Citizen Nades’ Wish List

June 30, 2017

Citizen Nades’ Wish List



During WW II, a man was arrested in London for calling Winston Churchill a fool. The next day in the House of Commons, the opposition members were ready to roast the government for this. “Are we living in a police state”, they shouted, “where we cannot call the PM a fool”?

Churchill’s reply was truly disarming: “The man was not arrested for calling the Prime Minister a fool”, he said, “but for letting out a state secret at a time of war.”

– Anonymous

COMMENT | Over the past two years, Prime Minister Najib Razak has had his name smeared, muddied and tarnished. He was called all sorts of names and even unpleasant prefixes were added – some undeserving and downright uncouth.

Image result for Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

As the imbroglio over the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) canters into its third year, there must have been times when some of the key players would have told the PM and themselves: “We should not have said that”; “We should have taken a different approach” or “We should have put our cards on the table”…

The whole issue would have taken a different dimension if only the game had been played by the rules and greater efforts were made to be transparent at all times. People involved were in denial mode from Day One and this led to speculation, assumption and conjecture.

This, in turn, gave a carte blanche to detractors and critics, who in all fairness, created some interesting yet unbelievable tales. And so, misinformation, half-truths and bare denials made the headlines.

What would make us citizens sit up and pay attention instead of dismissing whatever said by government officials and the mainstream media as propaganda? What would it take to restore public confidence in our system? This is no time for sentiments or phrases like “If only we could turn the clock backwards…” or some smart aleck saying: “I told you so.” Below are some “statements” which all right-thinking Malaysians would like to hear or read:

  • The Prime Minister yesterday declared that he would invite the Arab prince who made the donation to make a public announcement on why he deposited RM2.6 billion into the former’s bank account. “Members of the media can ask the prince all the questions that linger in their minds and clear any doubts or misconception on the donation,” a spokesman said.
  • The Pime Minister’s stepson Riza Aziz has agreed to travel to Washington and challenge the application by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to seize his assets. “I will prove that the money I invested in Red Granite came from genuine well-wishers and friends who bequeathed the wealth to me.”
  • Interpol on the request of the Malaysian Police has issued a Red Notice for the immediate arrest of Jho Low. He is wanted to assist the authorities in investigations into billions of ringgit which were allegedly siphoned from 1MDB.
  • In a well-coordinated swoop, the US Navy intercepted the Equanimity in international waters off Japan. The superyacht was towed to a US base in South Korea. Jho Low was not on board and the crew were released after questioning.
  • 1MDB head honcho Arul Kanda yesterday vowed to break his silence and face the media. In a terse one-paragraph statement, he said: “I have a reputation as an international banker with impeccable credentials. I don’t want to be tainted because of my tenure with the company. I will tell all. I have nothing to hide and I will not protect anyone.”
Image result for shafee abdullahHe is also the RM9.5 million Man
  • PM Najib and senior lawyer cum prosecutor Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said, in a joint statement, that they would both face the media to explain the reasons for the transfer of RM9.5 million. “It has nothing to do with legal fees or the Anwar Ibrahim case. We ask you to stop the speculation. You will get all the answers soon.”
  • In a shock announcement, the government said former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed has been recalled from his secondment to the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna. Also recalled is his former deputy, Mohd Shukri Abdul. “Both were involved in the MACC investigations into SRC International and there are few ends to tie up. Their knowledge and experience will help put an end to this long saga.”
  • In a related development, sources said that two directors of SRC International, who have been on the run, have indicated that they would surrender to the Indonesian authorities and return to Malaysia. Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and Suboh Md Yasin are said to be “fed up and frustrated” in a foreign land and want to tell the truth.
  • The Australian media yesterday reported that glamour model Miranda Kerr is scheduled to visit Kuala Lumpur to clear her name and that she was not aware of the alleged thievery of her then suitor Jho Low. “I have returned the diamonds to the US authorities and want to emphasise that at no time did I suspect the money for the diamonds was stolen from the people of Malaysia,” a newspaper quoted her as saying.
  • However, some newspapers doubted if Kerr would be allowed to enter Malaysia. Quoting past experiences in Malaysia where members of the ABC crew were arrested and deported, some questioned if she would get past the Immigration checkpoint. Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, who was previously deported on arrival, hoped Kerr would not be viewed as a ‘‘security threat’’ and not be put on a “watch list”.
  • In Putrajaya, Rizal Mansor, the spokesman for PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor, said Rosmah will make comments on the DOJ filings “at an appropriate time.” Despite being vocal in providing answers on her behalf, Rizal said: “They booked the best and most expensive available accommodation in Bali. They are entitled to some privacy and time to themselves. On her return, I am sure she will do as the others have done.”
Image result for jho low 1mdb

