Indian Muslims: Think before like MIC you leap into the heap of empty promises

July 19, 2017

Indian Muslims: Think before like MIC you leap into the heap of empty promises

by Rais

Islam is an emancipating religion. It seeks to liberate minds and bodies from the shackles of the old order. Blessed are those who use Islam to free themselves from the chains of slavery.

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It is not the place here to speak about the various versions of servitude in India. It is more appropriate to talk about how Indians born and bred in Malaysia, through time, have found their liberation here.

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The Emancipated Mamak

If Dr Mahathir Mohamad is held up as a model of emancipation, with his father being a stern headmaster in Kedah, he has shown the extent to which a hardworking and diligent man can reach the pinnacles of power: the premiership.

When power slipped from his hands between 2003 and 2016, Mahathir did not give in or up. He returned to his core principles, forming strategic and horizontal alliances with Pakatan Harapan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, even the Democratic Action Party, and Amanah, all of whom had been his nemesis before, to create a common front to save Malaysia.

He proposed, they agreed. And as he said to Nurul Izzah Anwar in London, “The past is the past. Let’s look to the future.” Coming from a 92-year-old man, the word “future” could mean a small window of opportunity to change Malaysia.

But it could also mean, once Malaysia is positively transformed from a kleptocracy back into a democracy, the world is ours for the taking. Why?

Look around. The Muslim world is in a dejected state. Turkey and Indonesia may have their own strengths, but they don’t have the unique resources of combining Islam side-by-side with the Anglo-Saxon institutions in the country, with ardent agreement to work closely with Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia does.

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The Mysterious Mamak

And, if Malaysia is not the laughing stock of the world, then it stands the chance to be a top Muslim power. One where Malay, and Indian Muslim leaders, work side-by-side with our non-Malay and non-Indian brothers.

A fake olive branch

This is why Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s overture towards Indians and Indian Muslims should be rejected wholesale.

In areas where the rights of Indians have never been truly respected, such as Cameron Highlands, where the waters from the dams can actually flood the areas twice, with nary a solution from MIC’s former President G Palanivel, the key is to bid him and others of his ilk a permanent goodbye.

Thanks for your service, but no thanks. Indian Muslims do not need to rise up like Hindraf. The Indian Muslims’ power rests with their ability to hold various levers of power in the government.

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The Mamaks have thrived in Malaysia for Generations without Najib Razak

Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa is an Indian Muslim too. The Indian Muslims should encourage him to use all the powers within him to encourage Indian Muslims to work in the government. But if he cannot make a pip or a squeak, then the olive branch extended by Najib to Indian Muslims is not real.

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah is an Indian Muslim. If he has his conscience, he should explain why there is alleged evidence of him receiving RM9.5 million to be the special prosecutor of the government on the second trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

The same goes for Treasury Secretary-General Mohd Irwan Serigar. Why did he cancel the planned sale of a 60 percent stake in Bandar Malaysia to Iskandar Waterfront Holdings and China Railway Engineering Conglomerate?

If he truly believes Islam is a religion that seeks to liberate and improve the welfare of all, this is the place to start. If he doesn’t  pander to more Indian Muslim NGOs to support the Najib government, he is proverbially signing his death warrant.

The waves from the people are unstoppable. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim have reconciled their differences. The ground has shifted back to 1981 when both of them teamed up to turn back the tide of PAS.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng have also seen the writing on the wall, and done likewise. They know DAP cannot ignore the experience of Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahathir. Together, all three carry powerful human networks that can help all Malaysians including Indian Muslims.

‘Yenge poh renge?’

Cozying up to Najib now, especially when he is weak, and will get weaker, is an exercise in futility. Even the head of MIC Dr S Subramaniam merely averred recently that Najib had done more than Mahathir for the Indians – but he couldn’t explain why, how, when, or, how much. Because nothing was really done! Election trinkets are not serious developments to help Indians or Indian Muslims.

Under Mahathir, capable Indian Muslims were promoted. One must surely know Nor Mohamed Yakcop who is the current Deputy Chairman of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. As recorded in a book by former editor of The Star Wong Sulong, Nor Mohamed was one of the pivotal figures who kept the financial speculators at bay during the Asian Financial Crisis.

