Lying Again: The DOJ has stopped investigating 1MDB?

August 13, 2017

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Proof The DOJ Has Stopped Investigating 1MDB??!

by Najib Razak’s Communications Team

The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) suspension of its civil suits against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) shows there is a lack of evidence of wrongdoing by the state investment fund, says the Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications team.

“Civil suits related to this case which started a year ago, which has essentially gone nowhere without sufficient evidence, are now frozen,” said its deputy director Datuk Eric See-To in a statement on Friday.

He added that the civil action against 1MDB, without sufficient evidence, signalled the political motivation of individuals from the previous US administration.

He stressed that it was important to note that 1MDB “is not a party to the DoJ’s civil suits.”

“As far as 1MDB is concerned, all its funds have been accounted for, in addition to the Malaysia Attorney-General’s statements after the DoJ filings that there has been no evidence of any misappropriation of funds,” he said.

Sarawak Report’s comment

It is not surprising these government spokespeople are lying in the face of mountains of documented evidence, since the Najib adminstration has turned blatant misinformation and rejection of the truth into its trademark. Like most criminals in the dock they will continue to plead not guilty until the judge and jury finds them otherwise.

The DOJ spokespeople have stayed the proceedings of the civil case, because that means they can get on with their active parallel criminal investigation at their leisure with the assets still frozen and out of the reach of Riza, Jho and all the rest.  This is how they put it:

The United States makes this Motion on the ground that proceeding with the case is likely to have an adverse effect on the ability of the government to conduct a related federal criminal investigation… The government seeks a stay pending the resolution of a related federal criminal investigation arising from the same fact alleged in the First Amended Complain on the grounds that proceeding with the instant action is likely to have an adverse effect on the government’s ability to conduct the related criminal investigation.”

Trying to pretend that this means anything other than that criminal investigations are ongoing and that the FBI are happy to keep assets frozen for as long as those take represents no more than a refusal to read the print on the page by Najib’s circle.

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Relying again on insinutations that new law enforcers are friendly to Najib unlike old ones, again merely betrays BN’s fundamental failure to understand the basic principles of modern democratic governance, which demand that the executive keeps its nose and manipulative interferences out of judicial processes.

3 thoughts on “Lying Again: The DOJ has stopped investigating 1MDB?

  1. What Najib’s team reveal is that Najib DO hope to do a deal with Trump to get out of his mess. The problem is Najib’s team like his wife has no realistic idea of what real prices and values are of these things..They, at some corner of their head, think there is a chance that the US is not that different than Malaysia where institutions, laws and checks and balance are cheap and disposable at the convenience of the powerful.

    There is truth that Trump could not care less about DOJ action on Najib BUT the agencies in the US are all institutions, even to bend it, the price is not so cheap..What can Najib offer to Trump to get him to do it? Can Najib make North Korea stand down? Can Najib help white wash Russia investigation? Can Najib solve Syria? Can Najib get China to do what Trump wants? Not even close. They do not have what Trump wants to do what they want. Even just say slowing down the case, its a lot of political heat for Trump if he is found out – what can Najib offer? All they can do is try a few things like giving information on North Korea for a promise to help, that is all they will get, just a promise with nothing concrete. Najib cannot afford a real Trump deal.

  2. The Fat lady may not sing but there is a canary in the room which indicate that it will sing if there is a quid pro quo.There is a giant transformation of an Asean Tiger into a whimpering cub which cannot find even the dog biscuit. Pension funds are hollowed out, GLCs are hollowed out and soon the Ah Longs will be banging on the door.

  3. Dream on, Pekan walla. Your time is up. Once you fall, you will never recover. Fat Rosie will sing and we will clap.

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