Great, Tuanku Sultan of Perak, but look at the record

August 7, 2017

Great, Tuanku Sultan of Perak, but look at the record

Malay rulers best protector of people’s interests, says Perak sultan

Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah says fundamental principles should not be sacrificed in trying to protect any party, organisation or individual. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 5, 2017.

THE Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah, said the Malay rulers were in the best position to protect the interests of the people from being hit by “waves of power struggle”.

He said the royal institution was a continuation of tradition in maintaining the nation’s identity and a symbol of sovereignty. “The Malay rulers are in the best position to protect the interests of the people,” he said at the strengthening national pillar convention today.

He said the basic things, especially those touching on Islam and the Malays, which had been agreed upon during the enactment of the constitution, should not be traded for the purpose of achieving short-term political gains.

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Malaysia’s Transformational  Leader–Hold him to account

The fundamental principles should not be sacrificed in trying to protect any party, organisation or individual.

“The fundamental principles touching on Islam and the  Malay should never be compromised.  Whatever the excuses,  whatever  tricks there may be in achieving the short-term goals of any party, the fate of the ummah (Muslims) must not be put at stake today or in future,” he said.

Nazrin said it was the responsibility of the rulers to observe, monitor and to have the courage to tick off those running the country to ensure that they were transparent, sincere, accountable and honest in carrying out their responsibilities for the overall peace, prosperity and well-being of the nation.

He said the ruler was not merely there to fulfil the traditional functions of a constitutional monarchy or as a symbol of power in performing ceremonial tasks.

“The ruler is not just a rigid decorative monument, who is lifeless and with no soul. Rulers are not blind, deaf and dumb.”

He said the honest views in relation to Islam, the national language, unity of the people, freedom of the judiciary, corruption, abuse of power and various other issues arise with the intention to ensure the country remains stable and safe so that the people could live in peace and prosperity.

Nazrin said it was important for those who were in the position to advise the rulers to be sincere, wise, knowledgeable and truthful so that the ruler is not lulled into believing and being influenced by untruths.

“Those who falsify facts and protect the truth from the ruler are committing treason,” he said. –Bernama, August 5, 2017.

17 thoughts on “Great, Tuanku Sultan of Perak, but look at the record

  1. I am at a loss. Can someone cite some example where the Rulers have acted to protect the interest of the rakyat in relation to Islam, the national language, unity of the people, freedom of the judiciary, corruption, abuse of power and various other issues arising. All I’ve seen were Rulers hiding behind the Palace walls and claiming that they cannot get involved in politics even when called upon by the Rakyat or when the Rakyat wishes to hand over a petition.

    • Reality, buddy, is in the eye of the beholder!
      These guys don’t even pay tax, much less zakat do they?
      It has always been ‘Us against Them’.

      Often, i wonder how it would’ve been in a Republic – but realized that a functioning and honest Constitutional Monarchy will be just as resilient. Unfortunately, the hubris, inherited self-interest and sheer hypocrisy seem to be the norm in feudalistic, apartheid societies.

  2. Will somebody please come out to call a spade a spade?
    What is uttered is the most puke-provoking speech, ever!

  3. In Thailand, Japan and elsewhere the right monarch can do as painted by Nazrin but even there, its shown when the wrong monarch, its horrifying can go very wrong..You need thinking excellent institutions as check and balance, not inherited ones. Inherited ones always fails eventually to the challenges of life, its the natural cycle of life and rightly so.

    The Sultans failed the Malays for centuries and even post independence, they have been far from exemplery. Who does not know Nazrin father was a corrupted Judge and he is no so innocent in the Perak Coup…

  4. A text book perfect speech from a PhD Sultan.

    HRH I believe is presently the Deputy Agong. I would like to hear HRH’s views on the extension of the Chief Justice’s tenure. This should fit in very well with HRH’s comments about “…fundamental principles should not be sacrificed in trying to protect any party, organisation or individual”

    There is nothing more fundamental than the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia.

  5. It is better not to comment on anything akin to day-light robberies that take place at nation’s expense and maintain one’s acknowledged wisdom.

    “Those who falsify facts and protect the truth from the ruler are committing treason,” – brave words.

    Tody’s rulers, by and large, by themselves are well educated and (should) possess critical minds. And yet, the show goes on with the gate-keepers doing little or nothing.

    Or may be they are really doing a lot of things behind the scene to advise or reprimand power-holding politicians in the cause of advancing public interests. If so, living ex-rulers and those about to step down, should write books or autobiographies to give their narratives including what have they done in their dealings with power-holders to bring about transformation for public good, which would not have otherwise taken place.

  6. This guy is as good as his words dictate other than that he is a letdown. What he says and what he does is two different things. And this is nothing new or strange.

    I guess the reason is pretty obvious – when you are indebted to the ruling junta (re: Umno) you are forever beholden to the party and the people at the helm. He may spew vitriol but the words have no bearing on the high and mighty, let alone the party’s underlings.

    And being a Perakean, I am terribly disappointed.

    • I would only believe that sultan if he could finally appoint a non muslim as MB. Perak sultans had lost the opportunity to be seen as progressive by not appointing non muslims as MB when PPP and PR won the election in 1969 and 2008 respectively

  7. ” There is nothing more fundamental than the Federal Constitution ” in relation to the various rights , special privileges & powers of the Ruler/s of the states…. ( Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu ) formulated at Independence. BUT as always , that the privileges ought not be abused….

    But also, the normative of the Malay term ‘ Daulat ‘ is often misconstrued or misunderstood by the masses to mean ‘ invincibility ‘ , that’s not the case (like the legendary Badang or Hang Tuah in the Malay annals.) With some legal amendments resorted to by the Govt some years back, The Constitution is slightly modified , to state even a Ruler can be be sued under the civil law…. (‘ Daulat ‘ used to be total Invincibility , like as if they are ‘ super humans ‘ ….. or immortals )

    Considering that , as distinguished from Invincibility , they are conferred with a degree of ‘ Immunity ‘ that befits them as Head of the State….by the very fact of immunity to an extent, their Neutrality , in itself is conducive to forge the Malaysians , irregardless of race , ethnicity or religious belief , to live in peace & harmony so as to ‘ live and die as TRUE Malaysians ‘…… – this crucial point is to lauded & cherished …..

    ” Daulat ” is a misnomer, if I may say.

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