3. Don’t curse in Tamil, cuz all races learn the foul words first.
    4. Don’t pretend to be a doctor, lawyer, PhD etc when you are not. Just say you are a politician with nothing else better to do.
    5. Minimum words with some geling kepala are more effective than a thousand words made with clenched fists and snarling lips.
    6. Do not sue without proper cause or become overly legalistic. There are hit men a dime a dozen – with a majority of them having same ethnicity as you.
    7. You are behind the curve in kleptocracy. Learn from your feudal Lord and Mahaguru UMNOb. Unless if you insist on factoring in the Maika scam which makes your most ambassadorial leader look semi-valued.
    8. You have about the same capacity in Kakistocracy though. Kipidap!

    Here’s a Russian dancer:

  4. Can the government put in a just affirmative action programne for the marginalised Indians when the ketuanan moral justice norms do not support it?

    Will the highly hierarchical and affluent Chinese dominated private sector extend help to initiate upward social mobility for communities they once regarded as “cheap labour”?

    What is needed is an honest assesment of the social exclusion and economic exploitation of the Indians on which other mainstream communities in Malaysia have built their economic success upon.

    Only way forward is that , there needs to be a radical mindset change on the part of the government and the private sector to genuinely want to help this community. That is a start.

  5. MIC under Sambanthan and Manikavasagam were considered equal in the Alliance party and looked out for the interest of the Indians. Things changed under Semi Value and suddenly the leaders were seeking opportunities for themselves and their families instead of the Indians in general. MIC became a Dedak eater party and many projects for the Indian community were hijacked e.g. Maika which enrich Semi Value family.
    Meantime the Indians in the estates continue to live in poverty. The same goes for those Indians in the big cities and towns who were mostly in Division 3 and IMG groups and were housed in sub standard government quarters. I witnessed this in the 60’s and 70’s in KL where the quarters were in Brickfields, Bangsar, Cheras JKR workshop area. Families of five or six lived in a one bedroom government quarters and now without affordable housing these families are living in squatter areas, far away from schools and lacking in basic necessities such as running water and electricity. Most of the kids became dropouts and many ended in gangs. Yet MIC leaders cant see all these and are more worried about their positions in MIC and being nominated to stand for elections. As usual these leaders will only start to visit the Indian communities come election time with goodies. Time for MIC to elect leaders from the estates and IMG groups and dump the elites.

  6. In today’s America, my President’s Chief of Staff still wanted to shed light on how honorable Robert E Lee was in his fight to defend the honor of his slave owning state. Fortunately, there are still many who disagree in US, as highlighted in this editorial piece.

    Unfortunately, that does not seem to be case in Malaysia. Hindraf seems to be only movement to defend the Tamil’s rights.

    Let’s be frank, many of the Tamil Indians were ‘Kuli’. I grew up with my dad telling me if I don’t study hard, I would become a ‘kuli’. If Malaysia were indeed a nation for all, there would be no reason for MIC, nor Hindraf to exist. Yet, it still does. It needs to exist because there is serious issues that need to be addressed.

    Call me bias, if I were a Tamil Malaysian, (not Indian Mamak), I would fight for the right for emancipation. I am speaking as a Cinapek who thought respect for Civil Rights is something which make a nation worth defending for. Else, what is the point of being Malaysia. Welayu.

  7. Why just target Indian elites ? Chinese elites also support UMNO. The vast majority of the peninsular Malay vote goes to UMNO which means it also goes to whom UMNO chooses to prop up which includes Indian and Chinese Establishment proxies.

    The commander’s call was for the Indian community as a whole to reject the Establishment by swinging to the Opposition as opposed to being the swing vote that the Establishment and maybe the Opposition thinks they are in certain seats. Just as how the majority of the Chinese vote goes to the opposition.

    What is there to learn from Singaporean Indians (elites or otherwise) except to slavishly vote for the PAP ? Unless you think that “Indians” really are the stereotypes that the Sino-Malay discourse defines them as ?

