A Malay is an UMNO Construct

August 3, 2017

A Malay is an UMNO Construct .Go figure

by S. Thayaparan



Image result for zahid hamidi is a javanese

Zahid Hamidi is a Melayu SeJati defined by UMNO.

Image result for Najib the Bugis Warrior Even  a Bugis is a True Malay  since he is UMNO President


“I want to be a normal member. Because I cannot do anything (for the Malays).”

– former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad

COMMENT | Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has chosen to insult the Indian community with his “attack” on Pakatan Harapan chairperson and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Indian pedigree and subsequent actions as not being a Malay “trait”.

To be honest, I had been expecting something like this for a couple of months now – “The only thing that is different this time is because the Malay community is fractured, and UMNO has had to play the race and religion card against its own. Playing the race and religion card against your own community is a recipe for disaster, especially when the country does not have an alternative to the Islam proscribed by UMNO.”

Since the struggle for the Malay soul – read: vote – is now between UMNO and Bersatu, this whole idea of demonstrating “Malay-ness” becomes the battleground, instead of real policies which would take the Malay community in a new direction.

I never understood what a “Malay” sejati was anyway. As far as I can tell, to UMNO, any Malay who is not in the UMNO fold in not a true Malay.

I remember when then Prime Minister Mahathir chided his Malay/UMNO base (during numerous annual general meetings) on their “mudah lupa”-ness , their laziness , their ineptitude, their incompetence and their general “tidak apa” attitude , in other words, “traits” which he found detestable, the sycophants that surrounded him went to the press and claimed that the good doctor was giving them strong medicine because he really loved UMNO and wanted the best for UMNO and its members.

Once out of UMNO, he becomes an Indian

Do you think I am seditious when I talk about these Malay traits? Mahathir has more or less said the same. The former premier said Malays had failed because they were lazy and sought the easy way out by reselling their shares, licences and contracts to non-Malays.

“They cannot be patient, cannot wait a little, they want to be rich this very moment… no work is done other than to be close to people with influence and authority in order to get something,” he said. “After selling and getting the cash, they come back to ask for more.”

Perhaps Zahid should take the former Prime Minister’s advice and learn from the Chinese: “If we take out the Chinese and all that they have built and own, there will be no small or big towns in Malaysia, there will be no business and industry, there will be no funds for the subsidies, support and facilities for the Malays. Learn from the Chinese.”

Again, if you think I am racist or seditious for defining the narrative in such a way, please keep in mind that the reason why we have buffoons like these UMNO ministers blathering on about authentic Malays is because the current opposition de facto leader, Mahathir Mohamad admitted that he “failed” to change the “Malay” mindset:

“What else (can I do) … I have tried to be an example, tried to teach, scolded, cried and even prayed. (But) I have failed. I have failed to achieve the most important thing – how to change the Malays.”

Now, of course, the UMNO narrative is that because he was not an authentic Malay, what he really did was use UMNO for his personal interests. This is kind of a joke because UMNO has always had special privileges for its members, all the rest are discounted citizens.

Mind you these are the same traits that some folks believe would seep into their respective cultures, so Zahid is not the only person who is worried about the authenticity of his race and religion. Go figure.

However since this is the Deputy Prime Minister we are talking about here, he never stops to consider that maybe just maybe, there is a Malay proverb that addresses this specific trait because such traits exist in the Malay community as they do in all communities.

As this kind of basic logic is way over the head of a political operative like Zahid, what we are left with is the kind of Malay (ketuanan) trait that makes some Muslims worry for the mental health of their community.

This is the same kind of Malay “trait” that makes a group like Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) lodge a report against Marian Mahathir for “liking” a twitter post support of the LGBT community. Of course if some prominent person liked a Twitter post in support of some banned Islamic extremist group, these same people would have no trouble supporting a “like” and demonizing detractors as Islamophobic.

While some folks may argue that these are the “traits” of the Malay community and they would also argue that we should be mindful lest the other – pendatang – communities are tainted by such traits, ultimately what we are dealing with is the racist nature of mainstream politics here in Malaysia.

I am kind of fuzzy on the logic behind this attack. Is Mahathir not an authentic Malay because of his Indian heritage, or because he left UMNO and is now working with the opposition?

If not leaving UMNO is a Malay trait, then what does it say about all those other Malays who have left UMNO? What does it say about those Malay who are not “tainted” by pendatang ancestry but who no longer are part of the UMNO establishment or who have been in UMNO?

And if working with the opposition is not a Malay trait then what does it say about the numerous UMNO /Malay political operatives who are working with PAS, a supposedly opposition party and at one time the arch-enemy of UMNO?

“This is our culture. We do not know what is hardship, we only want things to be easy,” is how Mahathir defined Malay culture. Is he wrong? Of course Zahid will say that all these utterances of Mahathir just prove that he is not an authentic Malay ignoring the fact when he was saying them in the various UMNO general assemblies, the sycophants were prostrating themselves before him and acknowledging their sins.

Ibrahim Yahya, the Deputy Prime Minister’s aide, claimed that the politics of hate that is sowed by the opposition is destroying the country, but the reality is that that the politics of hate defines this country. This is just another example of what I have always said.

17 thoughts on “A Malay is an UMNO Construct

  1. I am a Punjabi Muslim convert married to a Malay. Are my children automatically Malays?
    Bro Mazlan, join UMNO and your dilemma will disappear! I am surprised that you want to be regarded as Malay.–Din Merican

    • They would have to be naturalized. Children of foreign fathers have to be naturalized like yourself as per our male dominant Constitution. But, being a Muslim helps a lot. But, from the name you have used, I am quite sure you are already a Welayu, and not a Punjab Muslim.