Indeed, look at what Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram, himself a Muslim, was able to achieve together with Professor Chandra Muzaffar of JUST World Trust. Both were the intellectual lights of the Malaysian academic scene, and still are.

Forget not the many Indian Muslim businesses that have prospered and mushroomed over the years throughout Malaysia. Indian Muslims as a collective community has indeed contributed much to Malaysia and its growth.

Indian Muslims in Malaysia can rise, and have risen. But reaching out to Najib, a politically beleaguered Prime Minister, is not the way forward.

In fact, we should ask the Prime Minister: “Yenge poh renge?” That’s Tamil for “where are you going with this?”. And, clearly, he is going nowhere.

Indian Muslims must be smart enough to know: God helps those who help themselves. The Malaysian people are rejecting Najib to help improve their own lot. Indians and Indian Muslims must not lose this God-sent opportunity.

7 thoughts on “Indian Muslims: Think before like MIC you leap into the heap of empty promises

  1. Do not get all excited. Giving Indian Muslim bumi status sets some precedent that makes things difficult in the future. There are lots of complication. This is just vote baiting of the highest order, because Najib think he got leverage with Indian leaders and community to fool them.

  2. ‘ Islam is an emancipating religion ‘ ? , yea , supposed to be , but Muslims everywhere are merely indulging in Phyrric victory , matter of show, but not really in substance….just slogans : we are in Islam , so we will be ‘victorious ‘ ! ( NO ! you truly do not know or understand the Struggles of the beloved Prophet ) – Islam is a struggle for INWARD emancipation , in spiritual upliftment, in upward struggles towards ultimate salvation…..
    In the conduct of worldly existence, generally , Muslims have failed….., because the vast majority of them have aversion for Scientific things with this world of reality , of matter.
    In the Christian world, they have gone leaps & bounds in the methodology of the sciences, and discovered endless amount of ‘ secrets ‘ , and laws governing creation itself , with which it helps all matters of human conduct in daily life…. In making these discoveries, humanity has improved in their quality for worldly existence , and thus BENEFITED the human race…. – So, Muslim Scientists are only now beginning to agree that Scientific things , DO INDEED CONFIRM SPIRITUALITY ….and not contradictory, but Compatible ( like two sides of the same coin ) , they fortify each to the other….. –
    Have we no reasons to be in Awe of the Creator ….. ?

    • Nee en mutugai sori,naan un mutugai sorikiren (engkau gosok aku , aku gosok engkau ) Bahasa orang Kedah

  3. I betcha, the mamak blackies (pardon the pun), i.e KSN and KSU MinFin put the Bugis Tub up to it.

    I believe in neo-Darwinian evolution, be it in a race or a species.. Indian Muslims tend to be easily confused, like the Malays – or at least that’s what the politicos tell us. As Victor Hugo once said:
    ‘Adversity makes men, prosperity makes monsters.’
    And mind, you most mamaks are economic refugees, just like most of the other Nons. They are in it because of the semi-apartheid policies introduced so many decades ago.

    No One except perhaps the autochthonous Orang Asal can lay claim to to being Native to this benighted land. Pretending to be ‘genetically’ or culturally constitutional, makes a mockery of DNA-genomics and ethnic history.

    So, does the Jus Soli of the constitution ends up being Jus Sanguine just for this cohort?

  4. Being a very small minority, the Indian Muslims are too obsessed with shallow, divisive and danagerous poltics of race and religion led by the other minority races ( Bugis(PM), Javanese(DPM), Minang, Batak etc..) in UMNO & PAS.

    Facts don’t matter to the decades Malay/Muslim’s bad and weak and corrupt political leadership and culture and gross mismanagement…….they could easily use/create any political platform to intimidate other minority races and assert their alleged ‘ rights ‘ and ‘ victimhood ‘ eg. Perkasa and numerous other Malay/Muslim ‘ NON ‘ political organisations.

    Stop being a ‘ Thambi Suruhan ‘ of the self serving and corrupt political leaders!

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