Najib, Durians and Expats

October 2, 2017

Najib, Durians and Expats

by Dean

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I have not only sympathy but also the greatest respect for those most admirable of Malaysians who deliberately choose not to abandon their homeland to the mercies of UMNO-BN, but stay there and fight for it, in many cases at extreme personal and professional cost..–Dean Johns

I see that the tirelessly self-praising Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak bragged to an audience of farmers and fisherfolk this past week that he is “personally responsible” for the recent rapid rise in exports of Malaysian-grown durians to China.

And in case this wasn’t enough to convince these primary producers to keep supporting his ever-ruling Umno/BN regime, he also typically announced that he was giving the whole group of them a cash handout.

Big Talking Malaysian Prime Minister–Eating Too Much Durian made him delusional

Apparently at least some of the recipients of this prime ministerial largesse found it pretty impressive. And none so much as chairperson of the National Farmers Association (Nafas) and also BN assemblyperson, Saipolbahari Suib, who expressed tremendous gratitude for Najib’s support and declared that farmers and fishermen are ready to be ‘used’ by him.

“Use us, we are ready to give the best for your leadership,” Malaysiakini reported him as pledging, “We have received so much we will always remember your contributions”.

However, most Malaysiakini readers who commented on this story saw Najib’s so-called “contributions” as nothing but cons, considering that not only is the value of Malaysian exports of durians to China peanuts compared with those from Thailand to China, but that increasing exports of the best Malaysian durians has priced them beyond the reach of local consumers.

And, as I couldn’t help commenting myself, Najib and his Umno/BN regime have made Malaysia smell like durians in the nostrils of the whole wide world by permitting, if not colluding, in the export to the US and elsewhere of countless billions of ringgit allegedly plundered from 1MDB.

All of this in addition, of course, to all the other billions extorted for decades from public funds, overpriced public projects and the nation’s publicly-owned oil, timber and other resources, which have been exported to secret overseas bank accounts or money-laundering real-estate and other investments.

In fact I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if dirty, smelly money wasn’t by far Malaysia’s biggest export.

And thus, given that legal and other civil institutions including elections have been designed to ensure that this dire situation doesn’t change anytime soon, if ever, I see the point of Zaid Ibrahim’s recent exhortation to Malaysians desiring a decent future to export themselves and their children to someplace more promising.

Seeking greener pastures

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Actually Zaid  an anglophile, for some reason best known to himself, suggested London as the optimal destination for Malaysians to export or expatriate themselves to.

And personally I find it hard to argue with this, as that’s where my elder son headed for when he exited Australia in search of more exciting professional opportunities twenty or so years ago, and where I make excursions as often as possible to visit him and his family.

But of course there are plenty of perfectly acceptable alternative possibilities, and selfishly I’d suggest that one of them is Australia, and even more specifically Sydney.

This, after all, is where I chose to bring my Ipoh-born wife and KL-born daughter when I extricated them from Malaysia way back in 1997.

And, as I wrote in a 2007 Malaysiakini column titled “Another brain down the drain”, and another in 2010 called “Advance Austrasia Fair”, they seem pretty happy to be here.

There are lots of other Malaysians I’d be delighted to see settled in Sydney too, as it would save me making trips back to UMNO-BN’s unpleasant version or rather perversion of Malaysia for the pleasure of seeing them.

Old friends like Jaya and Jesuis Anwar, for example, to anonymously mention two of many who, for obvious political reasons, I won’t risk more accurately identifying.

But it’s some small consolation in their absence to meet ex-Malaysians like the doctor at a major Sydney hospital who treated me so expertly for my latest medical emergency last week, and who turned out to have been imported here at the age of eight by parents who hailed from Klang and Penang.

As delighted as I always am to meet such Malaysian exports and expats, however, I have lots of sympathy for those who would like to leave the mess that UMNO-BN have made of their beloved country, but for one reason or another just can’t.

And I have not only sympathy but also the greatest respect for those most admirable of Malaysians who deliberately choose not to abandon their homeland to the mercies of UMNO-BN, but stay there and fight for it, in many cases at extreme personal and professional cost.

And I consider that the very least I can do from a distance is to help these stand-and-fight Malaysians as much as possible in their ceaseless efforts to politically execute the excruciating UMNO-BN regime, and finally render it extinct.