  2. What a fantastic discourse of the real situation in Malaysian politics, ie to deal with the most unimportant matter at hand.
    How true is it that for the duration of Mamak Kuti’s tenure as the boss, there was not a whimper of the kuti’s racial heritage from umno, (The MIC should have fought for a deputy-ship of the then government, solely on the fact that their candidate was 100% blue-blooded Indian!!!) this was left to the opposition and to a greater extent the alternative media.
    The problems Malaysia is undergoing is far greater than one’s racial heritage. One can understand if this came from a low level ass-licker bn politician but the deputy PM, this is least expected. Maybe the deputy is exhibiting his real level. What a sad case.

  3. Identity – one of the most misapplied words and concepts in our language, and one that has given rise to some of the most heated passions and crimes throughout history.

  4. Quote :- “I am a Punjabi Muslim convert married to a Malay. Are my children automatically Malays?”

    If your children DO NOT one day join UMNO and be the president, deputy president, etc, they will be known as “Punmak”

    Congratulations, you are the proud primogenitor of a new breed of……………?

    Perhaps Comdr.Thayaparan can assist En. Mazlan here and ease his troubled mind with the probable permutational definition of his children’s “race”?

    My advice?, join UMNO and all your troubles are over, until you or your children leave of course.

  5. Zahid Hamidi said that Mahathir is not Malay because he “used the Malay and UMNO and then discarded them”.. This coming from the man who vowed staunch loyalty to Anwar then betrayed and begged Mahathir to forgive him, now attack Mahathir supposedly because “he is very loyal”.. If Zahid Hamidi is true Malay and UMNO loyalist, then using Malay and UMNO and discarding them is true Malay and UMNO pure blood.

  6. Actually there is a novel way in which “Melayu Sejati (Tulen) UMNOb” can be created. But we first have to do some gene editing using the CRISPR-Cas-9 method.

    Dunno what that is? Here, from Newsweek:

    For starters, these ‘pure’ Malay wannabes may consider deleting the VMAT2 gene (responsible for spiritual or mystical experiences) and replacing it a yet undetermined camel loving sequence (perhaps the mythical UMNOb1 JAVA-Zahood gene).

    However it only works on single cell embryos. Which means that UMNOb has to wait at least a generation before the new DNA sequence can establish viable offspring branded as “Melayumnob”. That is, if they were to start now with plenty of resources, brainpower and camel loads geniuses.

    Fei Xai Jhlo might be able to help as he has deep contacts within Cancer researchers in Texas and an absolutely secure quarantine research vessel – the yacht, Equanimity. Leo, Paris and Miranda will be jealous..

    Oops, i forgot – the 1MDB donation has gone missing.. And MO1 is trying Fudge. So how?

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  8. So Umno is redefining what a Malay is. But then when we look at the definition of what a Malay is per our country’s Federal Constitution, doesn’t that leave you asking ‘Huh?’ So the million dollar question that I have asked in the past still remains unanswered which is ‘How exactly do you define a Malay?’
    By definition a Chinese is someone who has ancestral heritage to the land called China. Similarly an Indian is someone who has ancestral linkage to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (the definition can easily be searched on google). But obviously this definition can’t apply to Malays as people with ancestral linkage to the land we now call Malaysia are the orang asli. So are Orang Asli the true Malays?

    • An Arab just like a Malay is a cultural definition.It was the British that defined the Malays on cutural ground and it was adopted in our constitution.

  9. This AZH fellow is a true blue Brutus. He betrayed Anwar by deserting him for diamond pastures and now he betrays TDM by blowing up the latters lineage. Your guess is as good is mine who he will betray next? We’ve all read the script but he has yet to deny it.

  10. Melayu and ‘ Malay ‘, as defined by the Constitution, is totally different.

    In general, the ‘ Malays ‘ can tell you who are the true Melayu. Malay is not a race. True Melayu are the numerous tribes of Orang Asli or Orang Asal.

    The political grouping of ‘ Malays ‘ to create a political class consists of Bugis ( PM ), DPM ( Javanese ), Opposition leader in jail ( mixed of Arab ), TDM ( mixed of Indian ), former PM Tun Abdullah ( has Chinese decendants ), former DPM Musa Hitam ( Mixed of Chinese ), Acheh, Minang, Batak and numerous ethnic Indon and other ethnic races like Indian, Arab, Chinese and etc. in Umno, PAS, PRK and Amanah.

    The decades of corrupt political leadership and culture and gross mismanagement had given rise to Malay/Muslim extremism and continue to expand the recession proof, costly and unproductive ‘ entitlement and rights ‘ industry with enormous long term and permanent damage to a multi racial and religious country.

    The honest, hardworking. powerless and non political ordinary people are the ultimate victims.

  11. Quote:- “How exactly do you define a Malay?”

    Quite simple really. A Malay, according to the DPM, is someone like him.

  12. I have just been told that I need to be circumcised. I swear I am telling the truth. I am a 68 year old Malaysian Chinese. Can I join Umno after the op?
    At 68, you should ask yourself whether it is worthwhile to remove your fore skin to be anything, worse of all to be a member of a corrupt political party like UMNO. Anyway, you can’t be serious.–Din Merican

    • I overheard two 5 year old boys (one Muslim and the other, Jewish) talking.
      Muslim Boy : I was circumcised last week and it hurt like hell for a whole week.
      Jewish Boy : That is nothing. I had mine when I was born. It hurt so much that I could not walk for a year.

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