Ops Lalang–Dr. Mahathir and Anwar are the Villians, says MCA Publicity Man

October 30, 2017

Ops Lalang–Dr. Mahathir and Anwar are the Villians, says MCA Publicity Man

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by Ti Lian Ker@www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT | We are now commemorating the 30th anniversary of the biggest crackdown on innocent activists, politicians from both sides of the divide (including MCA leaders ), intellectuals, academics and activists, including the revocation of the publishing licences of two dailies – the MCA-owned The Star and Sin Chew Jit Poh.

The dragnet was the landmark of then Prime inister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s draconian iron-fisted Machiavellian style of maintaining power for 22 years.

Mahathir had been an authoritarian and condemned for bringing “dooms and time bombs” to Malaysia by his political enemy – but now ally – DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

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Ops Lalang was said to be caused by the growing racial tensions by Mahathir’s government that were said to be too “tolerant” and “liberal”. However, the real and immediate cause was the appointment of about 100 non-Mandarin speaking senior assistants to vernacular Chinese schools, which caused anxiety and fear among Chinese educationists and politicians.

On October 11, 1987, the United Chinese Schools Committee Association, also known as Dong Jiao Zong, together with Chinese politicians had gathered more than 2,000 people to protest against this decision that was seen as a direct attack on the character of Chinese vernacular schools.

Coincidentally, the Education Minister then was Anwar Ibrahim. At the time, Anwar was a rising political star and Mahathir’s protege in UMNO. Anwar repeatedly warned of retaliation and that the Education Ministry’s decision would not be changed or compromised despite pressure from component parties, including MCA.

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A week later, on October 17, 1987, UMNO Youth responded to the Thean Hou Kong 2,000 gathering with a bigger rally of 10,000, where UMNO politicians displayed their ire at MCA politicians for participating in the protest.

This was followed with a promise of a half a million UMNO members gathering on November 1, 1987, by the then UMNO Secretary-General Sanusi Junid, who is a Mahathir loyalist. This was calculated and meant to increase the tempo of racial tension.

However, on or about October 27, 1987, Ops Lalang was carried out, targeting Chinese activists, academicians, politicians, etc, who were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA). They were arrested and detained without trial by the order of the Home Minister, who was also the prime minister.

Looking back, the protagonists or “villains” of the dark period known as Ops Lalang were none other than Mahathir and Anwar.

Was the blatant and forceful decision to appoint a large number of non-Mandarin speaking teachers to helm Chinese vernacular schools intentional? Was this decision made knowing that it would provoke a massive “violent” reaction from Chinese educationists and politicians?

Were the events leading to Ops Lalang orchestrated by both Mahathir and Anwar?

Ironically, we are now asked by the biggest critic of these two “villains” who was also a victim of Ops Lalang, Kit Siang, to vote and support these “villains”.

DAP and Kit Siang might have chosen to forgive and absolve these “villains” but there are others, including MCA politicians, who were innocent victims of this blatant abuse of power. We cannot allow a repeat of such a politically heinous act. Never again!

TI LIAN KER is MCA publicity spokesperson and religious harmony bureau chairperson.


8 thoughts on “Ops Lalang–Dr. Mahathir and Anwar are the Villians, says MCA Publicity Man

  1. MCA in Kuantan is a has-been (after Lynas and bauxite mining).
    So Mr Ti has to make a lot of noise to make up for it …………

    • Not too sure about that, Dr Phua.
      Fuziah can’t even make the clingy red dust go away, despite all her heehawing.. Horrible!
      The Felda chaps are easily bribed.
      As in all things Malusian, the Lynas thingy won’t be a major GE-14 issue. Why?
      I am acquainted to titee. He’s an okay loyar and he does care. But no skin off my nose if he doesn’t win.

  2. I didn’t think I would forgive 1PM, Tun M nor DSAI on Operasi Lalang. But, while hanging out with a bunch of students in Berkeley 5 years ago, seeing their reactions towards how Dato Lee Hwa Beng answered a question I have raised. I have suddenly found courage to forgive. After all, I too have been forgiven.
    Forgiving helps, though it is a difficult process.

    I pray Tun M, DSAI, and 1PM would find wisdom to seek forgiveness not from mere men also.

