Amazing Malaysia keeps its most corrupt Prime Minister in power

August 4, 2017

Amazing Malaysia keeps its most corrupt Prime Minister in power


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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak faced renewed questions Thursday (Aug 3) over a 2002 sale of submarines to his country after a close associate was charged in France over alleged kickbacks.

Najib, then Defence Minister, oversaw the deal worth nearly €1 billion (US$1.18 billion) to buy two Scorpene-class submarines and one Agosta-class submarine from French naval dockyards unit DCN, which is linked to French defence group Thales.

Abdul Razak Baginda advised Najib at the time. An investigation into the deal was launched in 2010 in response to a complaint from Malaysian rights group Suaram, and investigators allege Abdul Razak received kickbacks.

He was charged in July in France with “active and passive complicity in corruption” and “misappropriation of corporate assets”, a French judicial source told AFP this week.

He denies wrongdoing, saying in a statement after the news broke that he had “not committed any crime of corruption or breached any laws in the matter”.

Image result for Malaysia's Scorpene SubmarinesSUARAM’s call for accountability for this serious crime of corruption has fallen on deaf ears despite its continuous effort to demand answers from the Government of Malaysia. The insistence of our government leaders that French law cannot reach them, speaks volumes of the ignorance coupled with a lack of political will to perform its obligations under the UNCAC (UN Convention Against Corruption)


On Thursday Suaram, in a joint statement with NGO The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism, urged Malaysian authorities to take action.

“It is no longer tenable for the Malaysian authorities to dismiss the Scorpene deal as above board and keep silent on the damning developments in France,” the statement said.


“Najib was the Defence Minister that signed on the contract then – we urge for him to answer for what happened then, and what would be the steps taken by Malaysian institutions.”


Malaysia’s Most Corrupt Prime Minister Najib Razak remains in power,despite scandals. He is the country’s Houdini

A spokesman in Najib’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Najib has previously denied any link to the graft allegations, rejecting them as a politically motivated smear by the opposition.

As part of the deal DCN agreed to pay €30 million to Thales’ Asian unit, Thales International Asia (Thint Asia).

The investigation revealed that another company, Terasasi, whose main shareholder was Abdul Razak, received an equivalent sum for what was billed as consultancy work, but which investigators believe was really a front for kickbacks.

Under the French legal system, a suspect is charged if there is “serious” proof of wrongdoing. The case is examined by an investigating magistrate, who has the power to decide either that there is no case to answer, or to send the matter for trial in court.

The person who has been charged will almost certainly be interviewed by the magistrate investigating the case.

The affair emerged spectacularly in 2006, when Abdul Razak’s Mongolian mistress – who was said to have demanded a payoff for working as a language translator in the deal – was shot dead and her body blown up with plastic explosives near Kuala Lumpur. He was later cleared of abetting the murder.


7 thoughts on “Amazing Malaysia keeps its most corrupt Prime Minister in power

  1. Looks like Malaysians love their PM. Corruption and international opinion is all fake news to them. The country’s legal system has cleared him of any wrong doing. That’s all matters to them. They simply love him and his spouse.

  2. Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Pasir Salak UMNO chief says 1MDB is only about money. Its not, in fact, money has long ago being secondary to bigger issue which is the unsustainable govt structure and system that is ALL Najib’s doing.

    BUT to put it more simply to those voters that find the concept of sustainable govt too complicated, its about whether voters are simply stupid because Najib is nothing, simply disposable and the UMNO-Hadi’s PAS structure is holding it up for their own selfish ends. UMNO-Hadi’s PAS holds their constituent in contempt and only stupid people vote for those that hold them in contempt.

  3. ” ….all powers corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely …. : Lord Acton.

    No where else more true than in Malusia ( to borrow CLF’ s infamous cliche ! ) –

    Most powers should be delegated , otherwise why do you have all the Deputy & Assistant Ministers , KSU’s & Deputies …..the whole bunch, to do the minor, minor everyday mundane things…..

    But no, in Malusia its ” I ” all the time …no one else ….. simple psychology , its the sickness of a guilt-ridden mind….. psychotic mind , as the expert psychologist will say…..
    Translated : ikut sesuka hati…..laaaa….

  4. Sorry, I have personally witnessed , school kids after school , pulling and tugging over ‘ toys ‘ – BUT the dominant boy has his say all the time : (to the effect ‘ all these toys are my toys…. none of yours .’ – the big bully-boy …..)

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