National Unity in Malaysia

August 5, 2017

Between The Lines: National Unity in Malaysia

Channel News Asia

What are the challenges of forging national unity in a post-colonial, multi-ethnic state? From Kuala Lumpur, our panel of Malaysian experts evaluates the country’s progress, and outlines the tasks ahead.


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COMMENT: Today, Malaysia is a divided nation led by a corrupt Prime Minister. Before unity can be restored, Najib Razak and UMNO kleptocrats and their surrogates in Barisan Nasional (namely MCA, MIC and Gerakan) and PAS must be removed via democratic elections. Otherwise, it is all talk, which is at best purely speculative and futile. The country is in a political crisis. Malaysians know that, but they are not willing to openly admit that their country is a dysfunctional state heading towards a financial crisis due to the 1mdb scandal, and high national debt and a weakening economic fundamentals.–Din Merican

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3 thoughts on “National Unity in Malaysia

  1. What would it take to make the 1MDB FUBAR go away?

    The problem will remain insoluble, even if or when the Oppo takes over. Until and unless some nebulous entity is willing to buy up the oocysts (thick walled spores of parasites), we are dead. The DoJ is keenly monitoring developments, and will go after any such transaction – if it crosses borders.

    Whatever it takes, the Penyamun and his pet porker must walk the plank. Followed by the brain atrophied deputy and all the arse lickers. A very Long March.

    Do the Malusians have the will? From what i gather on the ground, the long suffering pendatang will more likely vote for the person, rather than the party.

    Giving the gullible the right to vote is like casting pearls to a bunch of buffoons. Sorry I sound elitist, but it is true because they do not know that they can make difference. They are completely their minds to vote Najib when they know he is crook.If they still do for peanut ringgits, then they deserve the ruin that is coming to them. Look at Zimbabwe,Venezuela under Maduro, and Turkey led by Erodogan.–Din Merican

  2. I think most of us here are too Peninsula-centric, Din.

    The ‘problem’ does not reside only in the Kampong-fied seats, which have been gerrymandered to kingdom come. It is the East Malaysian states – which all those glaucomic and terminally myopic M’kini Oppo folk ought to look at.

    While Warisan under Shafie Apdal seem doing well in Sabah, the same can’t be said of the Oppo blokes in Sarawak. The greater the distance from the center, the less, FUBAR scandals like 1MDB, FGV, LTH etc will impact. It is not only the Malays who need to change, but also the parochial, illiterate agrarian and hunter-gatherer mentality of the East Malaysian indigenous tribes. The only thing that moves them is their alimentary tract, gonads, deity or lack thereof. That’s why things like RUU 355 becomes ‘weaponized’, and can cut either way.

    Talking to some of the semi-urban and rural ‘pendatangs’, i get the impression that DAP and thus PH will lose some 15-20% of their votes – and support from them will fall to about 60-65%, even in Selangor and Penang. These will be the king-makers. While the Goons may be swamped by UMNOb loses to PPBM, Amanah and PKR, the equation becomes more tenuous in marginal seats – especially when PAS plays it’s spoiler role. The margins will be minuscule.

    In essence the Fed Center will be further infested with more Sarawakian and Sabahan ministers – who generally have the moral-ethical ability of proboscis monkeys.

    So my prediction is that, even though the Oppo’s popular vote might increase marginally and UMNOb lose even more Fed MP seats, it may not be enough to kick out the dastardly and morally corrupt gangsters, shysters and launderers.

    That’s ‘Democrazy’ for you. It’s still better than any oligarchy or authoritarian despotism.

    So my question remains the same: What to do with 1MDB? It’s time for Octo, Muhyi and Kak Wan to give us a clear answer – cuz the Bankrupt by RM 45-50 billion Goons can’t!

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