Bumiputeraism is Entitlement, UMNO Corruption and Abuse of Power

August 7, 2017

Bumiputeraism is Entitlement, UMNO Corruption and Abuse of Power

by Mariam Mokhtar


Image result for i am not a crook najib razakThe Godfather of Bumiputerism


What has “bumiputeraism” done for the Malay, apart from giving him a sense of entitlement and make him lord it over the other Malaysians who are not Malay?

The so-called “bumiputeras” could make a real difference in Malaysia, but labelling people, “bumiputera”, is not the way forward. After 60 years of sleepwalking, of which 40 were spent living in denial, Malaysians need to wake up. The term “bumiputera” needs to be consigned to the history books, immediately.

If the people want another reason to reassure them that “bumiputeraism” is wrong, and misleading, they need only look at the Orang Asli (when the mamaks covert it), and think, “Why are they, the original settlers of the Peninsula, not considered ‘bumiputera’ (when the Mamaks of Pulau Pinang desperately want that label)?” The Malays are as pendatang as the non-Malays whom the nationalist Malays like to denigrate.

The word “bumiputera” is synonymous with privilege and division. It manifests itself in racism. It is divisive. It is unfair. It creates a lot of angst and builds resentment.

Related imageThe Super rich UMNO bumiputera with loads of cash (rm230 million)


No parents would like to admit that any one of their children is their favourite. No teachers would like to admit that they have pupils whom they like best, and treat better than the rest of the class. Why should any Malaysian leader mark out a section of the population, to whom they give special treatment? Some of us complain about the west having a class system; we are no different.

For more than four decades, the Malays were told that as “bumiputeras”, they were special. In reality, the term was only used as a feel-good factor so that the majority of Malays could be manipulated by Malay politicians, to harness Malay votes.

Rich bumiputeras benefit the most

The GLCs and bumiputera corporations, which have a finger in every Malaysian economic pie, are helmed by Umno-Baru appointees. Rich bumiputeras benefit the most from “bumiputeraism”.

Rich Malay children benefit from scholarships, when their parents could easily afford school and university fees. Rich Malays get a hefty discount on the purchase of luxury houses when by right, the discount system should only help needy Malays. Rich Malays benefit from share allocations, when in real life poor Malays have no spare cash to indulge in the buying of shares.

Affirmative action policies mean that the Malays are regularly spoon-fed and given bigger crutches to make them dependent on the government.

Sadly, the daily diet of Biro Tatanegara (BTN), of being told false stories that the Malay race and Islam are under threat, that the DAP, Christians and Chinese are going to undermine Malaysia, means that few Malays want to leave their comfort zone, and ditch their reassuring “bumiputera” tag.

Many non-Malays, who enter the big bad world of education or commerce, must learn from their mistakes. The Malays are spared such agonies. Many non-Malays must also try harder and work twice as hard. Not so the Malays.

A non-Malay may get a string of As and be active in sports, charitable deeds and non-academic activities, but he may still not win the coveted scholarship to a public Malaysian university. It is alleged that in schools, the pass mark for Malays is lowered, so that more Malays are able to progress onto the next stage of their education. How fair is that?

Instead of making the Malay strive harder, we are rewarding mediocrity. We hear stories about some Malays failing to make the grade in their first year at overseas universities. It is not entirely their fault. Throughout their young lives, they were told they were the cream of the crop. Suddenly, overnight, they must enter the competitive world.

For a few Malays, studying overseas is a massive culture shock. The girls at least, have stepped out from a highly regulated “bumiputera” world, where many things are taboo, to a fascinating place where the sky’s the limit. Whereas in the past, they were continually told what to wear, how to behave and what to do, now they are free to do as they please.

The “bumiputeras” with a “kabel” to senior UMNO-Baru politicians, thrive. Ordinary “bumiputeras” have to fight among themselves for a slice of the increasing smaller economic pie.

Election gimmick?

Last week, PM Najib Abdul Razak said he would investigate ways to enable Indian Muslims to be considered “bumiputera”. This election gimmick will backfire.

Any true Indian Muslim worth his salt will be proud of his Indian ethnicity and heritage. Indians are normally associated with the Hindu religion, so an Indian who professes to be Muslim is merely changing his faith. He is not changing his race. Furthermore, changing one’s religion does not alter one’s genetic make-up.

If Indian Muslims are to be given “bumiputera” status, Chinese Muslims, Bangladesh Muslims, Bosnian Muslims or Indonesian Muslims should be accorded the same status. Watching on the sidelines will be the Malay, who until now, saw himself as the privileged “bumiputera”.

Image result for Mariam Mokhtar and MahathirOnce an UMNO Bumiputera now branded an Indian


With other races jumping onto the “bumiputera” bandwagon, the ultra Malay will discover that the special “bumiputera” club, is getting overcrowded, and its Malay genetic DNA much diluted. When everyone is special, no one person is special.

