6 thoughts on “1MDB Scandal–US DOJ acts for Malaysians

  1. It is a watertight case against 1mdb. Seize the assets on behalf of the Malaysian people and punish those involved in this scandal. America is a nation that upholds the Rule of Law. –Din Merican

  2. Can the US courts try Najib if they can prove he stuck his hands in the cookie jar? How do the DOJ extradite Najib if he is the number 1 man in Malaysia? The IGP and all the public institutions are under Najib’s thump.So what do the US DOJ do? Ask “groper in chief” Donald Trump to send in the marines to arrest his golfing buddy? I think Donald Trump lacks the bolas to do so.Besides Donald Trump dodged the draft six times by asking daddy Trump,to ask his doctor to certify his bad heels to avoid being drafted.

  3. Suddenly UMNOb politicians become biligerent and start to cakap mabuk and make no sense like DoJ should file lawsuit and DoJ is irresponsible. Doesn’t Hisapmuddin being a lawyer understand that the DoJ has already filed a lawsuit? And people line Salleh Keruk talking about patriotism etc. The DoJ is doing what Malaysian authorities is not capable or not willing to do i.e. Act acaginst 1MDB and parties related to the case on behalf of the citizens of Malaysia and trying to secure the assets that rightly belong to the people of Malaysia.

    How come DoJ in spite of being remotely involved are capable to uncover all the evidence of misappropriation of stolen 1MDB funds while the Malaysian Police, MACC and the AG Chambers cant even uncover any evidence of wrong doing or even identify the people involved? How come the Malaysian Police, MACC and BNM have not called on the main characters involved like Fei Loh Jho, and the previous Board members of 1MDB and SRC even though they are known to be around or living in self imposed exile in neighboring countries. How come Riza Aziz has not been called in for questioning as to how he managed to acquire his wealth and provide evidence?

    Malaysian borders are so porous that Immigration and Customs failed to detect movement of suspects and smuggling or tranport of million dollars jewelry. Was Customs Duty paid on these imported jewelry? How much jewelry, handbags or shoes are exempt as part of personal effects? Last it was 120 sticks of cigarettes and a liter of liquor for everday folks like you and me. Its time for Customs and Immigration to impound the Executive Jets on arrival and proper passport control be done on all passengers arriving on such jets. Customs must strictly enforce the limits on the Customs Declaration Forms as to not only the bringing of cash or cash equivalent on entry or exit but also confiscate any undeclared items.

    MACC should also open investigations on individuals that are living amlifestyles beyond their means. Work with IRB and check on these individual tax returns to see how they can afford such lifestyles against their reported income. Be likebthe late Dato Hassan Ibrahim who checked on individuals that drive luxury vehicles and luve in palatial mansions against their tax returns. He also uncovered the case if pensioners getting pensions way beyond their natural life (using thumbprint of dead lensioners) to draw pensions.

  4. It is utterly shameful that we need the DOJ to take care of our dirty business. What “maruah” Melayu, what ” great” Islam? ALL of traditional Malay leadership system, UMNO and PAS, has failed and at fault.

    This is a failure of race, country AND religion

  5. The MO1 ball carrying minister doesn’t want to know the billions of dollars being siphoned from the state but want the US DOJ to reveal from who or where they get their information from so that these patroits can be put into the slammer. What a shame.

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