Malaysia is a Land of Broken Dreams–Thank You, UMNO for Malusia

August 1, 2017

After 60 years, Malaysia is a Land of Broken Dreams–Thank You, UMNO for Malusia

by Azly

The nation must be made to be Malaysian once and for all. Malaysia is one country and cannot be considered in part. There can be no such thing as first and second class citizens anymore. This Malaysian brand of apartheid is morally reprehensible and must be abolished once and for all.–Azly Rahman

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A Forlorn Clock Tower in Kuala Lumpur– A Witness to Malaysia’s Decline

On August 31, 2017, our nation will be celebrating sixty years of Merdeka, or an experiment in being a sovereign state.

As another ritual approaches, and as we think of the hopes, dreams, and legacy of the best Prime Minister we had, Tunku Abdul Rahman, I thought of these ideas of the requirements of a new spirit and structure of citizenship.

The nation must be made to be Malaysian once and for all. Malaysia is one country and cannot be considered in part. There can be no such thing as first and second class citizens anymore. This Malaysian brand of apartheid is morally reprehensible and must be abolished once and for all.

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Essentially, below are considerations for a grand plan or the big picture of change that need to respectively be created and painted in order for Malaysia to offer a pathway to the realization of the “Malaysian Dream,” preceded by key premises.

We cannot escape from the idea that there ought to be winners and losers, whether it is in the way we give grades to students, design economic policies, organise the political system or, ironically, even in the way we understand religion and God and how these relate to what Mohandas Gandhi would call the harijan (children of God).

The continuing issues of succession plaguing the leadership of the major components of all the ruling parties, for example, reflects a virtueless leadership. It even reflects the system of dictatorship and authoritarianism that we have allowed to take root in all parties.

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Malaysia’s  Virtue less Leader

We are seeing the development of another dangerous excess of authoritarianism – the development of political dynasties. We continue to see this culture in the Malay and Chinese political parties as well.

If all that energy is used to design a better system of participatory democracy and philanthropy, and to reach out to other ethnic groups to collaborate in solving the issue of poverty, we, as Malaysians, will become a miracle nation. Poverty is not the problem of various races – it is the problem of Humanity.

How can the rich be saved if the poor are multiplying in large numbers? We will have a society that will need more sophisticated surveillance system in order to reduce robbery, kidnapping, etc.

The poor look at the rich and ask themselves: “Am I poor because I am lazy? Or is he rich because he works a hundred times better? Or is it the system we build that will continue to make the rich richer and the poor poorer?”

What resources do the rich have vis-à-vis the poor to compete in a world that is increasingly technological, technicist, and informational? We have created a system of ethnically-based structural violence. It is a complex problem but one can certainly make sense of it all.

We need to bring back “virtue” to the forefront of our political philosophies and into our economic paradigm, and use it to design a virtuous foundation of our economic system. From a virtuous foundation, we will then see a healthier characterisation of how we design and re-organise our lives as economic beings.

Education, and education alone, though slow and tedious as a process of transformation, will be the most powerful tool of cognitive restructuring and the teaching of virtue.

Education for peace, social justice, co-operation, tolerance and spiritual advancement will be the best foundation for this mode of operation.

How do we even begin creating a republic of virtue if we do not yet have the tools of analysing what a corrupt society is and how corrupt leaders are a product of the economic system created to reproduce more sophisticated forms of corruption?

We must engineer a revolution of our very own consciousness. From the revolution in our minds, we move on to the revolution of our consciousness, and next to our collective consciousness. Gradually, as we realise that a better collective consciousness can be created, we will be aware of the oppositional forces that are disabling real human progress.

We must now become makers of our own history and help others do the same. We must first learn to deconstruct ourselves and draw out the virtue within us, even if the process can be terrifying. We must then each create a manifesto of our own selves and de-evolve from then, until we tear down the structures within and outside of ourselves and reconstruct the foundations of a new order based on our own notion and design of a new republic.

Is there hope today? After sixty years?

18 thoughts on “Malaysia is a Land of Broken Dreams–Thank You, UMNO for Malusia

  1. Today, 1MDB defaulted it’s repayment to IPIC.
    For a so-called sovereign fund, it should be able to pay up easily.
    But it can’t.

    Today, Razak the Baginda, the bosom buddy of Jibs (not Ros) and ex-lover of disassembled (shot and blown to bits) Genghis Khan’s female progeny has been charged in French Court for the Scorpene Affair.

