Malaysia’s Man of Honour and Integrity: The Forgotten 3rd Premier Tun Hussein Onn

June 18, 2017

Malaysia’s Man of Honour and Integrity: The Forgotten 3rd Premier Tun Hussein Onn

by FMT Reporters

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DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang wants the federal cabinet to make the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) latest court filings related to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) a priority agenda in its next meeting.

The Gelang Patah MP said the 36 ministers need to live up to the integrity of the late former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn who led the country from 1976 to 1981 and whose son Hishammuddin Hussein is today a part of the cabinet lineup.

Calling the 251-page document in the legal suit “a shocker of shockers”, he said the ministers need to decide how to cleanse and purge Malaysia in light of the allegations made.

He claimed that it revealed not only a “complex web of deceit and treachery in stealing billions of ringgit of 1MDB funds for personal and private use and aggrandisement, but (also) the depths of depravity some Malaysians had been prepared to descend to steal and lavish on themselves billions of ringgit of public funds from the 1MDB scam.”

“I call for a nation-wide people’s campaign for the collective resignation of the cabinet if the 36 ministers cannot do anything at its meeting,” he said, adding that Malaysia needed to be cleared of the “ignominy and infamy” of being regarded as a global kleptocracy.

“Ministers who have not read the updated DoJ’s 251-page kleptocratic action against 1MDB by Wednesday’s cabinet meeting should identify themselves, for clearly they are not fit to be in the cabinet,” he said in a statement today.

The DAP parliamentary leader also asked if there are any “modern-day Hussein Onns” in the current cabinet, referring to the third prime minister who he said had an impeccable personal integrity and abhorrence of corruption.

He added that Hishammuddin, who is the defence minister, was wrong in asserting on Friday that the DoJ filing would divert attention from the government’s larger agenda.

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Integrity is Greek to these UMNO Leaders–PM Najib Razak, Minister of Defence Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Zahid Hamidi

“Hishammuddin could not be more wrong, for there can be no bigger agenda in Malaysia than to ensure that democracy in Malaysia does not mutate into a kleptocracy, and the national imperative to uphold integrity in public life,” he said.

Lim claimed that Hussein would have agreed with him.“I have no doubt that if Malaysia had been accused of being a ‘global kleptocracy’ when Hussein was Prime Minister, he would have made it his top agenda to resolve the matter,” he said.

Hussein would also have had no hesitation in tendering his resignation as Prime Minister if he was unable to clear the nation of such “infamy and ignominy”, Lim added.

“Does Hishammuddin agree with me, or am I wrong in attributing such qualities of uncompromising commitment to public integrity to his father, the third Prime Minister of Malaysia?”

He said Malaysians will know soon whether there are any patriotic ministers who are prepared to make a principled stand to quit if the cabinet is unable or unprepared to respond honourably in the matter.

He said no loyal and patriotic Malaysian can read the legal document without “intense shame, consternation and horror.” He claimed that it represented the nation’s greatest shame in its 60-year history since independence.

In its court filing in California on June 5, the DoJ is seeking to seize US$540 million (RM2.3 billion) in assets, including art works, jewellery, a luxury yacht and film rights purchased with funds allegedly embezzled from 1MDB.

The assets named in the applications included the film rights to the two comedies “Dumb and Dumber To” starring Jim Carrey and “Daddy’s Home” featuring Will Ferrell.

The action follows last July’s civil forfeiture suit by the DoJ which sought to recover all the assets including but not limited to the Park Lane Hotel in New York, a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, condominiums in New York, a private jet and expensive works of art, as well as finances related to Martin Scorsese’s movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


6 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Man of Honour and Integrity: The Forgotten 3rd Premier Tun Hussein Onn

  1. Tun Hussein Onn was a patriot and a leader of distinction in the same ranks as Tun Dr. Ismail Bin Abdul Rahman. Tun Razak chose him as his successor because with the passing of Tun Dr. Ismail he could rely on the man. Tun Hussein and Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra left UMNO when Tun Mahathir established UMNO Baru. It was my privilege to know Tun Hussein who was then with Skrine & Co. I used to see him during lunch at The Royal Selangor Club in the company of Tan Sri Jaffar Hussein and James Puthucheary. After UMNO was disbanded, he told me that he regretted in appointing Tun Mahathir as his successor in 1981. I think, he would have preferred Ghazalie Shafie or Tengku Razaleigh. It does illustrate to me that decisions taken by any Prime Minister can change the course of history.–Din Merican

  2. Obviously 251 pages of the USA DOJ filing is too difficult to be read by semi literates, including the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil AG. the Swiss authorities had sought co-operation from Malaysia to investigate but received none . Now we are saying the US DOJ didn’t contact the Malaysian Gomen or 1MDB. The important question now is : are the items slated for seizure, directly or indirectly, been secured partially or fully, using money originating from 1MDB be it from Bond sale, loan or UNITS. Who willed the money to those who amassed the items slated for seizured?

  3. Those who say they changed their.minds about Najib and UMNO now or they say Hadi’s PAS is not guilty of underwriting it, is just full of it. Nothing here is surprising and Hadi’s PAS is just as guilty as Najib and UMNO.

    The Malay society itself has failed. It’s political leaders, both UMNO and Hadi’s PAS has gone rogue. They are over entitled and over self- righteous. Both of UMNO and Hadi’s PAS as well as many Bersatu members and leaders have to be brought to their knees and humbled before the Rakyat especially the lowest and poorest.

    If the Malays do not bring their Najib and their racist and religo political right down crashing, then the European coloniser was not necessarily wrong and independence has failed. If their future turn bad, they only have themselves to blame.

  4. Here is the US Justice Department complaint seeking to recover $540 million in assets purchased with money stolen from 1MDB:

  5. The DoJ is doing what the Malaysian authorities such as Police, MACC, BNM and AG Chambers failed, unwilling or unable to do. Shame on Malaysia, letting others take care of the affairs, interest and welfare of Malaysian citizens.

  6. too depraved and cannot understand how a 120million pink diamond necklacet can be set after 3 meetings from borrowed funds without a prick @ conscience from hubby and wife who are such people????

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