11 thoughts on “Mr. Jeremy Corbyn’s Amazing Speech

  1. The NHS in UK is made up of 4 separate systems i.e.
    NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and NHS Northern Ireland.
    The NHS has 80% approval from the public.

    However, the political right wing (Conservatives) and
    neoliberals in England have been emasculating
    NHS England e.g. PFI (Private Finance Initiative) hospitals, service contracts
    with outsiders to supply services to NHS England patients etc.

    NHS Scotland has stayed more faithful to the original design of the
    NHS than NHS England.

    P.S. I noticed Aneurin Bevan’s statue in Cardiff, Wales.
    Bevan is the Father of the NHS.

  2. If Corbyn ever becomes PM of a Labour Government in the UK,
    I predict that he would introduce many progressive policies
    and programmes – like Clement Attlee (Labour Government PM from 1945-1951).

  3. Shiou is going to get really pissed off. His deity president is in deep shit. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has broadened the FBI’s investigation to include an investigation of Donald Trump for potential obstruction of justice. The investigation has now gone way beyond Russian election interference. By firing James Comey, Trump put himself under investigation, and his motives and conversations with Comey are why he is being looked at for obstructing justice. All of the talk of potential obstruction of justice is real now. Trump is under investigation, which is a big step towards getting him out of the White House. Here’s Washington Post report:


    Instead of responding with a denial that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice, Trump’s legal team responded by calling the leak illegal. In fact, it is a confirmation. Trump’s legal team could have said that the leak wasn’t true, or that there was more to the story, or they could have criticized the reporting. What Trump’s lawyer did was confirm the investigation.

    Donald Trump is in deep trouble, and he appears to have completely inadequate legal representation helping him go down. Trump really needs to get better lawyers, because the incompetence of his current legal team is bordering on comedy. But no prominent law firm in the US is willing to represent him because of his notorious past of not paying his bills. Thanks to Trump’s current lawyer, we know that Trump is under investigation for obstructing justice and that the entire Trump legal strategy appears focused on complaining about leaks of the fact that Trump is being looked at for committing a crime rather than denying that Trump engaged in criminal activity.

    Here is the response from Trump’s legal team to the news that Trump’s under investigation:


    Now there’re reports Trump wanted to fire the special counsel; that Trump wanted to get rid of the special prosecutor because Mueller is investigating him, it is that simple, there is no great criminal mastermind conspiracy here; that Donald Trump believes he can make the investigation go away if he fires Mueller. But I believe Trump is not going to fire Mueller any more than the Golden State Warriors are going to trade Steph Curry or Klay Thompson this offseason. It might be unwise to gamble on Trump’s faculties and political sensibilities, but in this case not even Trump is that stupid. Pink-slipping Mueller would destroy what little is left of his presidency by making it clear to everyone that he has something criminal to hide. In a year that has seen almost nothing but a series of scandals and violations of the rule of law by the clownish amateurs running the country, firing a special counsel before he has even had a chance to do his work would cause a subcritical political meltdown in the capital. Whether Trump is really considering firing Mueller, as press reports indicate, or whether this is just another staffer throwing marbles down the steps for reporters to chase is anyone’s guess. But Trump is already badly adrift politically, his approval ratings mired in the 30s, his profoundly unpopular agenda hopelessly stalled in Congress. The last thing Trump or the Republicans need is another layer of intrigue on the Russia scandal.

