The Ethically-Blighted Prime Minister of Malaysia–Najib Razak

June 19, 2017

The Ethically-Blighted Prime Minister of Malaysia–Najib Razak

by Dr.M. Bakri Musa, Morgan-Hill, California

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As for MO1, his spouse and stepson, they are beyond shame. With the millions if not billions they have already expropriated, they can handle the setback. Malaysians however, would be saddled for generations with 1MDB’s humongous debt. Quite a legacy for the son of the late Tun Razak! As for the Tun, what a legacy to have bequeathed Malaysia with his ethically-blighted son.–M.Bakri Musa

The dismissive attitude of Malaysian officials to the latest US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) civil forfeiture lawsuit targeting expensive assets allegedly acquired with funds illicitly siphoned from 1MDB is misplaced. Their stance is an embarrassing display of gross ignorance.

Yes, civil lawsuits in America are as common as mushrooms after a rainfall. This DOJ action however, is the largest (in dollar value) such forfeitures to date. This second set of lawsuits targeted assets allegedly given to Hollywood celebrities, as well as to the spouse of “Malaysian Official 1” (MO1). The two categories are separate though the latter believe that she is in the same class as the former.

Najib apologists and enablers never fail to point out with unconcealed smugness that the defendants to the lawsuits are not individuals, specifically Najib or his associates and relatives, rather those assets.

That is right, but such sophistry reveals a fundamental ignorance of the American judicial system. Those targeted assets do not exist in vacuo; someone or somebody owns them. They in effect are the defendants.

By targeting those assets and not their owners, DOJ is spared the task of identifying their rightful owners. That can be an arduous and expensive task, what with multiple shell companies involved in dizzying number of foreign jurisdictions. Instead, all DOJ has to do is wait for the owners to come out of the woodwork to identify themselves and lay claim to those assets by challenging the lawsuit. They have to, otherwise they would lose those assets, or at least their share.

One of those owners is Jho Low. He claimed to have bought those assets with his family’s wealth. That at least was believable as he came from a wealthy clan in Penang. Sure enough, his family’s assorted trusts too have contested the lawsuit from faraway New Zealand!

Image result for Reza Aziz and J Lo

Then there is one Reza Aziz, identified as the “stepson of MO1.” Where did this son of a nondescript Malaysian army officer get his wealth? From his mother, the daughter of my parent’s contemporary as a village school teacher in Kuala Pilah? Visit her dilapidated ancestral home back in my kampong, and her current flamboyant lifestyle today would make you puke. As for Reza’s stepfather Najib Razak, that man had spent his entire adult life in government, with its measly pay.

Reza Aziz concocted the idea that the money (some hundred million!) was a “gift” from a benevolent Saudi Sheik. Even the wealthiest corpulent Sheik would not be so extravagant with his favorite toy-boy, yet this Reza Aziz character wants those seasoned DOJ prosecutors to believe his story! Even his American accountants did not believe him.

One other owner has also come forward. Hollywood celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio has not only surrendered the gifts he had received “from the parties named in the civil complaint” but went further and cooperated with DOJ investigators. That cannot be good news for either Jho Low or Reza Aziz.

Any bets whether any of the other “owners,” specifically the alleged recipient of that pink diamond, MO1’s spouse, would return their gifts? It is worth pondering whose actions better reflect the forgiving spirit of Ramadan, hers or DiCaprio’s?

Najib supporters trivialize the DOJ’s lawsuit, citing its lack of “action” after its first filing last year as proof of its political intent. To them, these series of forfeiture lawsuits are yet another albeit more sophisticated American attempt at regime change.  Such commentaries reveal a pathetic lack of the basic understanding of the US justice system.

This asset forfeiture is a civil lawsuit. Unlike criminal ones where the axiom “justice delayed, justice denied” is adhered to, civil suits can and do drag on for years. They go to trial only when all parties are ready, and all extraneous issues as with ownership claims settled. The fact that these forfeiture lawsuits drag on should not be misinterpreted in any way.

There is also the possibility that criminal charges would be filed against specific individuals during the discovery or the trial.

There is only one certainty. Once a lawsuit is filed, those assets are effectively tied up. They cannot be sold, mortgaged, or altered in any way without the court’s consent. DOJ has in effect total control of those assets, meaning, their de facto owner.

These forfeiture lawsuits will not be settled out of court. Those prosecutors have a point to prove, and with unlimited resources to pursue it. That reality has prompted owners like DiCaprio to cooperate with DOJ.

