Only Malaysians can save Malaysia

October 9, 2017

Only Malaysians can save Malaysia

by Mariam

Image result for Mariam Mokhtar

Two Respected Malaysian Activists–Farouk A. Peru and Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT | The Malaysian Special Branch is one of the most effective in the world. Its main role is intelligence gathering and the analysis of the information, for use by other government departments.

Predictions of the Special Branch about voting patterns and trends are highly respected. However, recently it was unable to tell Najib Abdul Razak and his cabinet the lie of the land, and how the rakyat will vote in the 14th general election (GE14). That does not augur well for the prime minister, who must call GE14 soon.

We are a divided nation, with Malays pitted against non-Malays, Muslims against non-Muslims, and East Malaysians against peninsular Malaysians. Fracture lines also exist within the communities, for example among the Malays.

The saying “Divide and conquer” has been used by successive Malaysian governments. Despite Najib’s boasts that the economy is doing well, and that everything is under control, he has delayed calling GE14? Why?

Image result for najib razak and zakir naik

Is Prime Minister Najib unable to contain UMNO extremists and Zakir Naik or is he fermenting unrest  by using race and religion so that he can declare Emergency Rule? 

The recent steep rise in religious and racial intolerance, which has resulted in events like the Oktoberfest being cancelled and deemed a national security risk, is indicative of Najib’s increasing loss of control over the overall situation in Malaysia.

The bigots in the various government departments need to control the masses. Religion is their answer and Najib has provided them the means. Enter Abdul Hadi Awang, the leader of PAS. They are like a tag-team. Hadi has provided Najib the legitimacy to act in the name of Islam. Take one away, and their grip on the Malays is rendered useless.

Rallying call to reject the opposition

On a daily basis, we find the Malays being fed an unwholesome diet of the lies that the non-Malays would conquer them, if the Opposition, in particular the DAP, were to triumph in GE14. The rallying call to reject the Opposition is that the Malays will be driven back to the kampung, Islam will cease to be the official religion, mosques will be removed and Malay will soon be a forgotten language.

Image result for najib razak and zakir naik

Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Zahid Hamdi  who refuses to be outdone by his boss also embraces Indian Fugitive Zakir Naik

You may laugh and wonder why anyone should believe this rubbish, but when you tell this to many so-called “educated” Malays, you will discover that they actually believe this inflammatory rhetoric.

So, why should the Malays feel threatened? They hold top jobs in the civil service. They have no problems obtaining government grants, government contracts and government licences. Education is tailored to their needs, especially after one former  UMNO education minister decided that the pass mark be lowered for Malays who sit for public examinations.

The Malays are  admitted into the civil service and the armed forces. The royal households are all Malays. You are correct to point out that only those with “cable” (connections) to the top will prosper. But then, who are these people? Are they not mostly Malays? In other countries, this knowledge would be seized upon, questions asked in Parliament and protests demanding swift action, but not in Malaysia. Are we that cowed?

More fearful of Jakim’s officials, than of God

The Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia, Jakim, with its RM1 billion budget, spends much of its time policing our morals and telling us how to live our lives. Many of the Malays who do as Jakim tells them, are more fearful of this department’s officials, than of God. The irony is that we ignore the Quran because we are too lazy to learn.

Malaysians who can afford the fees send their children to study in international schools. Malaysians buy properties overseas so that they can send their children to schools in that country. This shows that they have no faith in the Malaysian education. Instead of demanding that the government improves the situation, they simply allow the system to get worse.

Image result for Mat Rempits and Minah Rempits

Mat Rempit and Minah Rempit in Action and then this (below)

Image result for Mat Rempit killed in accident.


Why are many local graduates unable to get jobs? Why do many Malay teenagers drop out and end up being Mat Rempit in stead of finishing school?

Many Malaysians are rant and grumble about with the state of economy, the education system and the simmering tensions in the country, but they are too scared to do anything about it. Why do they leave it to a few activists  when they can take part in the movement for change?

You, too, have the power to change Malaysia. You can contribute your best. It may be in the form of one article, one poster, one talk, one interview, or one vote. It takes  a flutter of a butterfly to create a tsunami to  remove UMNO-Baru from the seat of government in Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya, which it has held since Independence.

