DOJ 1MDB probe independent of Najib-Trump meet

September 12, 2017

DOJ 1MDB probe independent of Najib-Trump meet, says The White House

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The US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into the 1MDB scandal is independent of the upcoming discussions between US President Donald Trump and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, the White House said.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the discussions will instead focus on a wide variety of regional and security issues.

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“[They will be] talking about ways that they can strengthen counterterrorism cooperation, certainly the halt of ISIS, addressing North Korea and their continued actions, and making sure that we promote maritime security in the South China Sea.

“We’re not going to comment on an ongoing investigation being led by DOJ, and that investigation is apolitical and certainly independent of anything taking place tomorrow (which is today),” she said at a press briefing yesterday.

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No Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua agenda at Trump-Najib Meet at the White House on September 12 Meeting–The Good News


Sanders was asked whether Trump would address the DOJ investigation or avoid the issue, and what is expected of the meeting between Najib and Trump, which is scheduled to take place later today.

The DOJ is currently investigating the alleged misappropriation of US$4.5 billion from 1MDB on grounds that some of the funds had been routed through the US financial system.


It has filed multiple civil forfeiture suits since last year to seize the alleged proceeds of the misappropriation (totalling US$1.7 billion) and also revealed in a court filing last month that a criminal investigation has been underway for some time.

Its civil forfeiture filings had linked a certain “Malaysian Official 1” (MO1) in the scandal, saying that some of the funds had been routed through his bank account, and had been used to purchase diamonds for his wife.

MO1 is alleged to be referring to Najib, but he has denied allegations of misappropriating public funds for personal gain.

5 thoughts on “DOJ 1MDB probe independent of Najib-Trump meet

  1. A sensible Sarah Hucklebee Sanders’ response from The White House on 1mdb. The US is a nation ruled by law, not by man. So the US President is free to choose his friends. If he wants to associate with a No. 1 crook and superduper corruptor from Malaysia because of US interests are at stake, Donald Trump can do so. –Din Merican

  2. Wow, this is incredibly significant. First, I think it is the first time that a White House Press Secretary has ever been asked about Malaysia. Second, and more important, Sarah Huckabee said there is no way that the White House is going to interfere into the DOJ and FBI probe of Najib and 1MDB. Have a nice day in DC, Najib.

  3. I just watched the video of her comments. She talked about US-Malaysia cooperation in counter-terrorism, etc. — But she never once mentioned our *shared values.* Another smack down of Najib, who had an op-ed today in The Hill, an insider DC newspaper/website, claiming that the US and Malaysia share common values in democracy, human rights, etc.

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