This will not be like a Malaysian trial where prosecutors could be illicitly paid off or where defense lawyers openly brag about having judges in their (lawyer’s) back pockets. The defendants have hired some of the best legal minds including those who had once worked in DOJ and had successfully prosecuted many high profile kleptocrats. It will be far from a walk in the park for the DOJ lawyers.

DOJ does have something in its favor. In a civil suit, unlike a criminal trial, the burden of proof is lower, only the “preponderance of evidence” and not “beyond reasonable doubt.” The burden of proof also shifts from the plaintiff to the defendant. Meaning, the owners have to prove that the funds they used to purchase those assets were untainted. It would be very difficult to convince an American jury that a Middle Eastern sheik would willingly part away with hundreds of millions of dollars to a Malay boy no matter how pretty he looks, for nothing in return.

Regardless of the outcome, this trial would expose to the world all the sordid ugly details of the 1MDB shenanigans. Once those are out, not many would be proud to call themselves Malaysians. They would be downright ashamed for having elected a leader with such unbounded avarice, and then letting him get away with it for so long.

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As for MO1, his spouse and stepson, they are beyond shame. With the millions if not billions they have already expropriated, they can handle the setback. Malaysians however, would be saddled for generations with 1MDB’s humongous debt. Quite a legacy for the son of the late Tun Razak! As for the Tun, what a legacy to have bequeathed Malaysia with his ethically-blighted son.

23 thoughts on “The Ethically-Blighted Prime Minister of Malaysia–Najib Razak

  1. Millions of UMNO members, hundreds of UMNO divisional leaders, thousands of lesser leaders and Hadi’s PAS with supposedly scholars, moral guardians and million flocks are ALL ethically challenged and failures.

    This is a failure of race, country AND religion.

    • So what can the rakyats do when ketuanan Melayu reigns supreme. We are slaves the non Malays in this country. We cannot do much in the ballot box as more ofren it is rigged.Also thegerry mandering of boundaries is questionable.Only Allah can put right the embarassing situation inMalaysia.

  2. Smart move by DOJ. DOJ goes after the assets to draw out the owners who have to prove that these assets belong to them. When they provide the proof, they expose themselves to other charges of criminal nature which can follow. The case will take years. But fortunately, time is not a factor. What do you think, CL Familiaris, Conrad, LaMoy, Tok Cik, Orang Malaya, Isa Manteqi? –Din Merican

  3. The first thing Najib must do is to send Jho Lho to the vet to be neutered.He was the first one to flaunt his ill gotten wealth in public.Gaining unwanted attention by throwing USD 50-150k a night 3-4 nights a week at Manhattan nightclubs.Buying Lindsay Lohan whom he never met before, 21 bottles of christal champagne at her 21st birthday.Buying drinks for other celebrities he never set eyes on before.This is just a fat stupid fool with no f*cking brains.

    Renting apartments near Central Park at 25k a month, and his entourage 10-15k a month,a few floors down.When going out his entourage total 5-6 suv’s,just like what real celebrities do.A stupid f*cking show off.This stupid young man just wanted to rub backsides with celebrities.That is all he wanted,stupid unwanted attention.A stupid dude wet behind the years,a newbie to corruption.

    The first time I heard of him was an almost two page in the NYPost about a young Malaysian tycoon businessman throwing money around in the NY nightclub scene.Paying the used syphillis infected Paris Hilton USD 1 million to party,and renting a yacht for partying.Najib should throw this “tua huan chu” into Sungei Buloh for helping to land him a real black eye.This is how people with ill gotten wealth ended up getting caught.Spending money publicly well beyond their means.

  4. Failure of Ketuanan Melayu resulted in the Mat Salleh having to take charge and safeguard the assets of 1MDB, assets that were acquired by crooks using devious LLC and off shore companies to launder their ill gotten loot. It goes to show that Malays cant rule justly and fairly and are easily influenced by greed. Surely Jibby knows whats going on and what fat boy Jho Loh is up to. Fat boy family have never been known to be billionaires nor philanthropic.

    Worse still fat boy Jho Loh have roped in Riza Aziz as accomplice to hide the loot through purchase of luxury real estate and hotels and bankroll movies. Both fat boy and Riza dont have any movie production experience.

    1MDB experience is a learning experience for Malaysia to learn about the US legal system. Malaysia has never recognized US law degree, time to review the policy. The DoJ have one of the best team of investigators and trial attorneys. Their goal is to smoke out the crooks by first seizing the assets. Lets see who will come forward to claim and then investigate the claimants and follow the money trail. Great strategy. It wont be a surprise if it leads to Putarjaya, and Jibby and Che Mah Chot doorstep. Time to break out the Dom Perignon or Chrystal Champaigne.