The Generous Arab Donor born in Penang

Let it be reiterated that this is the wish list of the writer and is not related any event in the past or present. It could happen in the future, after which the disease called Truth Deficiency Syndrome will be wiped out.

9 thoughts on “Citizen Nades’ Wish List

  1. And on my wish list is, “Rosmah has finally comes to terms with her “perceived” improprieties, after the fasting month of Ramadan, and wants to come out clean. She has donated proceeds from the sale of the pink diamond and birkin handbags to charity.”

    • to settle the 1MDB issues to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to acertain how whre and to whom was the disbursement made and what is the current liabities/owings awaing repayment. Why was the 1MDB Annual report still outstanding and why was the AG report under OSA though it is widely available overseas.

  2. All Malaysians look forward to your wish list coming true to reality. Would all the players who are mentioned or implied please make Citizen Nades Wishes come true?

  3. For the wish-list to materialize we all hope and pray that it comes to pass. I however have a sneaky feeling that MO1 will emulate the leader of the “free” world and do what he does by saying and doing the opposite. If it can happen in the US, its a-OK in boleh-land.

    • MO1 will emulate the late Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone in plundering and bleeding this great nation to a failed state exacting higher and higher taxes to pay its debts.

  4. Again it is all about IFs and BUTs. Watch again the celebrations to mark the 20th Anniversary of the handing over of Hong Kong to People’s Republic Of China and you will get the picture.


    Closing remarks: Ok folks, especially Malay and bumiputra readers, listen closely.

    All the above was possible because the gomen had excess oil money to burn. Now the oil money is drying up. The gomen has no more money.

    Chief Thief has confirmed (more than once) that if not for the GST, the gomen will not even be able to pay the salaries of 1.6 million Civil Servants.

    Everything is being cut – PTPTN loans, hospital services, no more patrols by forest rangers, no more subsidies, GST taxes are eating more into our purchasing power.

    The Chief Thief has said that out of a 14 million workforce, only 2.1 million actually pay taxes. It will be interesting to see the racial mix up of those 2.1 million people and what portion each race contributes to the gomen’s income tax revenues.

    But we can rest assured that a large portion of those 2.1 million who pay taxes are the non Malays / non bumiputras. I really don’t think that the 7.0 million mostly Malays and bumiputras who are on the list of BR1M recipients actually pay taxes.

    The country’s oil production has experienced overall decline since peaking at 862,000 bbl/d in 2004 as a result of maturing fields, particularly larger fields in the shallow waters offshore Peninsular Malaysia.

    WIth finite and declining & maturing oil and gas reserves, Malaysia hasn’t a showcase for the investment of income derived from its oil and gas production unlike Norway, which has invested the income from its oil and gas reserves so wisely that it now has what many consider to be the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, estimated to be worth $1tr (£0.6tr) by 2020.

    Malaysia showcases 1MDB!

    • USA only cares for their own interest and when they are not free to exploit, they go for regime change. Witness the topping of Kadafi of Libya and their attempts in Syria. USA is the father of ISIS. Now they are a Paper Tiger which dare not face their enemies but only use their air power to cause misery as in Yemem. The brave new world will grow out of the ashes of this imperialist. MO1 is only using POTUS to surpress his own people but in the geo-political game he is already China’ Manchurian candidate dancing to their tunes.

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