CNN on Najib Razak’s Homage to The Donald at The White House

September 13, 2017

CNN on Najib Razak’s Homage to The Donald at The White House

Generous Malaysian Prime Minister Najib  Razak will help The United States Economy, This pledge was made to The Donald when he paid his homage to the US President at The White House.–Din Merican

14 thoughts on “CNN on Najib Razak’s Homage to The Donald at The White House

  1. The Malaysian Prime Minister will arriving on September 15 at 7.45 pm from a successful visit with The Donald in The White House to a hero’s welcome. He has pledged to make America great with aircraft purchases from Boeing etc. He has a friend in The White House. –Din Merican

  2. They both have a lot of things in common:
    They both lost popular votes but yet became leaders of their government
    They both are perpetual liars
    They both like to twist the truth
    They are both egoistic
    They are both interested in their own financial gains
    They are both racists
    They both like to be praised each and everyday
    You are free to add on to the list..

    • Both are feckless fools.
      Both pretend to carry big sticks while having shrunken willies.
      Both are incorrigible braggarts.
      Their talk is funny and insubstantial.

      Heck, let’s celebrate this ‘event’ with a song:

  3. The Trump-Najib meeting skirted round the US probe into 1MDB scandal. There was no press conference held after the meeting. Najib can return to Malaysia to boast about how successful the meeting was in every which way he wants.

    The editorial of the Wall Street Journal characterized appropriately the meeting as “Trump’s Malaysia Swamp.” The New York Times quoted an Australian expert on Southeast Asia: “From a pure public relations point of view, it’s a meeting the White House should avoid…. Even a photo op with Kim Jong-un would be better.” The Washington Post in an editorial said that the visit “sets a new low. Not only is Mr. Najib known for imprisoning peaceful opponents, silencing critical media and reversing Malaysia’s progress toward democracy. He also is a subject of the largest foreign kleptocracy investigation ever launched by the US Justice Department.”

    The question is: Did Trump know about any of this when Najib was added to his schedule? One fact not mentioned by any of the three above mentioned major papers seems to provide a clue as to how this meeting was arranged. In May, a former Trump campaign aide – Healy Baumgardner-Nardone of the 45 Group – registered as a foreign agent to represent the Office of Najib. She received $250,000 for her services. The Malaysian government has paid lavishly in the past for Washington “swamp dwellers” to purchase influence and disparage its opponents and critics.

    During Obama’s first term, the Najib government paid millions to APCO Worldwide of Washington. A portion went to the London-based “Fact Based Communications, Ltd.” to hire an individual named Josh Trevino, to organize a network of bloggers to write blog posts disparaging opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim whose coalition was growing in strength heading into the 2013 elections. That game blew up when Trevino was fired by The Guardian of London for failing to disclose that he was on the Malaysian payroll while writing a supposedly independent column and forced Trevino to file a belated foreign agent registration exposing the whole scheme. During Obama’s second term Malaysia rewarded a major Democratic Party fundraiser handsomely for representing to secure an Obama state visit to Malaysia and then received an even more unprecedented invitation to Najib to join Obama in Hawaii for a game of golf.

    Back during George W. Bush’s first term, Malaysian business interests hired Belle Haven Consultants for fees in excess of $1 million over two years to promote Malaysian interests in the US. Some of that money was reportedly used to influence the views of a prominent conservative think tank, through the intermediary of the Alexander Strategy Group, associated with former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the notorious Jack Abramoff.

    If Trump were serious about “draining the swamp”, he should have found a diplomatic excuse to postpone this embarrassing meeting with Najib. Doing so would have sent a strong signal to other lobbyists attempting to sell access to the POTUS. Having failed to do that, at a minimum Trump should find out who was responsible for inviting the Malaysian swamp to the White House. And if they did not properly inform him of the scandal surrounding Najib, someone needs to be disciplined. Unless, of course, the invitation to Najib came directly from Trump himself.

    In any case, Najib has won. He can now boast to the Malaysian people, especially his rural voters, how successful his meeting with Trump was.

    Najib will be back home on September 15 at around 8pm to a hero’s welcome.How much sicker can UMNO-BN crowd get! Malaysia Boleh tipu sendiri.–Din Merican

    • My pro Chinese heart reminded me how silly it had been for the Chinese to pay their hard earned money to bail out 1MDB to curry favor with an undeserving administration.
      Why the fuss of wanting to throw away good money after seeing how this 1PM can gave money to my undeserving MrPresident to probably pay for his Mexican wall. I hope Premier Xi quickly learn how to get Melayu elites to pay for the lavish holidays in China using bunga emas. Why spend the money to build up man made islands. Learn from Trump to ask Welayu to pay for building of golf courses and Istana in those island. Our 1PM will definitely build it with Malaysians’ retirement fund.
      Welayu. Layu we deserve. Most of all, my heart aches for the layu. I maybe a pendatang. But, I still weep for the layu.

  4. Political Psychology 101, to explain behaviour of Don and MO1 :

    The Don
    1) Constantly seeking to satisfy his deep urge for narcissistic ego boosts
    2) Unending jealous narcissistic attacks on legacy of Obama
    3) Constant pandering of his Fox News-fueled semi-lunatic political fan base

    1) Constantly seeking ways to cling on to power in GE14
    2) Constantly taking steps to avoid prosecution for 1MDB and other
    financial misdeeds

  5. Classic Schmuck. Trump got billions in pledges, tens of thousands was spend that went to Trump organisation, millions for spent for the Trip and what did the Malaysian people get? Classic Schlock from Trump – one sided. Najib fell hook line and sinker WITH the Malaysian people’s money…

  6. check out Trump’s body language, almost as if he despises and is rejecting the words of Najib as Najib drones on about ‘rebuilding the US economy’

  7. Trump sat across Najib, arms folded as Najib grovelled with pledge of billions of dollars.
    No US Ceremonial Guard
    No luncheon
    No state dinner
    No exchange of diplomatic gifts
    No official welcome at the airport
    No photo-op
    No joint press conference

    What a pariah treatment he got, of course Malaysians will be sold a different version, this man will be treated as a warrior upon return.

  8. Meanwhile back home more tragedy for the tahfiz schools (religious school) with many children burnt to death in a school in the capital city Kuala Lumpur. The Ministers and Heads of Departments are quick to order investigation and even promised to pay the funeral costs for the children. But no one addressed the issue that these schools needs to be registered with the Education Ministry and must follow all safety guidelines and academic standards. The Fire Department must ensure that chikdren are nit crammed into substandard buildings with no firevsafety features.
    How many more tragedy in tahfiz schools before the government acts? Remember the boy who was brutally beaten and died of blood poisoning in a tahfiz school and several cases of molestation in tahfiz schools? When it comes to issue on Islam everyone is afraid to comment. Even the Rulers have not come out to reprimand the managers of these schools even though the Rulers are the protector of Islam and Malay culture in their respective state.

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