  5. In addition to the complaints filed in July 2016 the DOJ has now filed forfeiture actions against nearly $1.7 billion in assets linked to 1MDB, which represents the largest action brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative. American law enforcement allege more than $4.5 billion was looted from 1MDB from 2009 through 2015 “by high-level officials” of the fund and their associate, including Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz and businessman Jho Low, using a series of shell companies with bank accounts in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore and the US.

    The $1.7 billion of 1MDB is the biggest amount sought so far in a foreign kleptocracy case. The previous record for assets sought by the Justice Department was about $850 million linked to Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of late Uzbek President Islam Karimov, who is accused of squeezing of more than $1 billion in bribes from foreign firms. It’s part of an evolving US strategy to go after corrupt foreign leaders through a specialist unit known as the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative. Set up in 2010 with five prosecutors, the initiative has since tripled in size, seeking about $2.8 billion from figures including the late Nigerian ruler Soni Abacha and Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of the dictator of Equatorial Guinea.

    The initiative targets a particularly sticky problem: the world’s most corrupt leaders tend to have total impunity at home, and are untouchable abroad. In the criminal kleptocracy realm, if you’re focused on the head of the state, if that person is still in that position, then under the Vienna Conventions they may have head-of-state immunity. The US has taken foreign leaders to court for many times but there are significant potential roadblocks. The result is not good.

    So what do you do when you can’t take kleptocrats to court? You take their loot to court instead. The Justice Department’s initiative uses civil asset forfeiture, a sometimes controversial legal method that allows law enforcement to seize assets suspected of being proceeds of a crime, without ever actually charging suspected perpetrators. It’s a strategy used in concert with the seeking of record settlements under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a 1977 law that criminalizes bribe-paying by US companies.

    The US is clearly the leader and pioneer in having developed this kind of peculiar doctrine of civil asset forfeiture. In the US, it operates as a legal fiction that instead of prosecuting a person who has done a crime, you’re prosecuting an asset for being either an instrumentality of a crime, or proceeds of a crime,

    Shiou, I heard rumor that you’re a machai of Jho Low, and that he made you caddied for Najib when he was playing golf with Trump. Tell me you’re not involved in this 1MDB money laundering. Don’t worry, no matter where you go, mental asylum or jail, I will still send you the tranquilizer for free.

    • So what can the rakyats do when ketuanan Melayu reigns supreme. We are slaves the non Malays in this country. We cannot do much in the ballot box as more ofren it is rigged.Also thegerry mandering of boundaries is questionable.Only Allah can put right the embarassing situation inMalaysia.

    • Parumal Kali:
      As a Malaysian citizen, only you can answer your own question. If I were you, I would do anything I could within the law to enhance the chance for changes, no matter how remote, like participating in some NGOs in protest and street demonstration and volunteering to canvassing vote for political party of your choice …. It may not mean much but inaction is not the option. You are a citizen and your passion for Malaysia is different from mine, and you know the current situation far better than me, so you should know best what you can do. I’ve left that place for almost half a century.

      I’m assuming you’re intelligent enough not fall into the racist trap to see the whole Malay community as your enemy, for not all Malays are in the Ketuanan Melayu camp. Looking at your name, I’m not quite sure if you were of Indian origin who got the shortest end of the socioeconomic stick in Malaysia. You do not fight racism with racism. You should win more hearts and minds of your Malay brethren. Frankly, as the majority and mainstream of the nation, only the active participation of the Malays can bring positive changes to the country. I believe ‘slave’ is too strong a word to describe the situation of the non-Malays in Malaysia. That’s only my opinion. If you participate in any protest or demonstration you must be prepared for arrest and have the courage to go to jail.

      Do not underestimate yourself. The Chinese have a saying: A tiny spark can burn the whole grassland.

  6. “… ugly details of the 1MDB shenanigans. Once those are out, not many would be proud to call themselves Malaysians..”

    Hereinafter, I am not longer a Malaysian but a Malusian. Aye, if only the less informed has access to this article. Maybe someone could translate this to BM for the rural folks.

    • The Utusan Malaysia is the National paper of the Umno organ which has racially agitated the innocent Malays by way of Politics to go against the non-Malays on policy matters.Generally the Malays are gentle people but sad to me

  7. I find it difficult to understand why these ‘kleptomaniacs’ think they can get away with it when most international banking transactions inevitably go through the US banking system. As pointed out by Bruno, to flaunt the ill-gotten gains is the height of stupidity. However, for these type of individuals, what is the point of acquiring wealth without flaunting in the face of their peers?