12 thoughts on “Bumiputeraism is Entitlement, UMNO Corruption and Abuse of Power

    • I appreciate the piece is well-intended but what is there in it I ask that somebody like myself born and schooled in Malaysia did not know way back in the 1960’s!

  1. Those among who feel the urge to be a bumiputera, please email me as I am anxious to unload that label. You are not required to bersunat ( circumsized) or tukar agama. There is no transfer fee. In fact, I will buy you dinner and advise you on how to be a bumi.

    I am sure Tok Cik and Orang Malaya too will be happy to part with theirs. This monkey has been on our backs for a long time. Initially I thought I should approach those mamaks in Penang. But since Najib promised to give them this status, I did not pursue the idea. CLF, katasayang, et.al interested?–Din Merican.

    • I already sunat, I read the koran (translated), I speak Malay, I like to have many real Malay wives, but unfortunately, I would only qualify if I change my stance that all Malaysians should be equal irrespective of who conquered their maternal lines.

    • I too am prepared to give up my bumi privilege for a song. The title doesn’t give any headway or advantage in my line of job.

    • Bumi in name only but never enjoyed the “entitlement and privilege” as I am not well connected and have no strong cable to UMNOb even though my parents were fully involved in the Merdeka activities and going from North to South campagning with Tunku and the gang.

    • I am so glad for your decision, Dato! That is a good decision!

      As for the offer, I could approach my MCA uncles and cousins. Most of my nephews and nieces got passports elsewhere already 😛 Perhaps, we could convince 1PM or TunM to consider granting YapAhLoy a posthumous bumi I/C first. My pendatang Hakka bloodline have been dreaming about finding a home for centuries.
      Many Hakka really still needed a home. We will build up Malaysia if Malaysia could give us a reason to stop calling ourselves ‘pendatang’.

      Malaysia had a pendatang Hakka LKY. I am sure there are many potential LKY waiting to help build Malaysia, if given a chance.

  2. Nah.., no worries, Din. I’m good. Thanks.

    My significant other already has 2 Feudal Federal Panglimas – and i don’t mind being anonymous. Anyway, i’ve always kept to the principle that criticisms of exceptional ethnic hubris need to be addressed by the afflicted themselves. It is said: ‘Physician, heal thyself!’ – cuz no one else can do it for you.

    Unless the Malays can see the folly of their ways and the grossest of manipulative abuse, why should we pendatangs and kafir haram who are non-harbi, bother? Anyway, this is for those who’re congenitally BTN minded:

    Btw, i would like to congratulate Pak Kassim Ahmad and Sdr Rosli Dahlan for winning their long drawn battle against JAWI and that apanama minister in PMO who is a SuperBumi. Justice most times need secular inference to rein in their wild camel instincts.

  3. The Rogue here is the Malay Doctor who should have been but still awaits public trial before the Malaysian people. “Justice” or “Fairness” are words outside his vocabulary (save when dealing with his own); once while he was presenting his “great self” to the Malaysian Students in London, he was rightly criticized by a fearless student; later I heard this student’s scholarship was withdrawn. No reasons were given! No, he remains your no.1 rogue and unless your legal system goes on to prove no one is above it – the rest of the world will regard it as a mockery.

  4. Yes, orang malaya 12:46

    Non-Bumiputera partners of the UMNO Baru Bumi elite (i.e. the MCA, MIC etc head honcho) are better off than the ordinary Bumi. Partners in crime, partners in maintaining the klepto, semi-apartheid system of 1Malaysia.

  5. Tens of billions were allocated in the budget solely for the bumi in exchange for support and vote……become bumi now, by hook or crook, to be in the corrrupt politicians’ game!

    Those leaders in the political grouping of ‘ Malays ‘ who promote ‘ entitlements and privileges ‘ do not know the real meaning of shame and pride and the enormous damage it has caused.

    Decades of shameless and grossly unreasonable demand for entitlement and privileges has created many Malay/Muslim freeloaders. These people have total disregard of rules and law because they think it is their ‘ entitlement ‘. Further. because the political grouping of Malay/Muslim are in the majority and in the position of power, bad and corrupt leaders emerged from this group to exploit the situation destroying the country – this is seen since the 80s.

    Entitlement is a toxic narcissistic trait, repeatedly exposing the Malay/Muslim to the risk of feeling frustrated, unhappy and disappointed with life.

    Confronting their weaknesses/limitations is especially threatening to the entitled person because it violates their world view of self-superiority.

    With millions directly affected for decades, this presents a HUGE problem for the Non Malay/Muslim and the country, let alone the rising of Malay/Muslim extremism.

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