    • I doubt that the good commander’s message would have touched 99.9% of his target audience. If Hindraf is conflicted, what-more the normal disenfranchised Indian, whose belly is hunger-shrunken and barely eking out an existence? Yet Indians have a great deal of self-dignity. Is that good?

      The other day, a major league ‘Reformed’ Taikor approached my team and asked for help in reconditioning and rehabilitating ex-cons, who had served time. He was willing to put up all resources at his disposal. I told him that i lacked the coping mechanisms and resilience at my age. I recommended someone younger and energetic.

      Changes in cultural identity and existential poverty require time, serious effort and steady, firm, support mechanisms. That’s where ‘Elites’ come in. There are none worthy, among the ‘Worthies’.

      The fact remains that Indians are their own worst enemy. Words don’t make the reality less harsh. And that ain’t a stereotype.

  8. One should not be dismissive of others (neighbourly Singapore) out of envy just because they are doing well and are progressing even more. If your system is not working, work the ground along with like-minded people to create a tsunamii of awareness and intent to vote out what you may think as kleptocratic and corrupt UMNO/BN government at the next GE. One should not ask “what’s next ?” Anything next will probably be far better than what you have deposed. A new crop of leaders will settle-in and bring about a new transformation hopefully.

  9. Re- CLF

    (It really offends my sensibilities to disagree with you…..)
    “Indians are their own worst enemy. Words don’t make the reality less harsh. And that ain’t a stereotype.”

    What are we really talking about there ?

    The MIC is not the Indian political elite. The Indian do not have the numbers to support UMNO factotums unlike the Chinese community who can split the vote and sometimes the difference between the MCA and DAP.

    Hence the idea of Indian political elites is a red herring. Without the actual numerical support of an ethnic base anyone who makes the claim of representing the Indian community is well…wrong. The MIC are state sanctioned thugs, who carry out the business of the street for a variety of power brokers.

    For all its faults, Hindraf at least spit in the kool aid which the opposition was pushing led mainly by the mandarins of the DAP. Look how they treated Hindraf, calling it a raced based political movement and mocking the brothers as “low class” political wannabes.

    Then BERSATU comes along with tyrants and racial ideas of old and suddenly it is about “saving” Malaysia. While UMNO makes it clear that the MIC are there on the benefice of Malay potentates ,DAP politicians make make it clear that Indian representation is based on Chinese support. , DAP supporters echo this claim and pathetically even DAP Indian reps make acknowledge this claim but choose to remain, which just goes to show you how far self dignity goes.

    Would it be different if Karpal was still around ? Why would it ? They never really listened to him on Hindraf. And Karpal never wanted to be [by virtue of his own self identification] part of the greater Malaysian Indian dialectic.

    Hence this supposed reality of this idea that Indians are “they own worst enemy” as far as politics is concerned is merely a meme forged in the Sino-Malay discourse. A stereotype which has become sloppy propaganda.

    I could throw in a few anecdotes about my time spent chasing the almighty ringgit to illustrate the racial politics of the private sector and then compare it with the civil service where I stupidly did some time but why bother?

    Its all about “saving Malaysia” and nothing else makes any sense, or at least that is how mainstream political discourse is defined in this country.

    • The problem in Malaysia is that we cannot get away from UMNO’s divide and rule strategy. We identify ourselves as so many Chinese, Indians, Malays, Orang Asli, Dyaks, KadazanDusun, mamaks and by religions of Muslims (various denominations according to which disciple of the prophet you choose to follow), Christians (Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, and many others), Buddhist (Mahayana, Hindayana and others, Hindus, and many more. The Singaporeans have only one brand and that is Singapore and they know that they must unite to survive. We Malaysians should unite on our common interest and find our destiny through unity.