    This Easter, through a MalaysiaForum 2012 event, I got to listen to Datuk Lee Hwa Beng’s candid sharing of experience as a down and out politician, that all politicians of previous generation had to use strong right wing rhetoric to climb up their respective party ladders, even though they may not believe in what they say. Datuk Lee reminded us that it is best that this generation don’t follow such habit. I guess this means that aspiring politicians of this generation should follow the path of having courage to be meek, just as how Datuk Lee took the courage to publish all that he knows on the Port Klang corruption incident. Yet, when being asked if he would still suggest what he said a year ago that Christians should fight against PAS’s Islamic Ummah, since he left MCA, Datuk Lee replied sheepishly that it is ‘too sensitive to comment’. His comment left the younger Muslims, Christians and Malaysian audience of other faith or no faith at UC Berkeley I was with, lost and wonder if anything has changed, or ought to change in our topsy turvy fight for ketuanan of one over another.

  3. While Malaysia is busy reporting and debating about the Weeding Operation 30 years ago, here in Washington the dominoes are falling as Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is Indicted In Russia scandal and pushes mentally ill Trump into deranged rant about Obama and the DNC. Trump’s nightmare worsens as his former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, pleads guilty to making false statements to FBI. Hours after Manafort and his right-hand man Rick Gates surrendered to the FBI, Trump was suspiciously having lunch with Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence – very likely to pressure Sessions to fire Robert Mueller. Even Clinton conspiracy theorist Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is warning Trump not to mess with Mueller. When asked by reporters about the indictment of Manafort, crime enabler Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tripped over his own two feet while cowardly dodged the question.

    Trump floated a trial balloon three months ago when he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the notorious racist Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years. It was a strong signal to all those investigated by Mueller, telling them to hang in there and he would pardon them. Democratic Representative Steve Cohen is accelerating his plan to introduce tomorrow a constitutional amendment that would limit Trump’s ability to use presidential pardons. The amendment would prohibit presidents from pardoning themselves, their families, members of their administrations and individuals who worked on their presidential campaigns. A constitutional amendment would not immediately solve the problem of Trump’s potential pardons, but it would shine a light on the possibility of Trump abusing his power. A constitutional amendment is an interesting way to remind Trump that the American people are watching.

    This is a very interesting and exciting Monday. To use Trump’s English – Bigly. Is Trump in the condition to make his Asian trip which is coming up very soon? Let’s find out how he’ll behave in Asia.

    Let us hope this is the beginning of the end of the Trump kleptocratic regime. He should do what is right. Follow Richard M. Nixon, just resign. Unfortunately, Mike Pence is another pea in the same pod. In the meantime, DT is going abroad to Asia represent his country. How credible is he to speak on behalf of the most powerful (or powderful) country in the world.–Din Merican

  4. Din:

    Trump is freaking out in the White House as the reality is hitting him that the Russia investigation walls are closing in on him. The reason why Trump is freaking out is that George Papadopolous appears to have been wearing a wire for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Papadopolous has flipped and is now singing like a canary. This isn’t just a bad scandal day for Trump. It may be the worst scandal day for any president in the last forty plus years. There’s no silver lining here for Trump. There’s no way to spin this. Anybody who spins this other wise is living on another planet and should not be taken seriously.

    White House aides are now admitting that the Manafort indictment and foreign policy adviser Papadopolous flipping to cooperate with the FBI are very, very bad. The Manafort indictment was expected for months, but the fact that the FBI arrested and flipped a Trump adviser should have anyone who worked with the Trump campaign or works in the White House currently, freaked out. The White House is freaking out because they’ve no strategy, and no leadership because the man who is supposed to be guiding them is locked in his room, yelling at the TV and had a meltdown.

    In less then a week Trump has to go on the trip to Asia. With an unstable president who is breaking down, how do we expect him to go on a diplomatic trip to do a good job? His mind is obsessed with how to get rid of Mueller. If he messes with Mueller, impeachment is for sure.

    The Trumpists like to put MAGA (Make America Great Again) on their lips. You know what, “maga” in Japanese means “wickedness, evil, calamity, or disaster.” With the first charges filed in US special counsel Mueller’s Russia probe, this is the first brick in Trump’s yellow brick road leading straight to the Land of Collusion! Will Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopolous roll over on Trump or one of his underlings to start the chain reaction? Either way, it’s headed to the same end. I have a feeling Trump will not finish his term in office.

    • Yup. Right-wing “American patriots” colluded with enemies of the USA. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
      Kellyanne Conway, the “alternative facts” lady is flummoxed too. Bald-faced liars are having trouble coming up with new lies to excuse the behaviour of The Donald.

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