14 thoughts on “Only Malaysians can save Malaysia

  1. It seems everyone knows what is the problem, even have some idea what is needed but fact is the new narrative needed on Islam is not good enough or the old narrative is able to keep the new in check even looks well abled to stop it.

    How is it possible Pakatan is unable to make Kleptocracy sensationally unIslamic a jihadist cause? How is it Kleptocracy and broken govt can be whitewashed with Hudud as Islamic,done with slander, lies and even greased with corruption?

  2. In short, ” Malaysians are against themselves “.
    It needs not or must not be the case.

    The spirit of ” Bersih 4 ” where hundreds of thousands participants of all Malaysians, and the millions of supporters stayed home and watched with joy and hope, regardless of race, religion and beliefs or otherwise, had committed to peaceful street protests and fight against the unjust system of the power-that-be for last 60 years that had imposed and divided people and country.

    The people’s empowerment and hope had been hijacked and suppressed.
    But the spirit and aspirations of Bersih 4 still prevail strongly in the hearts and minds of the people. It can be rekindled through the social media in mass connectivity through advent of advanced ICT. The will and aspirations of the people for an United Malaysia is achievable, when each and every Malaysian is committed for a Better and Brighter Malaysia in posterity, for the sake of country, children and grandchildren.

    Start working hard on it for CHANGE.

  3. So, Save Malaysia , its people ,
    from the power-that-be that is protecting the elite few, who are bent to divide the people and the nation, in order to sustain power and profit from it — all at the expense of the country’s human and natural resources.

  4. CLF, Orang Malaya, Conrad, Dr. Phua, Bigjoe, katasayang, TL man, Isa Manteqi, Abnizar, LaMoy,,

    Our religious authorities, muftis, and ulamas are a bunch of imbeciles and their followers are idiots and morons. I was brought up by my late mother to respect religions, cultures and traditions other than my own when I was growing up in the 1950s. Why can’t Muslim parents today do the same for their kids. Educate them to respect the dignity of difference and to treat others with understanding and compassion. In stead they abdicate their duty and responsibility as parents to UMNO appointed gurus ugama who turn young Muslim kids into bigots. What a tragedy when we put education into the hands of UMNO politicians who are hypocrites.–Din Merican

  5. Selangor and Penang have proven that Pakatan Harapan where DAP is a component party caters for all Malaysian and the oppressors of the Malays at large had been B-end. They are more oppressive laws now than at any time since our independence and women have been the oppressive targets of people like the preacher from India who was given PR in Malaysia. Foreign labour have edged Malaysians out of the jobs. Unemployment is going up as businesses shut down. Compared to Selangor’s 17 initiative in the Peduli Rakyat Program, B-end is mired in corruption and cronyism.. Where is the contractor who cannot finish a Rmxx million project had been given a RMxxx million project? What is happening in FGV where a career top management officer having gone through the Domestic Inquiry will have his fate decided by the treasury because he had seen it right to expose the Chaiman who presided over the period where FGV share plunged from more than RM4 to below RM2?. Bangkit Malaysia.

  6. Initially, i wasn’t gonna respond to this article..
    But there’s always the problem of after dinner desserts. So here goes:

    * Firstly, let me introduce Hebb’s Law or rule, in it’s simplest form for neuroscience, learning and habit forming: “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”
    It’s actually about synaptic plasticity and all that gobbledygook..

    It’s in the same category as “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

    * Secondly, we have PASUMNOb Moron’s Law of unlearning and addiction to dedak:
    “Morons who blink together, augment each other.”
    It’s actually about slime-balls using theological or dogmatic rigidity to hammer a ‘captive’ audience into Submission. Often, that leads to a level of intelligence and discernment akin to camel dung beetles.

    Ignorance is definitely easier to deal with. That’s why we have all these book-banning, accreditation of preachers, party paraphernalia-liturgy in pedagogy, prohibition of certain beverages/food, outward displays of piety and mandatory masturbatory hypocrisy, like kleptocracy and use of the Bigot’s Law.

    “Faith, it is said is better than belief, because belief is when someone else does the thinking.”
    Mitch Albom – the first phone call from heaven.

    So in Malusia we have a huge bunch of Believers, but too few of Faith.

