Malaysia: Corruption is a Way of Life under Najib Razak

July 7, 2017

Malaysia: Corruption is a Way of Life under Najib Razak

by Rais

Thank You, Mr Prime Minister for making Corruption a Way of Life–We are all corrupt today. Integrity is Arabic. Your political buddy Hadi Awang understands since he is Fake Arab.

Just half a year ago, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak urged those who were out of a job to resort to becoming a driver with ride-sharing app Uber. He further cited the example of an industrious female graduate who put bread and butter on the table by selling “nasi lemak” (coconut milk rice).

Fast forward to the eve of Hari Raya, and almost dramatically, the Malaysian economy was said to be growing at more than 5.6 percent, and rated the best Asian country to invest in, according to BAV Consulting and the University of Pennsylvania.

Now, something is obviously not right here. When the Prime Minister is experiencing a litany of alleged corruption and malfeasance scandals, exposed by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post not least, his spinners in Putrajaya and UMNO – including the equally tarnished Hadi Awang – claimed that there was an “American plot” to bring down the Malaysian government and its ostensible “Muslim or Islamic” leadership.

Image result for jho low 1mdbPenang born Financial Whiz –Not even his own can trust him


Two issues arise here: If the Malaysian government and party mouthpieces, including PAS and UMNO, ask the people to distrust the American media, why then cite American indices to showcase the growth of the country?

Now, if the reverse is true, that the statistics and revelations from America are indeed valid, why then ask Malaysians to reject them only when the issue revolves around 1MDB?

Obviously, the Malaysian Prime Minister and his spinners cannot get the facts right, and are nitpicking their way through a heap of ludicrous propaganda materials as they see fit. If there was anything related to corruption or malfeasance, out they went. When the numbers seemed to reflect their own spin, in they came, into the prime minister’s speech.

With a prime-minister-cum-finance-minister who cannot get the narrative right, why does Putrajaya even care what the people think?

But then they do. The election is coming. Come hell or high water, the 14th general election has to be called by the middle of 2018. The government can only enjoy a certain margin of advantage, if at all, only by lying through its teeth – the same way it has lied about 1MDB, Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV), incoming Chinese investments and even the infamous Saudi donation.

Barring a repeated narrative of falsehoods and deceptions through coordinated fake news dissemination, the prime minister and his cabinet cannot survive.

But what did the Prime Minister name in his Aidilfitri speech as the “five risks” facing Malaysia?

On geopolitics, Malaysia has clearly lost the plot. Instead of being fair and good to all great powers, Malaysia has become entrenched in China’s corner, at a time when China is behaving aggressively and assertively in the South China Sea.

When the US and members of ASEAN cannot trust Malaysia on our foreign policy – granted our tilt to the axis of Beijing – why does the government even want to mention geopolitics as a national risk to begin with?

Well, Najib had to. If not, he would have risked looking more irrelevant than ever. Despite claiming to be a golfing buddy of President Donald Trump, has Trump made any phone calls or extended any visits to Malaysia yet? No.

In fact, during the ASEAN Summit in April this year, Trump invited the Thai Prime Minister, the Singaporean Prime Minister and the Philippine President to visit the White House. But there was no invitation to Najib. In fact, when Trump spoke to President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, he asked Duterte if China could be “trusted” to handle North Korea.

Najib himself must have assumed that such a question could have been posed to him, as he has been trying to position himself as an insider on China. But, wait, something is not right here. If Najib is an insider on China, as he likes to claim, how did he invite Wanda Group to invest in Bandar Malaysia, only to see Wanda Group being investigated for financial irregularities?

And, if Najib is such a savvy insider on China, why are there illegal Chinese trawlers and fishing vessels still operating in the waters off Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak?

It would have been better if Najib did not place geopolitics at the top of the risks Malaysia currently faces. After all, Najib’s impotence in issues ranging from 1MDB to Malaysian fishing rights has been as clear as night and day since 2009.

As for the threat of Islamic State, Najib affirmed that Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world, ranked well within the first fifty. But with more than 160 Malaysians fighting in Iraq and Syria, and several others already fighting in Marawi in the Philippines,  how safe can Malaysia be when the shores of Sabah and Sarawak could be easily breached?

In fact, there have been numerous cases of kidnappings off the coast of Sabah and Sarawak, all of which have hit families without the means of paying the ransom. Several families have had to go down on their knees in opposition rallies – not government rallies – to beg for donations to rescue their loved ones who have been kidnapped.

Additionally, when a recent ransom was paid for four Sarawakian hostages, Inspector-General of police Khalid Abu Bakar claimed ignorance about the money collected for the ransom.

When Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, Najib’s own cousin, could not resolve any of the issues above, he was appointed as a special functions minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic State.

When the shares of FGV went under, former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Idris Jala was brought in to look into the issue. Instead of resolving it, Idris Jala took to declaring that he only needed six days to find a solution. Six days came, and went, and again no solution was presented. But did the Prime Minister hold him accountable? No.

If this is a normal country, it is only “normal” by Najib’s own “Jho Low” standards. This is how Jho Low went missing with a vessel named “The Equanimity”.

Does the Prime Minister even know what “equanimity” means? Well, it means mental calmness and composure.

With a prime minister who allegedly allowed someone who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business to steal billions from Malaysia, it is no wonder that he still looks up to Wharton’s rankings. In other words, one can borrow heavily, and steal from Malaysian coffers, and not be punished at all. With a prime minister like Najib, who needs enemies?