    • A terrible precedent has been taken root.It is diffcult to pullout that ‘tap root’ as it is theroot that nourishes on the ‘filthy dirty kletocratic bureacracy.’With this kind of money it is used as a tool to adequately silence the innocent or buy the opponent during election.

  8. Aaah bruno, this fat stupid fool with no brains has done pretty well really. Indeed he has made fools of a lot people including our very own clever PM. So please give him some credit. What we should be concerned is how do we get our money back? And no one is offering any advice on that. And then we should be considering how to pay back all these people that have made our country a laughing stock in the world. Could we have some advice from our esteemed G25?

  9. “Worse still fat boy Jho Loh have roped in Riza Aziz as accomplice..”

    Or izzit the other way around, O.M? Whatever it is, these dirty rotten scoundrels couldn’t have done what they did (even if Feh Jlo graduated from Drumpf’s alma mater) – without the instigation, collusion, encouragement and motivation from their most august MO1 and his Celebrity Lusting Cellulite Queen.

    Anyway, the US law degree is incompatible with our most awesome Malusian pattern of Entitlement-Impunity and Selective Law Enforcement, much less, System of Justice.

    It is obvious that the DoJ has diligently accumulated the electronic paper trail of this Embezzlement-Ponzi-Laundry Scam – which is as long as the whole Peninsula. They would’ve interviewed (with properly notarized dispositions and affidavits) all potential witnesses like the Real Estate agents, Yacht builder and Jeweler. Surely, the ‘perjured’ parties won’t allow a Default Judgment – but whether they have the Bola to fight it out in a US court is another story. Yeah, the NZ judgement is a truly outstanding Joke – and could’ve only come from a zoophilic NZ sheep judge.

    Goldman Sachs is really the Scrooge of all monkey-shit stained 3rd world nations, ya?

    I’m still trying to cobble a Independent Power Partner for TNB at the same rates as before using the volatile gases eructed by all the UMNOb Bodekers of MO1. Wish me luck.

    • The Malays are not smart in matters of ‘money’ all they know is quick profit by way of commission. Fat boy Jho is the manipulator and aquired the system from US B-schools. Fat boy Jho saw the greed amongst the Ketuanan Melayu and proposed the scheme. Fat boy also need insurance thus Riza Aziz provided the insurance as he’s Fat Mama’s boy. Fat boy Jho also saw the weakness of Fat Mama and easily took advantage of making a killing while Fat Mama takes care of political obstacles. Meantime Fat Boy lives the high life of wine, women and song while MO1 struggles to find excuses and lies.

  10. Deutsche bank will get its arse burned again for being a party to the loan deals
    But Goldman Sachs is untouchable after screwing Malaysians over usd 600m
    How do u deal with such financial mercenaries?
    Last i heard they pray to their Christian gods too
    So will hell still burns for them?

  11. @ Orang malaya, June 19 – yours is about the best surmises concerning the 1MDB scandal ….accurate and to the point , dead on : We Malaysians are made to go a wild goose chase…..(b’coz whatever rotten assets acquired or splashed on , is a bad business decision , and MALUSIA has to carry the dead albatross on its neck….. – )
    The real point missed is the INITIAL release of Fund, 1.3 billion by our MOF , shared by the two or three ‘genious ‘ schemer, Jho Low’s account in S’pore of 1.3 billion, Flom and Son in US , galavanting and splashing on glittering things . These INITIAL RELEASE OF FUNDS by Malusia is gone ….( The Japs say : Going…Going….GONG ! ! ) , that is the whole point ! And, they are laughing all the way….to ‘ paradise ‘ ? ?

    The only thing remaining for Malusia is , yes , go try to RECOVER all the Decrepit ‘assets ‘ they bought overseas, wherever …..Go…Go… Go ….and you will be Gong ! ! – ( You got it , Orang malaya….congratulations ! )

    • This is the painful situation for Malusia as stated.Very accurately & systematically profiled.All the problem is accrued when decision makers who are paid by the rakyats tax-payers money,& yet succumb to corruption to the tune of millions.It is time that these so called arbitrators be removed from the pay- roll of the tax payers money.Until this is done,the answer would be blowing in the wind.

  12. “..Riza Aziz provided the insurance as he’s Fat Mama’s boy.”

    Actually stepson, but not sure how fond she is of him. May be just a useful scapegoat who sprang from the loins of MO1 with numero uno wife. But i know for a fact that she is a fiery dragon when it comes to her own brood. The payback to her is obvious.