  10. I’ve always followed this truism, my friend: “We are always our own worst enemy.” It applies to personal identity, groups and even race, religion. Therein lies self responsibility and hubris. No one can really force you to change unless either the genetics, environment or the culture changes.

    The Indians do not have a sense of egalitarianism of the Chinese (like the example, i gave above) – nor can they fall back to the religio-fascist and feudal dialectic of the Malays. Since genetics is inviolable and the environment is impossible, the cultural milieau must change. This narrative is as old as civilization, that it is not political power that is needed – but will to ‘grace’ and to delay instant gratification. Chutzpah, as Din likes to put it.

    Most folks talk of ’empowerment’ when it comes to determining suffrage – but that’s plain wrong! In order that we enfranchise, we must Enable – not Empower. Get the basics wrong, which is what happens to the Indian community – and we are faced with a perpetual cycle of poverty, disablement and disenfranchisement. Although Hindraf started well as a pressure group – they fell into the Power trap. They hankered for recognition when the base was weak and unstable. And they are doing it again! Stay out of political clap-traps and work below the radar.

    The same shit happened to the Chinese educational groups, chambers of commerce and clan associations. Now they know the difference and mind you, being pragmatists, they are no longer enamored by yodeling DAP – but will come to a quiet consensus. They hate KleptoMo1 and Ragheads as much as any reasoning person, but they want to be Enabled.. They don’t give a flying eff to UMNOb hacks and there is where the establishment is unstable. What do you forecast they would do in GE-14?

    While you are absolutely right in your reading of the political situation perhaps you should take a step back, and ask what is the real problem among the Indian community which has been neglected and in extremis?

  11. CLF ,

    As usual you have the right of it.

    Funny thing though like the line many may have missed in the Commander’s piece – “As someone who believes the less you need big government, the stronger you are” – I think many people find it easier to relate to the perception that the Indian issue as a political and social issue is solely defined by the loud voices in the government and press , thus policy and rhetoric seem to be the only solutions to the issue.

    I think it is a bit unfair to assume that introspection (which truth be told is most often developed and sustained by women) is not part of the dialectic within the Indian community but when we talk about [external] systems of oppression perpetuated by majority communities, I think it is fair to question the status quo without having to justify how the minority community is helping itself.

    The fact that the community is still around points to resilience which I think is a trait often overlooked when it comes to discussion about the Malaysian Indian community.

    • My reading is that many of us tend to lump ‘Indians’ to be mono-ethnic. The so-called elites are just enablers who through cunning insinuate themselves and feed from the milk of divisiveness which is inherent to the Indian culture and religion.

      There’s a great difference between say, a Dr. Mukherjee who speaks Hindi and regards himself as a super-brahmin and a poverty stricken Thanikodi, a Tamil, whose highest aspiration is to be a mandor in a palm oil estate. I have friends on both sides of the spectrum.

      Hindraf is an enabling movement for the latter, where caste and inheritable traits must be subsumed for the greater good. There should be no ‘paramount leader’ and leadership roles should be by consensus of a committee elected every 4 years. Decisions are conveyed by a ‘Spokesman’ instead of a President or Chairman. For transparency and accountability, audits must be available akin to that practiced by most Chinese Clan organizations. Sounds like a Naxalite movement eh? Haha..

      All fed and state aid funds should be disbursed to NGOs’ which also rule by committee. And for all races to be based on need. Never should funds be disbursed by political entities.

      Wishful thinking? This is what i advised the head-canine of a lap dog party, sometime ago. He’s doing just that.., and is trying to help the most disadvantaged Orang Asal and Indians within his constituency. We’ll see whether this is effective or not..

  12. You are dead right, Conrad ! Indian community are deliberately and with impunity , MARGINALIZED , on this archaic nonsense , dictated by so-called ‘ numbers ‘ , of which the dominance lies in the two other ‘major ‘ partners……Shameful for Malusia… .. ( are you governing through ‘servitude ‘ , or , as you claim , through fairness and Equity…..? )

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