Tun Razak would be disappointed with Malaysia today, so are we Malaysians

August 29, 2017

Tun Razak would be disappointed with Malaysia today


If Abdul Razak Hussein was still breathing, he would be disappointed to see the four scenarios happening in the nation at present, said Perak Ruler Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah.

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Abdul Razak, who was conferred the honorific title ‘Tun’, was Malaysia’s second Prime Minister and father of the current premier, Najib Abdul Razak.

The first scenario, said Sultan Nazrin, was the unity among the people which Abdul Razak emphasised as vital for the country’s future. However, the ruler said in their earnestness to garner support, political parties appeared to be inclined towards fanning religious and racial issues.

Sultan Nazrin pointed out that Abdul Razak also underlined the important role schools played in fostering racial ties through national education as contained in his education policy.

“The implementation of the national education policy appears to be failing in achieving the objective of the school as a nurturing ground to unite the people. The younger generation of various races who go through various education mediums will not have the opportunity to interact and become acquainted, on the contrary, growing up in isolation in their own racial groups,” the Ruler was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

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Tun Razak would be disappointed this son who turned out to be most corrupt and racist Prime Minister of Malaysia. Malaysia is today Malusia

The Sultan was speaking at the launch of the book ‘Fulfilling A Legacy – Tun Razak Foundation’ by Shahreen Kamaluddin in Kuala Lumpur. Also present was Abdul Razak’s widow Tun Rahah Mohd Noah.

The Perak Ruler said the third scenario which Abdul Razak would regret was related to the implementation of the New Economic Policy (NEP), especially the abuse of the opportunity in the distribution of wealth.

The Sultan said this resulted in a large-scale erosion of the bumiputera’s economic share, which not only created misunderstanding among the bumiputera who considered it as favouritism but also causing anger among the non-bumiputera. 

Sultan Nazrin cited corruption and integrity as the fourth scenario. “Tun Abdul Razak’s heart would be crushed in following the exposure after exposure, arrest after arrest because of widespread corruption involving top officials and educated individuals which have tainted the country’s good name,” he said.

Therefore, the Sultan called on the people to appreciate the vision and the sacrifices of Abdul Razak. “Let us pray together to Allah that his vision and spirit of sacrifice will not fade from the hearts and minds of the people,” he said.

17 thoughts on “Tun Razak would be disappointed with Malaysia today, so are we Malaysians

    • Wayne, credit where credit is due.

      We complain when influential Malays don’t speak up.

      I think more encouragement and less cynicism might be more helpful?

  1. The country”s key institutions had been hijacked just to protect the kleptocrats and swinderers. Institute a ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY on 1MDB before the judiciary also become a tool.

  2. So, there is a report on the Edge that ask very pertinent question case against Isa Samad – its basically a show to placate Felda settlers. The questions asked by the Edge is very pertinent – what was the rest of the board and management doing not checking the numbers on the deals, how come the rest of the board is not investigated for negligent of fiduciary duties?

    If this is true, then Nazrin got it wrong. The No. 1 problem is a problem of over-entitled elite class – the same problem the Malay sultan had that resulted in being colonized and the Malaysan Union nearly happened. This problem include Nazrin himself and his co-horts in the monarchy, the leaders of institutions such as the judiciary, the civil service. even the religo-leaders.

  3. The decline of the country started after the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979.

    With oil money, the Saudi politisied Islamic fundamentalism worldwide, including Indonesia and Malaysia. Religion, not any religion but a fringe fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, is used as a tool to claim leadership of the Islamic world.

    Its supporters are demanded to separate themselves from the wider society, which it brands as apostate. As well, the Muslim has to hate the ‘ unbelievers ‘ in heart and behavior……..this led the oppression or persecution of minorities in Muslim majority countries.

    Two people stand out in the 80s creating the mess destroying the country today – TDM on politics of race and Anwar, on religion. In combination, they have done enormous permanent damage to the country.

    MDB aside……Najib is fixing the mess creating by others since the 80s. The country is transforming slowly but surely. You don’t want his DPM who swam from Indonesia, before his clothes could dry, to replace him or those 2 ( ex-PM & ex-DPM ) in the opposition camp to influence the direction of the country again!

    • Transforming by having his wife and crooks steal and waste billions, by agreeing to creeping Hudud and Syariah supremacy, broken iinstiritiion, and line up of leaders in UMNO who think merger with PAS is good and eventual?

  4. The royalty could have done many things to undo the ‘disappointments’?
    Could have prevented the removal of Gani, appointment of Apandi, appointment of the CJ, and formation of a political motive inquiry on force. Could have stopped a thief from shaming the country. Nothing.

  5. Just pray until your day are over. Nothing will change. If the royal start some action for the sake of the nation, I believe the majorities will give their support.

  6. “Najib is fixing the mess creating by others since the 80s”
    Exactly how, sotong?
    Certainly not with phrases like Cina Tsunami, Balik Tong San, Kaffir Harbi, Melayu Kimma dll, surely? He has encouraged large-scale thuggery and hoolinganism and further usurpation by the Entitlement and Rent-seeking Hubris of the Malay elite. Corruption is off the scale!

    Even the much maligned lapdog can’t stand it:

    If UMNOb wins GE-14, it will be because of PASUMNOb, horrendous cheating and a possibility of the Semi-rural Chinese and Indians seeing the hypocrisy and infighting within the Oppo.

    Btw, i congratulate YB Liow on the vid. I respect him as a person, if not his party of maladjusted morons. Hmm.., there is always the first time!

    • I thought I am the only one who needs Uncle LaMoy’s psycho drug. Perhaps, there is indeed hope for Malaysia. Thanks for the youtube. Pakatan Harapan with a few MCA MP.

    • Wait a minute! Doggie. What’s the point talking to us the enlightened? Be a good dog, bite that idiot in aussie land will you. Don’t let CK do the fighting only

  7. /// sotong August 30, 2017 at 11:32 am
    Two people stand out in the 80s creating the mess destroying the country today – TDM on politics of race and Anwar, on religion. In combination, they have done enormous permanent damage to the country. ///

    I would put the blame squarely on Mahathir. Anwar was his tool to counter the ascendant PAS threat. He brought in the firebrand ABIM leader to out-Islam PAS. The rest is history. And Malaysia as a tolerant multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious country is also history.

  8. The Royal families should open up their Istanas and have meetings with the rakyats who come to present a petition or to be heard. Even though there is no guarantee that they can solve the issues brought forward at least they are listening to the rakyat and are taking actions through their Menteri Besars. Right now the royalties are almost invisible except for certain occassions where they grace the events. They should be lije the old Rajas and Sultans as potrayed in the old Malay movies where the rakyat can present their cases for adjudication.
    A couple of Sultans are known to turun padang whenever there is a catastrophy in their state such as flooding or lanslide. When these Sultans visit the disaster areas all state machineries are mobilised. This endears the royalty to the rakyat and show that the rulers care for their rakyat. Even though this job has now been relegated to the MB or Federal Ministers the royalty would be seen to play their part.
    When the rakyat wants to present a petition to the Ruler, have a palace official accept the petition if the Ruler feels it is beneath his position to receive a petition instead of just ignoring the effort.

    • The Rulers should rein in their Muftis. Muftis are supposed to provide advice to the rulers on religious issues and not make public statements. Any statement or announcement on Islam will be made by tge rulers who are protectors of the Malay culture and Islamic faith.

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