    What about the grandiose ‘wedding’ of her daughter to the fruit of Kazakhstan aristocracy? The tonnage of Gifts was truly awesome, and beats the one given by semi-Value at the Palace of Golden Horses. Indianitis? The Minangkabau are Matriarchal ain’t it?

    Abb, Deutschbank oredi demanded and got their loan returned and that’s why the on going saga of IPIC-MDB, which will be dropped on our simpleton heads. As to those remarkable ‘units’ which DoJ deems as Junk bonds, who knows? But Singapore has that covered, ya?

    Just watch the fireworks when Emperor Xi comes in October. Bailout or not, we Malusians, will be taxed to kingdom come to cover the gaping ulcer. Even Anggur and Avocado kena GST. Figment of desperation.

  13. ( Pl excuse me, am merely trying to take an opportunity on Dato’ Din’s esteemed blog , and seek too, the learned or scholarly presentations of Dr. Bakri Musa of California , will express my gratitude on your responses…) –

    Straight to the point, which I have kept close to my chest for ages for your gracious support . as below : We know through reading of Prof Tarik Ramadan’s book , on the Universal Religion of Islam ( am no expert but keen or avid ) , Muslims through actual life experiences of our Beloved Prophet pubh have indeed demonstrated that the religion of Islam is ‘ Universal ‘ . Yes, but mere exclamations is NEVER sufficient – it must be proved by actions. For this Malaysia will be a leading example.
    Concisely, Islam is all-embracing , not only of good and positive values , bu embracing all of humanity and the human race : no matter what religion they profess in , point is , they do ‘believe ‘ in ‘ God ‘ : all are ‘human beings ”

    So now, our Government should prove it by action , if not for any other thing , at least as a point of Redemption.

    We have for example , Govt’s positive action in helping out the vast majority of Malay-muslims in rural areas who are beset with poverty generally ….that is noble considering the more economically better=off non Muslim population concentrated in town or city centres, where amenities are made available. So called as a program to correct Economic imbalance/s between the races.

    Rural poverty, yes Govt is addressing it positively. Here, I would like to PROPOSE that our Malaysian authorities peer into and have greater considerations for the Segment covering poverty in city areas & towns. ( new villages ….those homeless , and vagabonds etch sleeping even pavements or under bridges close to water ways …. ( City – poverty phenomena is becoming pervasive , contrary to so-called progressive actions in towns & cities ….) – FOR THIS, PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT ETHNICITY OR RACE, OR OF WHAT RELIGION, Instead you have to have that quality of grace, empathy , kindness etc, looking at them as HUMANS….

    Whilst the mainstream Islamic Govt is gracious toward their OWN kind, Islam embraces all of Humanity , and the principle of ZAKAT FITHRAH SHOULD BE EXTENDED EQUALLY to even all Non-Muslims. …….That All-Embracing virtues of Islam , ia APPLICABLE TO NON_MUSLIMS…..

    Poser : Was not the Noble Prophet a LIVING EXAMPLE of the Tenets of Islam , whilst he battled against oppression of the rich on the poor – for Justice & Equity in the world 1400 years ago….. ( NB . The best book to read ‘ IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD pbuh by Dr Tarik Ramadan )

    PS. Our Religious Authorities in Malaysia should realign themselves on the purport and extent of the application , of Islamic principles….otherwise you have to close shop )

  14. This Razak boy’s luck is running thin. He has to depend on his lackeys, like the blind Apandi and the crooked Khalid, to nullify the blows. The end will come soon. And when it comes, no amount of “kung tow” gonna protect him. By then, even the bumbling Hadi Al Awang has to admit defeat without the benefit of his four witnesses.

  15. ( repeat ) – So-called Urban Poverty, its Govt responsibility equally as you are catering for Rural poverty , majority Muslim Malays . In Urban areas majority poor the Non-Malays , non-Muslims , ARE Citizens , and its is Govt’s responsibility to uplift them from poverty – poverty drives people to desperation….desperate people do desperate things….

    Its within the ambit of ‘ Islamic laws ‘ to extend to them the benign aspects of Islamic principles , like Zakat/Fithrah…..( if you dont, its another aspect of ‘ Sin ‘ ) –

    I commend readers to check up Prof Tariq Ramadan’s book @ pages 89 , 90 onwards whereby Noble Prophet treated the Jews & Christians as fellow beings , and clearly demonstrated that , they were the earlier settlers in the vicinity of Mecca & Medina who deserved equal treatment as Muslims , and were treated as CITIZENS equally…..( @ page 114 , concerning The Najran Christians , no difference ) –
    Our Islamic Authorities in Malusia are quite shallow…..

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