3 thoughts on “Bill Clinton and George Bush–Having Fun talking about Donald Trump

  1. Presidents Clinton and Bush were humble,civil and have respect for the office of the presidency.They never go around the world shaming the US.

    Donald Trump is uncivil,ignorance,arrogance and a horndog.What more can be said of a man who goes on the Howard Stern’s show,letting the shock jock making sex jokes about his daughter,Ivanka.And getting sued for trying to rape a woman acquaintance in Ivanka’s bedroom in Mar a Lago.

    The reason the Trump WH is in a mess and in chaos,is because he forget or did not realize mentally,that he won the election and is now the POTUS.He forget to make peace with the media and the people serving in the intelligence agencies.Instead,he made them his punching bags and public enemies no: 1&2.

    Another big mistake was appointing his daughter and son in law as advisers.Especially Jared,letting him,a political rookie having enormous power in the WH,even over seeing Reince Pribus and Steve Bannon.This cause the WH to have at least three factions.And the reasons why leaks are leaking out of the WH constantly,like a punctured pipe.Even what Donald Trump said to the Russians in private,without the American press present is known to the whole world.

    Attacking the press and the intelligence agencies are never a good strategy,especially for a man with such tainted background.Donald Trump have enough skeletons to fill a forty feet container.The press have increased their investigative staff to dig more dirt and new shoes are dropping everyday.

    A few more shoes dropping,and the Republican senators and congressman and women are going to panic.It is just a matter of time before the rats flee the sinking ship.Can the Trump presidency last till the midterms?

  2. Quote “Even what Donald Trump said to the Russians in private, without the American press present is known to the whole world” Trump is the leaker and is doing it on purpose just to stroke his ego and to,remain in the spotlight while all the while blaming someone else including the Press. He is fond of playing these games and gives him reasons to go on the offensive.

  3. Those who created the High Constitutional Office do not want it. Those who have the money are not interested in the campaigning for it. And those who have got it do not know it when they are in it.

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