    Instead, Trump’s “War Room” has started the cynical strategy to cast doubt on Mueller’s conclusions, whatever they ultimately may be, and to turn as many swamp creatures against the investigation as possible. The goal is to create a cloud of doubt, to make sure that every news article about the investigation mentions Mueller’s detractors and notes the GOP far-right commentariat consensus that he has embarked on a witch hunt designed to bring down an “innocent” president. Fouling the air with unseemly allegations, second-hand rumors, and clever half-truths is precisely the strategy that Republican extremists have used to undermine broad consensus on issue after issue, from Hillary Clinton’s honesty to the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

    The extreme-rightists have started their effort to point the firehose of innuendo, fabrication, and exaggeration at Mueller himself. All of these viral spores – the Drudge links and fever-swamp hit pieces – are designed to infect the broader public with doubt and hostility toward Mueller’s investigation of the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives seeking to undermine America’s democracy. The axis of fabulist websites like Polizette and Breitbart is working overtime to discredit Mueller, operating hand in hand with their more mainstream handmaidens in the Republican alt-right mediasphere. Drudge Report has its headline story that Mueller is staffing his investigation with Democratic donors. Disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich going around saying it’s “delusional” to think this investigation could possibly be fair because Robert Mueller, a close confidante of former FBI Director James Comey, is irretrievably compromised.

    I know of at least one frequent reader of this blog who will agree with them absolutely, 100 percent and without reservation. Don’t you, Shiou?

    • It’s a pity that mischievous, lying, even nasty, right-wing news media like Fox News can be so influential among some groups in the USA.

      In politics, some people act on the basis of self-interest. Some act based on beliefs and values (religious or secular ideologies). Some out of nastiness or even personal psychopathology. But then, sadly, some act because they are deceived by propaganda and outright lies.
      For example, some people (the “birthers”) still believe that Obama was not born in the USA !

  4. Nothing amazing about this speech. Or for that matter all the speeches of Bernie Sander’s. Or for matter our leader of Parti Socialist Malaysia. Great ideas and promises which are almost impossible to fill. Corbyn must have had the biggest sigh of his life when he failed to take the government. It would have been a nightmare just trying to get even ten percent of his promises. Political leaders must be realistic in this modern era and remember that none of these benefits are free and must be paid by those unlucky working taxpayers and not just those obscenely rich.

    • Important to learn from history.
      Most of the original (seemingly utopian) demands of the Chartists from the 19th century have been achieved and have brought about a better society in post WW2 Britain.

    • ‘It would have been a nightmare just trying to get even ten percent of his promises’

      I think 5% pun tak achievable. Corbyn, is like all those Socialist claptrap, who can’t find his peewee hidden within his ‘adult’ nappy. Socialism is becomes a necessary ‘Evil’ when the delivery meets reality, and falls short. My Norwegian buddy Gunnar claims to be so bored with life that he nearly became a Winter Suicide statistic – until he came to this torrid climes.

      To some of us, life is about struggle and to have purpose – and total equality (besides in access to basic health, education, common law and justice) is incomprehensible. Social safety nets must be made available only for limited periods.

      With the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Internet of Things in the Horizon, Socialism in it’s present form and substance needs to re-invent itself to remain relevant.

      Any questions, Dr Phua? You may refer to Gunnar.

  5. Nothing new here. The Labour wants to consolidate the national wealth and give it away in the form of benefits for the Have Nots and The Consevertives want the national wealth to be distributed top down based on the foundation of capitalism. Very much similar to the ongoing battle in the US between the Democrats and Republicans. This age old battle will continue so long as nither side resorts to violence to achieve its goal.

    The imbalance is provided by those in the middle taking sides based on personal gains instead of using incentives to smoothen the rough edges of both socialism and capitalism. Perhaps, it is only perhaps, the solution lies in our ability to reduce the discretionary powers of the hidden hand of the administrators who sometimes distribute the national wealth based on personal interest instead of national interest.

  6. Corbyn does not have sufficient support inside his own party…and until he sorts this out, all his far-reaching plans will come to nothing…the Labour Party effectively committed suicide way back in the sixties through the seventies… it will not be easy for Corbyn…

    Socialism cannot be driven by simplistic manifestos… and the people who can make it happen are just not there…making Corbyn a one-man show putting the socialist cart before the horse…not very clever…

    For a while during the US election campaigning I thought Trump might take a leaf out of FDR’s New Deal approach…but he is heading in the opposite direction…tax breaks…something that has failed to deliver before and will fail again…

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