  7. It started with the Iranian revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini return to Iran from exile. Malays and Malaysians were infatuated with the success of the Iranian Revolutionary government and Che Det saw that as a useful tool for UMNO and recruited Anwar. Then we have the likes of Othman Abdul Hamid, Ustaz Ahmad Awang taking over the reins of Jakim. ABIM came into the picture and was backed up by BTN. BTN used psychological tactics on Malay students both locally and overseas to indoctrinate them to view non-Malays and non-Muslims with suspicion. These students in turn became parents and continued to preach the message of BTN and JAKIM.

    Malays are great copycats and are quick to copy or take on the latest trend. Imagine the Quran reading competition being won by Malays repeatedly against native Arab speakers and competitors across the Middle East. Look at the pop culture and fashion trend, Malays are quick to catch the latest be it afro hairdo, rap music or baggy pants. Then when the government start sending students to study in droves in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the Arabisque fashion started to take root, with the men in Jubbah and turbans and beards and women for a while in Black Purdah (not Hijab) were common sights.

    These returning Ustaz and Ustazah deemed themselves experts in the various Islamic studies and started their own interpretation. However they don’t even know anything about Christianity or any other religion except that these other religions are a threat to Islam. Thus the call to defend Allah, the most powerful, all knowing, most merciful and most beneficent. Yes Allah needs to be defended by mere mortal men according to these Ustazs.

    The Malays after 3 generation of NEP and with large numbers of professionals in all fields are so comfortable with being receiptient of this right, no longer a privilege, continue to be numbed and blinded and believe what ever trash the BN/UMNO dishes out. The only way for them to realise and recover is when they become a minority.

  8. “You may laugh and wonder why anyone should believe this rubbish, but when you tell this to many so-called “educated” Malays, you will discover that they actually believe this inflammatory rhetoric.”

    It is both puzzling and annoying to know that people who are ‘educated’ can be so easily influenced by the tactics of diversion when they are the ones who are supposed to be the first to be able to detect such tactics being employed by the powers that be. Looks like we are all going to ‘forget’ about the declining standard of living due largely to inflation, or that we are all going to ‘forget’ about having to ‘magically’ fork out – by hook or by crook – money from someone and/or somewhere for education of our children because most financial support has not been made available like they used to be made available, or even that we are all going to turn a blind eye to the declining quality and quantity of the supply of medication which we used to get from government clinics and hospitals………and so on and so forth….because we think that these are not issues of religion.

    Is not Islam a way of life which, going by that very definition, every aspects of life then becomes a religious issue? Why grouse loudly about Oktoberfest, but remain largely quiet on these other issues, oh you so called Muslim political leaders championing Islam and aspiring the seat of power, or who are already holding seat of power? Unfortunately we are all simple-minded folks, educated or not. And that is a tragedy because we place ourselves at the mercy of the suave tacticians and strategists from the powers that be and their cohorts.

    Unless of course we choose to put our thinking hat on, and start to learn to place faith completely in ALLAH for His protection and guidance. Then perhaps He will enlighten us. They say that ‘truth will set us free’ and ‘justice will prevail’. But then again, these are words that, most often than not, cross our lips but stop short of penetrating our heart, which perhaps is the greatest tragedy of our education.

  9. //why should the Malays feel threatened?
    I actually believe Malays have a lot to fear. At this point, Malaysians cannot save Malaysia. Only the Malays can, especially those who have the cable.
    The next generation of Minah Remit would end up as mere commodities in foreign households in no time. Only those Melayu who still have the cable could help the Minah Rempit. I say the above from the bottom of my heart. Be fearful of the Chinese also. But, fearing us the Chinese is not the answer. Loving us is your salvation. The same otherwise.

  10. @ dinobeano, ” Educate them to respect the dignity of difference and treat others with understanding and compassion….” – Exactly that which beloved Prophet conducted himself in the harsh environment of Mecca & Medina, and won the hearts and minds of Arabs , to defeat the wealthy Quraish in ‘ corrupting ‘ & exploiting the poor for centuries…. ( Quote : An excellent pattern have ye in the Messenger of God ….” – Kur’an , xxxiii, 31.) ( a resounding voice by dinobeano, in this harsh and repressive Environment of Malusia , made up of people who FEAR THEMSELVES MOST ! ) ? ?

    Compare : The HIKMAH group of Chinese philosophers led by Firdaus Wong Abdullah and Syafiq Rafiqun Liow , Prof Amir Ng & others , ( & those in Ipoh ) , it is indeed a great pleasure in the manner of their delivery of the pristine religion , with a depth of understanding different from the so-called Syariah Muslims who are obsessed to please their masters in the matter of Politics , rather than the true spirit of “understanding and compassion ” you have mentioned. – a great pity…..