    Today, the Zahood is in a pickle for insulting Octo – who turned around, bit and tentacled him with accusations that he wanted to stab Jibros in the back. Zahood will morphed into the tetradotoxined deputy. Hisap, the ‘Cuz will take over before the Lumps sail into the blue Bayou. That means we should gear up for a snap election.. What??

    MoF is Pokkai. Gomen is Pokkai. Felda is pokkai. EPF, LTH, KWAP etc is gonna be Pokkai. Ordinary folk like me are Pokkai.
    So How?

    And Today, we are bitching about morally reprehensible apartheid in Malusia?
    Yup, it’s the root of all cultural and social decadence, disgrace and deception.
    The Treasury is almost kosong. Milking it clean. Soon they can’t pay civil servants’ salaries.–Din Merican

    • Civil service incl GLCs and Agencies are perceuved to be subdstanttialy single raced with almost all power with it.
      First it Malayanization and then from 1970s it became Malaynization which was balanced among all Malays and then steadily it appears to have been MALAYnization but with power within yhe inner circle.
      The same is perceived to have been extended to other branches of Government.
      Above scenario may also substantially apply to many countries especially the under developed and developing countries as the developed countries may have already achieved status similar to what others may still be in procesd to achieve.

  2. The younger generation only knows 2 PM, Mahathir and Najib and thus associate everything, development and their success to these 2. They don’t know Tunku, Tun Razak and Hussein Onn except what they read in history books. the younger generation don’t know the sacrifices of the earlier leaders and thus don’t appreciate the struggle for the formation of Malaysia.

    For most of the younger generation they grew up segregated in the schools and in their daily life thanks to Mahathir BTN and UMNO. They learn to hate or dislike the other races and are always reminded about what life would be without UMNO. Its up to older folks to educate the youngsters and guide them and show them what life was like in Malaysia in the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. Bring the young people to gatherings of old classmates or class reunion and let them see the camaraderie and friendship that existed across race and religious lines and show them the true spirit of Muhibbah.

    • //They don’t know Tunku, Tun Razak and Hussein Onn except what they read in history books.
      I don’t even read anything about these three in history books!

    • The rewritten history books dont have details about these former PM. They were mentioned in one line as former PM and no details of their contributions and sacrifice were listed. Wow Sri Aman school history books dont have anything on former PM?

  3. I miss the P Ramlee movies which were all Malaysian and they catered for all regardless of race or religion. Todays movies and serials are……..

  4. In the sixties, there was already the call for a Malaysian Malaysia and the Malaysians of all races who had made it big in competitive societies internationally without being coddled is testimony to the the fact that Malays like any other race is up to the challange. Give the supposedly weak clutches and the next thing with be a motorised wheel chair.

  5. Suddenly the Malay intellectuals are anti-pedigree. The Malay Sultans failed the Malays, but it was their educated relatives with backing of the masses that got independence. A political elite with populist racketeering emerged that got treated like royalties. That political class got way too comfortable as new royals and their racketeering ways.

    But it’s not just the nouveau royal Political class that is the problem, you have professional administrators, enforcer and courts, that are full participants of the cheating and abuse.

    Truth is the Malay masses never sought independence on their own. It was a new educated Malay pedigree class who led them. Now, the Malay rural masses are not revolting against their failing rulers on their helpless own. It’s actually intellectual Malays with their suffering non-Malay friends who started the push for change. It’s no coincidence cost of living is what is awakening the Malay masses. Just as the educated pedigree class galvanised the Malays for independence, the Malay intellectuals under the right condition is creating a new Malay political class that is more social democrat than the feudal racketeers. Just as Tunku and his team were pedigree of failed royal class, the current batch of reformist are partners with the old in Mahathir and Bersatu.

    • Constitutional monarchy is when the leader of the party with the support of the majority of the MP or ADUN proposes a leader and the monarch is constitutionally obliged to appoint the leader with that support. If the system is tweaked then it open up a floodgate where appointees serve the monarch instead of the Rakyat. That may have cause forest reserves to be leased or lumbered.and other “deviations”.

  6. Mahathir as PM ; Ketuanan Melayu and the dismissal of a sitting Lord President from Office – then Malaysia lost me for ever for the benefit of the UK! Compare our two countries – in the UK it is a crime to racially discriminate between the people while in Malaysia the the MALAY will always remain on top as the overlord! And UMNO continues on unashamedly.

    • You forgot the other guys at the top: the non-Malays chiefs of MCA, MIC etc.