The real challenges the nation is facing now are corruption, malfeasance, abuse of power, the destruction of democratic institutions, and the complete eclipse of integrity. Corruption used to be a fact of life in Malaysia. Now it is a way of life.


11 thoughts on “Malaysia: Corruption is a Way of Life under Najib Razak

  1. MO1 seems to be achieving the impossible — a political reconciliation of Dr M and Anwar Ibrahim, and the appearance of the recent UMNO-PAS Axis.

    As for discrediting the WSJ, NYT, Washington Post in the eyes
    of Malaysians, and getting Malaysians to believe in Saudi Arabian
    Sugar Daddy stories, well ……………

  2. There was a time when the main thing to worry about was the declining standards of English. And how Bolehlanders were replaced at international conferences with the Thais, Singaporeans, and even Viets to head the ASEAN charge.
    Now there is the decline in moral standards, honor and integrity to add to the woes of the country. Not a good time to be Malaysian.

    Have you ever had the moment when you made sure your Malaysian paspot was well hidden and out of sight in airport departure lounges? Lest pitying eyes are cast on you by your fellow non-bolehland travelers?

  3. Malaysia: Corruption is a Way of Life under Najib Razak

    I think the above comment may also apply to almost all countries including the developed countries and also international organizations/charities/sports/religions etc. especially where the FUNDS IN THEIR CHARGE ARE SUBSTANTIAL [in some cases in billions of USD] and ENFORCEMENT IS EITHER NON-EXISTENT OR WEAK AND THE ‘TRUSTEES WITHOUT TRUST’ and IN POSITIONS OF POWER.
    The old school network including memberships of same clubs/alumina and inter-dependency for mutual benefit exists may also be major contributors to the rise in corruption.
    Inability/unwillingness to prosecute and impose heavy penalties including prison terms on especially those referred to as ‘WHITE COLLARs’ by JUDICIARY may be another reason why CORRUPTION SCALE AND QUANTUM’S ARE INCREASING.

  4. What’s more to be said? Rais has said it all. This Pekan walla has turned stealing and corruption into an exclusive art of his own. And members of his sinking ship are the major benefactors. The rakyat? Well, we are the bumbling idiots who continually wave him on. It’s paradoxical.

  5. I would agree with everything the erudite Strategist of PPBM has stated above.

    It is true that Jibros has destroyed the complex Algorithm that made Malaysia a tiger cub economy – with his mind boggling narcissism, greed, self-interest, deception, gangsterism and sheer corruption. To him, Malusians are not even pussycats, but lumps of gelatinous PlayDoh molded this way and that by obnoxious politicos – especially by those inbred cretins who still see UMNOb as a bastion of Ketuanan. It’s no longer just Trust Deficit, it’s descended to Abhorrence and Disgust. Dedak!

    So what about the other side of the Equation?

    Now that Malaysia has descended to Malusia, it’s remarkable that Pakatan has no substantive ideas to repair that algorithm. They insist on going about the oxymoronic “Agree to Disagree” FUBAR and negative aspersions of all things Malusian. They have lost touch with simple arithmetic and remain hamstrung by their inability to cooperate at the most fundamental level. Arrogance, disharmony and chicken-shit incompetence. Their narrative is Dead-duck!

    The hypocrisy of Jibros dependent on PRC Largese, while discriminating against Malusian Chinapek is truly a miracle that Emperor Xi is aware of. Good Commies er.. Despots, recognize each other. One plays ‘Congkat’, the other ‘Go’ and so the twain will never meet.

  6. Corruption was a fact of life when I was growing up in Malaysia. It’s sad, very sad to learn that it’s now become the way of life.

  7. It’s not just the stealing. It’s also abuse of power and hedonistic excesses. In fact the larger issue is Abuse of Power and Destruction of Institutions and Broken Basic systems of governance.

    The Defense Intelligence chief is corrupted. It’s a National Security Threat. It’s TREASON.

  8. Now we can add MORONIC to the list of way of life. Najib is definitely one despite his ability to stay in power.

    After a lifetime of whoring and debauchery too many people know about, and he still surrounds himself with people just like him, he wants us to respect women.

    He is a moron if he think no one will suspect Altantuya and the debauchery around him are not tip of iceberg.

  9. Kepimpinan melalui Teladan or leadership by example, so true. If MO1 is corrupted and tainted, what do you expect MO1000 or MO10000 to be, clean and honest? Monkey see monkey do. If MO1 can get away with all those allegations why not the underlings such as MO100 or MO1000.

    It started small, remember the duit kopi for the policeman or the RIMV tester, now it has mushroomed to all levels of government. Nothing gets done without this ‘grease’. It has taken a new name, not corruption but fees, commission, introductory fees, door opener, go between and what else but bottom line it is corruption no matter what you call it. Big projects costing billions have cost almost double because 50% is already skimmed off at the start in up front money, donations and free stocks and shares.

  10. Not condoning,

    It wil be silly to blame everything on just one person who had expanded the feeding of the ” fruits” of corruptions , money politics, abuse of power, cronynism,hypocrisy,self- serving greed——and NOT the other who had ploughed and provided the ‘fertile’ ground on which the seeds of the rogue culture were deeply sowed during his 22 years reign and continues to interfere in the system he never ceased to undermine, even since Pak Lah “appointed” premiership….till this day….

    That is the fact and way of life the people of Malaysia are being enslaved.
    It needs not be so.

    The people and every “Macronite” MPs and States Aduns from the divide, ( Sabah and Sarawak) regardless of their affiliations ,need to collectively stand up and be counted against such obscene injustice, come 14 Ge.

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