  11. I’ve not visited Malaysia for more than ten years, and my knowledge of the players in the Malaysian political arena today has been limited. I’m unable to write about Malaysia as humorously as CLF, as intellectually as Orang Malaya, and as eloquently as MF Muhammed. I’m learning from them. They know Malaysia, really know Malaysia. Hey, they’re Malaysians!

    I attempt to approach by asking this question: Are religion and politics separable? From the 70 years of my life experience I’ve come to realize that to assume that politics and religion constitute two separate realms or that the two can be separated is naive. This belief, not in separation of church and state, but in the separability of religion and politics, in my opinion, is one of the enduring myths of modernity. This myth rests on the false assumptions of pure politics and pure religion. It presupposes that a wall can separate the two. Secularism is supposedly a device that seeks to protect religion from the corruption of politics and politics from becoming usurped by religion. I am skeptical of this faith in secularism. All core issues are not only normative in nature but also impinge on individual and collective identities. Neither the conception of the individual self nor the construction of the collective self is free from political or religious considerations. Even in atheistic societies such as the former Soviet Union and present day China, religion remained an important political issue and politics shaped the way religion was practiced.

    I see two reasons why religion and politics are intertwined in Malaysia. The first is the increasing use of complex discourses for the purpose of legitimization. Today, the UMNO politicians seem to follow the Machiavellian dictum – it isn’t important to be just, it’s important to be seen to be just – and therefore UMNO politicians and political party and regime produce discourses to legitimize their goals and strategies. It’s in the production of these discourses that religion either underpins political logic or camouflages political motivations, depending upon the Malay cultural context. The second reason and perhaps the most important reason why religion will always play a role in crucial issues in Malaysia is the important role that religion plays in identity formation. All political issues that are important eventually affect individual and collective identity and in the process trigger religious sentiments. As long as religion plays a role in the identities of people, it’ll play a role in politics.

    Islam is the dominant religion in Malaysia. What I see in Malaysia today, too many Islamic religious leaders are interested in reproducing glamorized medieval systems as laws and too few interested in harnessing the devotion of believers in the public sphere in pursuit of good. If religious groups pursue power to “impose laws,” to force ideology as knowledge and discriminate against those who are unlike them, the religion is evil. If religion motivates believers to seek for their fellow being all the goods they seek for themselves, then it can be a force for good.

    I like to suggest to my Muslim friends in Malaysia: Witness your Lord by standing up for justice; serve your Lord by serving the poor and the deprived; love your Lord by loving your fellow beings; and finally, serve the Truth (Al-Haqq) by supporting the pursuit of truth in education and media. You can translate this into political action by creating NGOs and social movements who fight for the rights of all, disregard of race and religious belief – specially the weak, advocate for welfare policies that enable distributive justice, foster volunteerism and philanthropy and support educational institutions and research centers that pursue knowledge devoid of ideology.

    I’m an atheist who simply chip in my two cents. I usually don’t like to talk about religion. If anyone feel what I’ve written is simply a bunch of bullshit, please ignore me.

    Wallahu Aalam.

  12. Wow LaMoy , quote Albert Einstein :



  13. Nothing but a bunch of religious bigots thinking they can simply impose strict adherence to the Islamic values knowing Islam as the national religion of the country. Interference of non religious issues…only after 60 years of independence. This bunch of imbeciles and bigots are involved in political manoeuvre that helps their paymasters to win back muslim support when chips are down at this time. Others have the right to do and express their freedom although Islam is the national religion of the country.

  14. PS . Although Albert Einstein was a Jew and had faith in Judaism, he’s of such an astounding UNIVERSAL mind …..incredible , this great (Philosopher ) Scientist , whose footprints in the sands of time is indeed Everlasting ….. –

    Ponder on this one :

    ” As the aggregate of all the Laws in in the Universe – the physical , the scientific and all the moral 0r ethical Laws of the Universe – God is the highest Perfection ! – Barroch Spinoza , ( a Shepardic Jew ) of Spain. –

    Being ‘ Scientists ‘ , see how profoundly they believed & revered Al-Mighty in their life-time….. ? ?

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