      Ketuanan Melayu is rhetoric to placate the Malay masses whilst the multi-ethnic rulers steal. Malay masses get a sub-standard education, live in poor quality housing, drive poor quality cars, and are paid mediocre wages in low productivity jobs.

  7. Well written especially the 15th paragraph on education. There is no short cut to developing people for a successful country

    • Just look at China… we can see how education has propelled the nation to what it is today… the Higher Education Entrance Exam ( Gaokao) is a highly competitive exam where EVERY student has to sit in order to gain entrance to universities ( especially the best universities). And, look at our examination system… passing marks are lowered. What a contrasting difference !

    • Before elections it is PROMISES which are rarely kept.

      Later SLOGANS became common since the mid-1980s with millions spent on the billboards and other promotions but rarely were any practiced.

      Current favorite appears to be PLEDGES which is given wide publicity and for which functions are held for which costs are not known. Now to wait and see.

      I wonder how much rewards are paid and to whom and by whom for coming up with these ‘ideas’ regarding ‘PROMISES’-‘SLOGANS’-‘PLEDGES’?


  8. You guys can go on blathering about the FUBAR that is Ketuanan-Keturunan-Kebolehan-Kedaulatan (i.e Superiority-Ethnicity-Ability-Sovereignty), but let’s be absolutely clear about the first principle:
    “History followed different courses for different peoples because of different environments, not because of biological differences among the peoples themselves.”

    I don’t want to preach about Egalitarianism, Liberty and Justice. Neither would i insist on ‘Utilitarianism’, Democracy or even Universal Rights.

    The way i see it, it is the divisive and deluded sociocultural and religioethnic definitions of the blithering idiots who wrote our Constitution that ultimately sown the seeds of the Apartheid Feudalism that has entrenched itself into the Psyche of Malusia.

    Onn Jaafar was the noble quintessential futurist whom the Malays rejected due to sheer ignorance and inbred fear of their own negativity.

    Let us not be detracted from the basic fact that the rural Malay remains gullible, uncritical, paranoid, dependent and stubbornly stodgy. Formal education does nothing to change such cultural mores as in the adage:
    “You can take the Malay out of the Kampong, but you cannot take the Kampong out of the Malay.”

    As it is, most Malays – whether urban or rural are suffused with a deep, but outwardly denying sense of worthlessness. And are discomforted by their perceived failures in business and other economic ventures despite being given handouts after handouts. Yet they hanker for more ‘dedak’ due to their Agrarian mindset and feudalistic rent-seeking and entitlement dependence. They are suckers for celebrity, superstition and superficial displays of power and wealth. There is no Modern Malay – only the Kampong-fied or the much rarer Post-Modern Malay, like the G-25 and SIS; and of course, our fellow commentators here.

    Unless these village ‘Malays’ alter their culture and undergo a ‘Big-Bang’ paradigm shift in cognitive consciousness – nothing will change the downward trajectory of this country. Dependency and entitlement is an addiction, worse than substance abuse. Corruption is a byproduct, not the main cause.

    The intellectual hubris of many so-called brilliant social commentators, do nothing to change their perception. No point preaching to the converted. Unless one goes down to the ground and live for a couple of months with the Kampong folky, who remain economically and socially disadvantaged-disenfranchised, can we hope to understand the prevalent poverty of thought and action.
    As I said, it is embedded in the Melayu DNA over the last 60 years or more. Nothing for the Malays to shout about. –Din Merican

  9. I used to work in Bank Negara Malaysia. Was told that no Chinese or Indian could be the Managers of department. Not even Dr Lin See Yan who was Deputy Governor could become Governor. Competence was not rewarded but merely being a Malay.

    Zeti Aziz was then the Manager of our Staff Training Centre! I live in London now and I fear for our future generations. Malaysia should be for all Malaysians, irrespective of race, ethnicity and religion.

    Dr Mahathir has a lot to answer for with his New Economic Policy and giving scholarships mainly to Malays. Am pleased he is now seeing his folly but hope he is truly sincere. So glad for your inspiring blog. Am very New to it.
    Kim,thanks for your comments. I was in Bank Negara for 1965-1972 before joining the private sector. In my time we had Chinese (Robert Wong, Teoh Chye Keat, Howe Say Lam and Indian Managers (Murugapan and Rajendram). Be of good cheer. We have hit the bottom and since we cannot disappear into the ground we can rise again. –Din Merican

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