11 thoughts on “Najib, Durians and Expats

  1. I have not given up on Malaysia and am doing my bit from Phnom Penh, but I must admit that it is challenge to stay on the side of the positive, given the political antics (or stupidity?) of Najib Razak. I have little tolerance for idiots. Najib is an idiot. When he is unable to do any better about governance, even export of durians to China can be something to crow about.–Din Merican

    • First it was lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu to entice the Chinese, then its Najib s/o Razak as ‘father of Indians’ and now Jibby the durian seller reaping profits for the farmers. Wonder which group is next. Maybe Jib the Uber or Lyft driver or Jib the Air BnB hospitality host or Jib the ‘everything in Malaysia on Sale’

  2. IF it does not make sense for the US to continue pouring manpower and money warring in the Middle East, then the conclusion can only be made that its not so simple to advocate unlimited attempt to change the Talibanisation of Malaysia. Make no mistake, not fighting the Talibanisation does not mean “giving-up” but rather humility to admit human dysfunctionality can be far greater than what human reason can do. At some point, one need to let human dysfunctionality run its course of self-destruction. Engagement is possible and necessary BUT active change is crazier if that dysfunctionality is determined to self-destruct rather than change.

    Hadi’s PAS, who claim of existence, purpose and righteousness is MORALITY is in fact, no question about it, LYING about what they are doing, purpose AND HAS SLANDERED its supposed enemies for their purpose. Yet its supporters continue to support it. – ITS SIMPLY BLIND FAITH – Blind faith of something that is one-small step to reckless violence and destruction i.e, terrorism.

    This is human dysfunctional, depravation in fact.

    • Wayne – at this he can make that claim, however tenuous – since he threw Malaysian taxpayers’ money at Trump.

  3. I know Uncle Dinobeano’s heart is always with the people who work untirelessly to save Malaysia even though he is away in Cambodia. Idiotic government politicians have not done anything for the people all the donkey years except squandering tax payers money using funds to silence people and threaten whistleblowers. Is that good governance?
    waiyuen leong, we fight in different ways and with different means using technology and the mind but united in purpose. We will win in the end if we do not work at cross purposes. I am engaged in a war of ideas for a united and better Malaysia where you can reach the stars if you work diligently and strive with integrity.Thanks for your kind remarks.I appreciate it.–Din Merican

  4. There seems to be a competition going on between Jibros and his imbecilic Deputy.

    One talks about Kangkong, Ayam and Durians,while the other is shouting holy Mackerel (i.e Kembong)! Both kena lanyak kow2. I wish i could just shut off the noise..

    Anyway for your info, Sydney is the most expensive city in the Southern hemisphere and London, is just too awful to stay for long. If you need to retire, Malusia is still good, provided you stop reading Din’s or the alternative press. Otherwise, consider Melbourne, Adelaide, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver. If rich enough, maybe Copenhagen or Vienna.
    I can’t be that influential to persuade anyone to leave or come to Malaysia truly Asia. Our government is shooting itself in the foot. –Din Merican

  5. Friend of Trump, promoter of durian exports to China …. all sorts of (insignificant) claims. What a pathetic person.

    • You’re on CLF. Any chance of getting Mao Shan Wang? Dont care too much for Musang King. Leave that for Tai Kor and Tai Koo. Me love Durians from Kijal in Trengganu and Sagil in Johor (mountain durian)

      UMNO mudah lupa. What happen to the Komunis is bad and wants to take over the country? Chin Peng and gang? Now UMNO addressing CCP? Wonder what can UMNO teach the CCP?

      C-130 for the Sarawak chiefs, should have been the Executive Jets, then the Sarawak Chiefs will enjoy VIP treatment . A ride in a C-130 feels like refugees meh.

  6. Does Najib have any shares or own DurianSS2? Pekan is not known for its durian. Its Balek Pulau or in Bentong in Pahang.

    • The SS2 stalls are getting too expensive, buddy. Bloody scam. Will take you to Raub and Bentong, next time u’r back – provided the luckless lapdog retains his seat..

      Felda has a fruit peeling factory located somewhere in Pahang.
      Perhaps he has cornered the market in peeled Musang King, X.O. and Ang-hare meant solely for CCP head-honchos and functionaries?
      Otoh, Deputy has all those D fruits which have been rebranded to A-class.

      UMNOb has been invited to speak at the CCP convention later this month, while KleptoKing has just recently blessed all those Iban chiefs from Sarawak who resisted the Commies during the ’70’s – by inviting them to Putridjaya – flying them in, on super first-class TUDM C-130. Haha.. Sophisticated shyster!

      The business ethics of the stalls in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail too are in conformity with values espoused by Klepto-in-Chief of Malusia. Nothing is cheap with GST and profit premium added to normal profit margin.–Din Merican

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